Service Dogs

God wants you to have a trained dog and be happy.

Service Dog School of America a provider of service dogs


What if your life was better, what if you were better able to connect with others, what if you were happier and more productive? 


The reason you work is so you can take care of yourself. 

If you believe getting a service dog will give you, or your child’s, life back, it will be the best money you ever spend.

What would it be worth to you if you, or someone you love, were not as horribly depressed and anxious?


The journey to a more productive life. . . .


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Service Dog School of America sells fully-trained Medical and Psychiatric service dogs for PTSD, Anxiety, Depression, TBI and Autism.

Dillon the service dog


therapy dog trainerPsychiatric Service Dogs for PTSD, Anxiety and Depression

medical service dog trainerService dogs for Autism and the Developmentally Disabled 

disabilities service dog trainerMental Health therapy dogs for clinicians and first responders

service dog trainerDogs that alert on physiological and emotional changes

Real service dogs, not fake ones

Charity sounds low-cost or free, but some of the service dog “non-profits” charge more than we do, and the dogs being adopted out and sold are no more trained than most people’s pet dogs.

Anybody can say they train service dogs, but it is a lot harder to show you 100’s and 100’s of trained dogs that are off-leash obedient.



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Service Dog School of America is the only service dog adoption agency in America training and selling off-leash obedient Medical and Psychiatric service dogs.