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All the information you need to be well-informed when buying a service dog.

Service Dogs For Sale

Reading this page will inoculate you from having a bad experience buying trained dogs for sale.


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When you find service dogs for sale or puppies for sale, it can be hard to know who to trust, especially if your goal is to find a fully-trained Medical or Psychiatric service dog for sale.


dogs for sale near me

You answer the ad, “Service Dogs For Sale Near Me,” but how will you know what to look out for to avoid the traps and pitfalls awaiting you from both legitimate, honest breeders and unscrupulous puppy breeders?  
This page is about helping you make a very important decision so you find and buy the right puppy for you so you don’t have a bad experience buying a trained service dog for sale, or a puppy for a service dog or pet.


Instructions for ‘How To Get A Service Dog’

1. Read our website.

2. Get to know us on Facebook and see 100’s of dogs we trained.

3. Submit a Service Dog Application

service dogs for sale

Service dog trainers are all nice people.  Door-to-door salesmen are nice people too, but no one in their right mind buys a dog for sale from door-to-door salespeople. 

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Service dog trainers are like used car salesmen in that if the person is telling the truth there should be a lot of evidence to support it. You can drive by and see used cars so you know it is a used car dealer.  If there are used cars and signs, it is a sure bet it is a used car dealer.  Real dog trainers have websites and Facebook pages with hundreds of dogs they trained.

service dogs for sale

However, most disabled people end up buying a trained service dog for sale from a service dog organization that does not even have trained dogs on their website.   

People who buy these marginally and inadequately trained service dogs must be the same ones who see an empty parking lot and assume it is a used car dealer even though there are no cars there. 

dogs for sale near me

The point is what value you get when you shop for a service dog is quantifiable and should not be illusory.  Remember, you need to see at least 100 dogs someone trained, photos of trained dogs to substantiate their claims before you buy, otherwise it probably is fake service dogs and you will be sorry later. 

dogs near me

Companies with service dogs for sale you want to do business with and buy a trained dog from are going to have a lot of trained dogs to show you.  Not just a few dogs, but overwhelming evidence with 1000’s of photos and videos of dogs for sale they trained to prove their training actually works in unpredictable real life situations.

Everyone is going to be friendly and show you pictures of available puppies for sale, but you are not a dog expert and probably actually have very little knowledge or experience in buying puppies for sale or service dogs for sale.  

Service Dog School of America provides you a more reliable way of shopping for service dogs for sale near me instead of you winging it on your own and throwing away money. 

Keep reading this page and trust the right trainer to buy a dog from and you will have a life-changing experience and pay a lot less money.

dogs near me

Finding the right puppy can be like finding a puppy in a haystack.

There are the directories with 100’s dog breeds, dog breeders, dogs for adoption, and puppy for sale listings with photos and detailed descriptions. Some puppies for sale may be shipped to you while others are puppies for sale and include crate and veterinarian paperwork. Many dog breeders with puppies for sale also offer a health guarantee, but it is very hard to part with a dog once you take possession of it.  Most can’t bring themselves to return the sick puppy they love, and just eat the loss.

Service Dogs For Sale

Some websites claim they have over 50,000 puppies for sale near me and 100,000+ active dog breeders, so you’re “sure to find the perfect puppy.” 

That is a lot different than finding people advertising “dogs for sale near me” that have puppies for sale you can trust.  There is a lot of money involved, nice people just looking to buy a puppy get ripped off every day of the week by reading free on-line  tips about how to how to buy a puppy, and then they think they know more than professional dog experts that have trained 1000’s of dogs.

Shopping for a service dog puppy on your own without a dog trainer is like you learning to play basketball, and then thinking you play as well as Michael Jordan. There are too many details that even an expert can overlook when buying a puppy.  Someone that has not trained 100’s of dogs leaves it to chance making the decision to buy a puppy or service dog on their own.

Service Dogs Near Me
So who is the most trustorthy and honest breeder or place to buy puppies for sale from? 

