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See our TRAINED DOGS FOR SALE. Get the perfect dog for you or a loved one today.

How will you know if the trained dog for sale really is a service dog or even trained?

Look at our trained dogs for sale. Pick out a dog for you or a loved one today!

The single most important advice for someone buying a trained dog for sale is to pick a dog and trainer that are compatible with your personality and lifestyle.

David Baron’s Service Dog School of America has been training and selling trained dogs since 1998. Our message, while not always popular with other dogs trainers, has always been that objective standards for evaluating dog training and trained dogs for sale need to be applied and considered by members of the public before they spend money on “dog trainers” and “trained dogs.”  This page was written to put you on the right trajectory and hopefully prevent you from making mistakes when shopping for a trained dog for sale.


Instructions for ‘How To Get A Service Dog’

1. Read our website.

2. Get to know us on Facebook and see 100’s of dogs we trained.

3. Submit a Service Dog Application

fully trained dogs for sale


People buying Service Animals especially are so excited to finally get a trained dog that they often forget to actually see if the dog is trained or not.

The following advice will protect you when buying a trained dog for sale: 

The only way you can really tell is if the trainer is legit is if the trainer shows many photos and videos of dogs that are obedient off-leash.  Many pictures and videos, not a one-off where someone snapped one or two pictures, making it look like the dog for sale had off-leash dog training.

fully trained service dogs for sale

How come none of the other websites have dogs for sale trained like the ones in our pictures?  Look at this picture with six different breeds!

We have two eyes like you do and surf the internet looking at websites that claim to have trained dogs for sale and trained service dogs for sale too, but do not really see anyone else selling trained dogs with off-leash obedience.

Someone saying they are selling trained dogs, but the dogs are really are not actually trained is a con.  We have no doubt the dogs they are selling are trained to potty outside, but you would have to be a fool to walk into buying a fully-trained dog for sale with your eyes open that is not off-leash obedient. If there is no off-leash and they do not mention it and show many pictures of trained dogs off-leash, the trainer or organization is ripping people off. 


How actually trained are the dogs for sale? 

Are the dogs for sale really even trained?

Are the dogs trained with cruelty and shock collars?

Is this really a fully-trained service dog or a dog that was beaten or shocked into submission?

How come the trainer never mentions Love, Affection, Kindness or Friendship?

If the trainer sells fully-trained dogs, why are all the dogs on shock collars, prong collars and choke chains?

trained therapy dogs for sale

What makes our dogs we sell different is their temperaments and the quality of interactions they have with the environment, other dogs and people.

Service Dog School of America is the only company selling trained puppies for sale, fully-trained service dogs, and family dogs for sale that are Off-Leash obedient. 

The dogs we train are good citizens and want to listen and please because the dogs are trained by a Behavioral Dog Trainer.  Starting Day One from the breeder, everything is done right with your dog.  



Everyone claims to be a dog trainer and has a website selling “fully trained dogs for sale” and “fully trained service dogs,” but not one website, other than Service Dog School of America, has thousands of dogs to show you they trained.  

fully trained service dogs for sale


Whatever you see in the photos on the websites that are selling trained dogs for sale  is the level of obedience that you will get.

There are a lot of reasons to buy a dog from Service Dog School of America, but the main reason to buy a trained service dog or pet from us is the dogs are more well-trained. 

trained dogs for sale

The single most important advice someone should have when buying a trained dog is to make sure that the dog’s breed and training is appropriate for their lifestyle and needs.

Different types of dogs have been bred and trained for specific purposes, such as search and rescue, protection, or therapy. It is important to understand the dog’s temperament, energy level, and specific skills before making a purchase. This is why we only train and sell Golden Retrievers now. Far and away, Golden Retrievers are the best breed for most people for many reasons.

trained service dogs for sale

Forget having to wait 3 to 7 years on a list to get a trained dog or fully-trained service dog for sale. 

The worst part is, from what we see, 90% of the trained dogs and trained service dogs for sale are not even really trained.  People call all the time crying about how the bought a dog for sale and they paid a lot of money, and their friend’s dog went to PetSmart and is better trained.  

fully trained dog for sale

Golden Retrievers are the Gold Standard for mental health service dogs is the reason we only train Goldens now. We tried selling trained Doodles, German Shepherds and other breeds, but they were really difficult to unload.  People with money invariably all want Golden Retrievers.  They are the most lovable dogs and are an excellent choice for most people. Sure, the Bulldog is pretty, but they are stubborn as can be. There is a reason most of the service dog olrganizations train and sell Retrievers. 

therapy dogs for sale


People buy a trained dog for sale or a fully-trained service dog, and it is no better than if they bought a mutt from the pound and took it to obedience classes at a pet store.

trained service dogs for sale


Most of our clients have money and do not mind spending it if they get good value.  They want a dog for sale that is going to be amazing, a dog they can take to work, school, their friends’ house, on an airplane, anywhere.

We are trying to be an alternative to what other dog trainers are doing.  You could spend more money elsewhere, but you will not get a more well-trained dog than the trained dogs for sale or trained service dogs for sale we sell.

The other people selling trained dogs are not as good of trainers, or surely they would show you 1000’s of photos and video of trained dogs and trained service dogs.

trained service dogs for sale


When you call on the telephone, everybody selling trained dogs is going to be friendly.  Door-to-door salesmen are friendly too, but we would not recommend paying one thousands of dollars for a trained dog for sale.

People who bought trained dogs for sale from other trainers called the business to complain about the dog not really being trained, and they were told they needed to go to classes twice a week for over six months.  If the dog were trained, why would the people need to take it to dog training classes for any amount of time, other than to teach the owner how to handle their dog?

trained dogs for sale

We are nice people.  All our competitors are nice people too.  Then difference is our competitors do not have photos or video of trained dogs for sale like this website or on our Facebook page, and almost all the dogs were trained by volunteers or shock collars.

trained service dogs for sale


You need to know what you get when you buy a trained dog for sale or a trained service dog for sale.  Your dog you buy from us will be as trained as any dog you see on this website.

Service Dog School of America has many pages on this website revealing how we get dogs off-leash.
Anyone who claims to do Off-Leash Dog Training should have a lot written down about how they get dogs off-leash.  The reason it is important that the trainer have a Method page on their website explaining how their training works is—people were told their dog would be trained off-leash without shock collars, but then they went to pick up their dog from the facility and it had burn marks on its neck.  Then, they were told their dog was “a bad case” and their was no other way they could get it off-leash except for using a shock collar (and torturing it into submission).

trained assistance dogs for sale


The good news is you found Service Dog School of America.   We think a dog you buy from us will be more well-trained than if you buy a dog elsewhere.

We hope you enjoy our website and tell your friends about us.  It would be great if you called and we were able to be of service to you and get you the best dog for sale ever. 



2. CALL THE OFFICE (916)701-6458 after you (a) Submit an application, and (b) Look at the dogs for sale on Facebook.


Service Dog School of America sells fully-trained dogs for sale.  Service Dog School of America is the only dog trainer in the US or Canada with trained dogs for sale  that are off-leash obedient.