Service Dogs

God wants you to have a trained dog and be happy.

Service dog school of America trains and sells Medical and Psychiatric service and therapy dogs for disabled Americans.

Medical and Psychiatric service and therapy dogs for sale.

Service Dog School of America sells fully-trained Medical and Psychiatric service dogs for PTSD, Anxiety, Depression, TBI and Autism.


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therapy dog trainerPsychiatric Service Dogs for PTSD, Anxiety and Depression

medical service dog trainerService dogs for Autism and the Developmentally Disabled 

disabilities service dog trainerMental Health therapy dogs for clinicians and first responders

service dog trainerDogs that alert on physiological and emotional changes



OTHER THAN COST, these are the most common reasons people with disabilities are not able to get a service dog:

  1. Limited Availability: There is very limited availability of trained service dogs, and a severe shortage of qualified trainers and organizations providing service dogs. Less the 1% of all professional dog trainers are qualified to train a Medical or Psychiatric Assistance Animal. 
  2. Eligibility Requirements: Legitimate service dog organizations have strict eligibility requirements, which can make it difficult for some individuals to qualify for a service dog. 
  3. Housing Restrictions: While it is illegal for landlords to bully or refuse to rent to tenants with service dogs, it happens all the time. 
  4. Lack of knowledge: Many people cannot even imagine how much happier and better their life would be if they had a service dog. 
  5. Health Conditions: Many with disabilities have health conditions that make it difficult or impossible them to care for a service dog. 
  6. Following Directions: Many individuals with disabilities may not be able to communicate effectively and follow directions, much less have a normal telephone conversation.
  7. Personal Preferences: Often, an irrational belief system makes many hesitant to get a service dog, such as prioritizing getting a “hypoallergenic dog.”
  8. Limited Support: Many disabiled people are isolated from friends and family, and lack support to help care for a service dog. Service dog organizations need to know you can care for your service dog ten years from now too.
  9. Accessibility Issues: Some with disabilities have limited mobility or accessibility issues that make it difficult for them to care for a service dog.
  10. Fear of Discrimination: Many people fear discrimination and stigma associated with having a service dog, and may be hesitant to disclose their disability to others.

Real service dogs, not fake ones

These are the most common concerns and reservations we have before selling a service dog to a potential client:

  1. Compatibility: The dog we train and love cannnot go to a home with cruel people who hit their dog, scream at it, neglect it, or abuse it in any way.
  2. Ability to care for the dog: We need to be convinced clients can love, feed, groom, and provide medical care for their dog.
  3. Training ability: We need to be able to know the client can handle and train their service dog.
  4. Commitment to the dog: We need to be convinced our client won’t change their mind and is committed to owning a service dog for its entire life.
  5. Financial stability: We need to know clients have financial stability to care for their service dog, including being able to provide food, veterinary care, and other expenses.
  6. Physical and mental ability: We need to know that our client is not too sick, weak, depressed, anxious or delusional to care for our dog.
  7. Gut-Feeling Test: We need to ensure our dog is placed in a safe and appropriate environment, and will not give a dog to anyone we believe is a bad fit for us or our program.

Service Dog School of America is the only service dog adoption agency in America training and selling off-leash obedient Medical and Psychiatric service dogs. No private business trains and sells more service dogs. 

1. Submit a Service Dog Application

2. Call the Office (916)701-6458

2. Get to know us on Facebook and see 100’s of dogs we trained and service dogs for sale.