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Looking for service dogs or dog training in Sacramento?

Dog Training Sacramento Superdog is the most trusted dog trainer in Sacramento, California the only professional dog training school in Northern California offering Off-Leash Training without shock collars.  

Our SERVICE DOG SCHOOL of AMERICA in California has trained Psychiatric Service Dogs and Autism Service Dogs for sale with NATIONWIDE DELIVERY AVAILABLE. 

We help family pet owners and people with disabilities looking to hire a dog trainer or buy a trained service dog in Sacramento or the San Francisco Bay Area.

Dog Training Sacramento


WATCH THE VIDEOS ON THIS PAGE WITH YOUR DOG AND CAT and then ask them who you should buy a service dog from.

EVERYBODY CLAIMS TO BE A SACRAMENTO DOG TRAINER. It is a lot harder to show 1,000 or more dogs you trained that listen and behave both on and off-leash though.

We train dogs and sell trained dogs, not just read a book, drive out to peoples’ houses in a Prius, and tell people what to do.

Why do you think it is the other dog obedience trainers in Sacramento have no videos or pictures of dogs off-leash on their website, or at the Arden Fair Mall, American River College, the State Capitol, Cal Expo or Sac State?


Superdog is an alternative to the other service dog trainers in the Greater Sacramento Area.

LOCATIONS IN THE SACRAMENTO REGIONDog Training in the Greater Sacramento Area and Surrounding Cities and Counties Near Sacramento, California

LOCATIONS IN THE SF BAY AREA and NORTHERN CALIFORNIA– Dog Training in the San Francisco Bay Area-San Jose, the Monterey Bay Peninsula and Northern California

You and your dog get the most-qualified and reputable pet and service dog trainers in California. Finally an amazing service dog training facility at an affordable price point.

Superdog’s Service Dog School of America is located on a 13-acre dog ranch with walking trails in the Sacramento Area. We have been in business full-time since 1998, and trained and sold 1000’s of dogs.

dog obedience training SacramentoSuperdog is #1 for Training Pet Dogs, Service Dog Training, where to buy Trained Service Dogs For Sale, and Service Dog Training in Sacramento.

Dog Training Sacramento

We train pet dogs, and sell and train Psychiatric Service Dogs, Autism Service Dogs, PTSD Service Dogs, Therapy Dogs, Emotional Support Dogs and have Service Animals for sale.

If you are looking for someone who takes care of their customers and can train service dogs better than anyone, you should have us train your dog, or you should buy a pre-trained service dog from us.

Dog Training Sacramento


Dog Training Sacramento Superdog offers COGNITIVE-BEHAVIORAL TRAINED SERVICE DOGS instead of dogs trained with “rewards,” corrections, punishments, domination and force.

We sell and train Psychiatric Service Dogs, Autism Service Dogs, PTSD Service Dogs, Therapy Dogs, Emotional Support Dogs, and have service dog puppies for sale in Sacramento. 

Dog Training Sacramento

Want to buy a service dog or need dog training in the Greater Sacramento or Bay Area? No Problem.

If you are looking to buy a pre-trained service dog or need service dog training in Sacramento, definitely reach out to us! We’d be glad to help you assess your current situation so you make the right dog training choices. We have nationwide delivery available if you buy a pre-trained dog from us.

Our Happiness Engineers are here to make your life easier.

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Compare our 13-acre Sacramento dog obedience training facility and puppy adoption and training center if you need a dog obedience school or buy a service dog in the Greater Sacramento or San Francisco Bay Area.

Superdog Dog Training Sacramento, 2234 Maricopa Way, Sacramento CA 95833