Stay Chill, Dog! Keeping Your Service Dog Safe and Cool This Summer

Stay Chill, Dog! Keeping Your Service Dog Safe and Cool This Summer

keeping your service dog safe

Stay Chill, Dog! Keeping Your Service Dog Safe and Cool This Summer

Summer is here, and it’s a hot one. Your service dog can face the dangers of heat, bugs, and more. Here’s what you need to know about keeping your service dog safe and cool this summer.

When temperatures start to soar, both humans and dogs alike are susceptible to heat stroke. Unfortunately, there is a 50% mortality rate among canines who suffered heat stroke, many of which dying within the first 24 hours.

However, your beloved service dog doesn’t have to become a part of this statistic. In fact, there are many ways you can keep your pup cool and safe this summer.

Do you want to know how? Keep reading to learn our top tips for keeping your service dog safe in the intense summer heat.

keeping your service dog safe

Get Appropriate Attire

Your dog will get hotter faster if they aren’t wearing appropriate attire. Make sure they’re dressed for summer by opting for breathable fabrics and cooling gear, like the ones listed below.


One of the best ways to stay cool during the summer is to wear lightweight fabrics. The same is true for your service dog. Consider purchasing a mesh vest or a special vest with built-in cooling pockets.


Boots may seem like winter wear, but streets, sidewalks, and parking lots can be too hot for your dog to walk on unless they have boots to protect their paws.

However, not all boots are made the same. Dogs only sweat through their paw pads, so it’s important to find boots that have proper ventilation. Not only will this help keep your pup cool, but it also limits the risk of them developing a bacterial infestation on their paws.


Have you ever tried to wear leather on a hot day? If you have, you’d know it gets extremely uncomfortable. If your dog has a leather collar, consider swapping it out for a nylon one.

A cooling bandana is also a great idea. Just soak it in cool water before you go out, and tie it around your service dog’s neck to help keep them cool. If you plan to be out all day, consider bringing enough cold water to dampen the bandana again once it dries.

keeping your service dog safe

Get Them Acclimated

You may think that the best way to protect your dog is to keep them inside with the air conditioning on. However, this can actually make them more sensitive to the heat as they won’t be used to it.

If possible, take your service dog outside daily for walks or play sessions. This works best if you start during the spring and continue throughout the summer.

If you can’t walk or play with your dog outside, consider fencing in your backyard and purchasing toys that your dog can play with by themselves, like an automatic fetching toy. This will give them the chance to acclimate to the heat without putting your health at risk.

keeping your service dog safe

Avoid Extreme Heat

Of course, some days it’s best to stay inside. Consider signing up to receive weather advisory alerts, or be sure to check the weather before going outside. If there is an extreme heat warning or you see that it’s going to be in the 90s or 100s, consider staying inside.

Try to plan any outside activities on days that it will be a little cooler. If you can’t change your plans to another day, consider going inside during the hottest part of the day (usually around 3:00 pm).

keeping your service dog safe

Stay in the Shade

Are you planning to hit the beach, go on a picnic, or attend an outdoor BBQ? The best thing you can do to keep your service dog cool is to find a place in the shade. Dogs can actually get sunburn too, so this protects them (and you!) from overheating and getting burned.

If you’re going on a walk, guide your dog to a shaded area. This will still help keep you and your dog cool, even if you don’t stay in the shade for the entire duration of the walk.

keeping your service dog safe

Don’t Leave Them in Your Car

You may think that your furry friend will be fine in the car as you quickly run an errand. However, it only takes 6 minutes for a dog to die in a hot car.

The good news is that your service dog is allowed with you wherever you go. So, make sure you always put their summertime vest on before you leave the house and take them inside as you run errands.

keeping your service dog safe

Avoid Dark-Colored Surfaces

While many surfaces can become hot during the summer, dark-colored surfaces absorb more heat than light-colored ones. During the peak of summer, these surfaces can become hot enough to burn your dog’s paw pads within a few seconds!

It’s best to avoid asphalt and blacktop during the summer altogether unless your dog is wearing boots with proper ventilation. The best place to walk your dog is on the grass. However, if there isn’t any grass, guide them to the sidewalk.

When in doubt, do the 5-second test. Place your hand on the surface you plan to walk your dog on. If you can’t hold it there for 5 seconds, it’s too hot to for your dog to walk on.

keeping your service dog safe

Keep Them Hydrated

Humans and dogs both need plenty of water to avoid dehydration during the summer. If you plan to be outside for a long period of time, make sure you bring extra water for your service dog.

They have collapsible water bowls and even special water bottles that turn into bowls for your pup. Purchasing one of these products is the best way to ensure your dog has easy access to water.

keeping your service dog safe

Keeping Your Service Dog Safe in the Summer

Don’t let your service dog suffer from burns, dehydration, or heat stroke this summer. Instead, follow the tips above for keeping your service dog safe. From making sure they have the proper attire to keeping them hydrated, there are many ways to keep your pup cool under the hot sun.

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