Well, that depends on who you ask, but I will make the case that the best place to find, get and buy a puppy is from a dog trainer. And not just any dog trainer, but a Dog Behavioral Expert and Certified Service Dog Trainer.

Definitely buy a service dog for sale that got the best service dog training at the #1 service dog facility from America’s Most-Trusted Service Dog Trainer. 

Why?  You will actually pay less money and get a service dog that had 50 times better training from a real dog trainer, the best one, not a volunteer or an hourly trainer at a non-profit.  Non-profits do not have pictures or videos like ours.  Maybe in a million years they will.  

dogs near me

No one else sells service dogs that are off-leash obedient.  You won’t have a service dog if yours runs down the street and gets its head run over by a car. 

You think your PTSD, anxiety and depression is bad now.  Nevermind seeing your dog die, but then you would be out BIG BUCKS for a service dog no better trained than most backyard pets.  Things happen and they and life sucks when you find out you got taken for $20,000 or more becuase you went by fake testimonials and online reviews to make your decision, and forgot check if the service dogs for sale were actually trained. 

Service Dogs For Sale

An expert in dog behavior is going to be the most qualified one to help you decide on which individual puppy in the litter constellation will be the best puppy for you.

Sure, a lot of breeders are going to counter that they know the puppies and have an interest in selling you the best puppy, but they have a financial conflict.  If you go through a trainer to get your puppy, the trainer has no financial interest, but instead on getting you the best puppy because he or she has to train it.  

I make my money training dogs, not selling puppies for sale at a profit.  If I sell a dog, almost always it is at cost unless I have the dog for an extra long training term to compensate me for the extra work.

Anxiety Dogs For Sale Near Me

Looking for Service Dogs For Sale?

Service Dog School of America can find the service dog puppy for you. All of our new puppies come from certified and regulated breeders you can trust that are either AKC or UKC breeders. Our worry-free puppy guarantee ensures that you’ll get a happy, healthy puppy!

Service Dog School of America has the #1 Health Guarantee in the industry.  We guarantee the health of the dogs we sell for 3 years.  If within three years your dog cannot continue on as a service dog because of a health-related issue, we will train another dog for you at no-charge. 

Dogs near me

You may already have a specific breed of dog or puppy in mind before you began searching for “Puppies For Sale,” or “Service dogs for sale,” but please consider that not all dogs and families are a good match, and there are many factors that need to be considered before making a decision. Of course, the best way to know for sure that you have found a good uppy for you is to visit any potential dog candidates in-person.  

  1. What size dog would best match a family with children?
  2. How do I match a dog’s energy level to my lifestyle?
  3. Which type of temperament works best with my personality?
  4. Which dogs have high and low grooming and maintenance needs?

trained service dogs for sale


I am 62 years old and have been training dogs almost my whole life. I am a “Behavioral Dog Trainer” and select puppies based on their temperament because the quality of interactions the puppy, and later the adult dog.  You are best assured if you want a guarantee by finding and buying the best puppy in the first place. I like dogs that are mellow, not hyper, pushy and demanding. Usually I look for puppies that are bred from champion lines with a good family history of excellent health. My dogs are personal pets and are NOT kenneled. We do not have any cages here at DogAnswers Ranch.  The puppies run free with family and children on an old 13 acres almond orchard.

To the uninitiated, dogs are all the same.  Dogs are like people and every one is different.  They all have different thoughts, feeling, biases and needs.  That is why you are best off buying a puppy from me.  I will get you a dog that is clearly superior in every way, and you likely will pay less than if you shopped for the puppy on your own.

dogs for sale near me

A service dog is a caretaker.  Their purpose is to take care of you, be calm and mellow to make a disabled person feel better.  You want a puppy that is going to be one of the most intelligent dogs, scary smart!  Better to get a dog near me that is a calm and gentle natured puppy.

No One Has Better Service Dogs dogs near me

No One Loves Dogs More

A dog trainer will get you that puppy that you might never be able to find on your own because you would really not know what to look for.


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