Service Dog Training Philosophy

Off-Leash just means your dog does not run away from you and comes when called. There is no “Off-Leash Command.”

The Service Dog School of America Philosophy

Service Dog School of America Training Philosophy

Either the dogs stick around and listen or they do not.

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Your dog should listen to you even if he is swimming.

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“Dale” the Pit Bull demonstrates getting out of the pool and going to “The Bed” with the other dogs when told.

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SUPERDOG PHILOSOPHYNotice how “Snowy” the white German Shepherd and “Rocco” the brown Pit Bull held “Stay” with a third dog active.

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Snowy dreams about the good times and always is smiling and happy.

Instead of just commands in isolation from each other, the Service Dog School of America program works on one thing—BEHAVIOR.

The result is a calm, relaxed and content dog that obeys all the commands on or off leash.

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We are concerned with the quality of. . .

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1) Interaction between other animals and people

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2) Temperament.

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3) Focus, getting dogs to pay attention.

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4) Cooperation, following the leader.

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The key is having a highly regimented hunting group even if you own one dog.

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5) Courtesy, Trust and Respect.

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The ball is a team sport to this group of dogs. They’re just glad someone has the ball and enjoy exerting themselves.

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What a well-regimented, well-organized hunting group looks like.

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The dogs break off into task-oriented squads.

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Most dog owners can get their dogs very well trained at the house with nothing going on. However, when people come through the front door, you go outside with your dog, children or other animals are present, or your dog is at a distance off leash—-you need to be the leader.

Service Dog School of America’s program teaches you how to be a leader to your dog.

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Leadership is the only thing we know of that works to control a dog’s instinct and genetics.

There won’t be any Leadership unless:

1) The dog will go 6 to 10 feet away from you and disengage contact,

2) The dog will hold a “Down-Stay” for 30 minutes to an hour, and

3) “Heel” with the nose behind your leg and will even walk 3 to 6 feet back if asked.

There is not going to be significant Obedience or behavior problem solving if your dog won’t do three things. There is no in-between, either the dog does these or not.

If you are not winning psychologically, then all you are left with is force, coercion and/or bribing with food and toys.

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Service Dog School of America’s behavioral training program is not as much about commands as it is Behavior Modification.

Service Dog School of America focuses more on things like where the dogs sleep, where they eat, what they eat, the order they eat in, how much they are inside and out, how they are introduced to people, how much they are petted, how they are petted, how they play, when they play, being able to stop unwanted playing or barking, teaching dogs to focus and be calm.

The Service Dog School of America program is primarily about improving the quality of interractions and temperament.

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Either the dog training works or it doesn’t. (The Service Dog School of America Philosophy)

Someone has many photos of dogs they trained–or they don’t.

Down Stay

Maybe other dog trainers have something better than what you see in our photos and nine videos—and charge less.

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Service Dog School of America’s Philosophical Axiom is that all good dog trainers and behaviorists should have many photos showing calm, relaxed, content-looking dogs just hanging out.

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Service Dog School of America’s method is geared toward getting your dog to do things for the right reasons and is not based on rewards or punishments, but instead on you having a relationship with your dog that is loving, kind and fair.

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Service Dog School of America is the only dog trainer in North America we have been able to find who has photos of dozens and dozens of dogs off leash without shock collars.

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The best training method is the one that actually works. (The Service Dog School of America Philosophy)

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The dogs’ eyes and faces tell the story.

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