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Mena the German Shepherd Service Dog

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Mena has been in service dog training to be good in public so she will even behave on airplane flight.

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Denio’s Auction is a famous flea market In Roseville, California.

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Mena sniffed all the bags for drugs and other contraband.

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She found this portrait of Elvis Presley and was fascinated.

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The flea market is a very colorful place to train dogs.

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Mena picked out this travel bag for Niki.

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Mena did perfect with people and was great off-leash.

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Everyone enjoyed the doggie clothing store.

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This was the most aggressive Chihuahua of them all.

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What is different about the Superdog program is clients get the same results from home lessons even with mixed and small breeds, and family pets.

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Mena looks like the German Shepherd that everyone wishes they had, but Superdog gets the same results with other breeds.

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Mena and her friends watch the sunset and migrating birds.

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It was a nice fall evening after a pleasant day in the 70’s.

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Look at how good the Pit Bull “Rocco” and “Archie” the Border Collie are. They didn’t break “Down-Stay” like the German Shepherd.

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You have to admit Mena is a good-looking German Shepherd though.

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Mena’s new owners already have a German Shepherd male and are excited to replace the female dog they recently lost.

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Mena has a great personality and is very obedient off-leash.

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We had a great time delivering Mena to her new home in Colorado after she completed her service dog training with Superdog.

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Sometimes things work out better than one could ever imagine. Mena did stellar in the Sacramento and Denver airports and in the cabin of the airplane. The two dogs got along fabulously and were in no time a bonded pair.

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Off-Leash obedience is critical when you live at 11,000 feet. You can’t have your dogs run after deer, much less predators. A buck like this one could seriously injure or kill a dog.

deer in colorado

Anyone can train a German Shepherd, but not everyone can get a doe and buck on “Stand-Stay.”

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It was hard to give up a dog we spent so long training. Mena’s new mate “Ryny” will look out for her now and continue her training.

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Integrity is what goes on when no one is looking.

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Doing the right thing is a reward in itself.

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Justice is about everyone getting what they deserve.

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The best anyone can hope for in this life is an opportunity to love another with all their heart. Mena found her “Notebook Love” and will live happily ever after as someone’s companion and service dog.

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The point of this website is that you don’t need a German Shepherd. This website has hundreds of photos of small dogs and other breeds equally as trained.

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The Superdog program is based on having a relationship with your dog, not on rewards or punishments.

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It is always good to cover your bases.

Service Dog Training Sacramento

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Amazing behavioral results regardless of size and age. Most any dog can complete Service Dog Training Sacramento with the right professional. 

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Goldendoodle Service Dog Training Sacramento



Training your Goldendoodle

Hagen the 15-week Labradoodle is a really great puppy and has come a long way in a very short time.


Hagen was a little unruly at first but is taking to the structure and order well.


Hagen is learning it isn’t just all about him.

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It is a lot more fun being part of something greater than yourself…

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. . . with someone even greater than yourself.

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That there is a new puppy in the yard makes the ball even more enjoyable for Archie the Border Collie.

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Hagen learned a couple obedience commands today too.

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“Sit-Stay, “No” and “Leave It”

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“Down” and “Down-Stay”

service dogs

“Zoey” the dog on the left just got here a few hours ago from China and didn’t even know sit.  In addition to “Sit” and “Down,”  She will even hold a “Stand-Stay” now.

service animal

Doing the right thing is a little scary at first, but doing the right thing is a reward in itself.

Goldendoodle swimming

It is hard to take a bad photograph of Hagen.


Another hot day at the pool.

support dog

Hagen and Rocco enjoy the rock.

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All the obedience can get really tiring.

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Rocco really loves the ball. . . .


. . . and the flipflop.

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Rocco and his love child Cindy.

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Hagen has really gone from crayons to perfume in a short time.

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Everything in life worth having has a price. Sometimes you get lucky though and things turn out better than you ever could have imagined, and ultimately the price you pay is small compared to what you get.

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