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Golden Retriever Service Dogs For Sale


  • Empathic Caretakers 
  • Special Breeding
  • Off-Leash Obedient
  • 7-Year Health Guarantee
  • Nationwide Delivery Available
  • 100% Money-Back Guarantee
  • PayPal Protection
  • 2 Dogs Still Available by Christmas 2020!!!
  1. Service Dog CostWhite German Shepherd Service Dogs, $29,000 (Xmas 2020)
  2. Service Dog CostAKC Golden Retriever Service Dogs, $27,000 (Jan. 2022)
  3. Service Dog CostMiniature American Shepherd Service Dogs, $30,000 (2022)

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  • Do something you like
  • Make a huge difference in others’ lives
  • Six-figure career opportunity training Medical and Psychiatric Service Dogs
  • MFT, PhD, LCSW, Retirees, Couples a plus.
  • Work from home
  • We hold your hand and set you up in business
  • Learn from the best. Be Like Us. $25,000

 The Greater Sacramento Region | San Francisco Bay Area

We recommend Tom because he offers Board Training at his home and is an all-Positive Reinforcement trainer. Tom Waters (916) 359-3786 

Tibetan Mastiff Service Dogs for sale

Our clients choose us because it is a real dog trainer with off-leash obedient dogs, a 22-year track record of excellence and a Money-Back guarantee.    


Trained Dogs For Sale

You get a dog trained like the 100’s and 100’s of ones on this website and Facebook. You save a lot of money and you get a much better deal dealing directly with the trainer.

Somebody with a service dog never has to be alone.  You go places and people smile at you, and they want to talk to you and ask you questions, and tell you about themselves and their lives.  There is no better way to meet friends than having a service dog.

Sacramento Dog Board and Train, Doggy Boot Camp Trained Public Access Service Dogs For Sale     

dog training sacramentoYou get a well-bred AKC, trained service dog where everything has been done right from the day your puppy leaves the breeder. 

dog training sacramento 7-year Health Guarantee on all our AKC registered dogs.

dog training sacramentoThe most well-trained Off-Leash Obedient Dogs available anywhere.

The day you get your service dog, you will be able to take your dog to work with you, to school, to the mall, to church, you can travel with your dog, anywhere you go you can take your dog.  You train your dog to perform tasks that assist you with your disability.  Training  and support is provided for you for the life of your service dog.  

IF YOU QUALIFY FOR A SERVICE DOG, we would like to invite you to visit us here at DogAnswers Ranch to experience the most loving, caring, well-trained service dogs available to you at any price.  Everyone says they train service dogs, but there’s are not as well-trained as the ones we have to show you. 

How much does a service dog cost?

You save a lot of money dealing directly with us and get a much better-trained dog.  Who wants to wait 2 to 5 years anyway?  Forget waiting lists and paying $38,000.  We have the most-trained and desirable service dogs of any trainer, and we still have your dog available for sale.

Watch the 6 short videos on this page, and if possible, go on Facebook and see every dog we trained since 1998.  No service dog trainer has better references or more well-trained dogs..

Call now before someone buys your service dog and you have to pay a lot more money and wait 2 to 7 years or longer.  

Golden Retriever Service Dogs

CONTACT and PRICES You can still buy a trained service dog from us that costs less and have it to take home in 2021.

        4 months old “Luna” and “Gunner” being Off-Leash trained with Positive Reinforcement. 

No one loves dogs more or gets better results with them.

Service dog cost

psychiatric service dog cost

For 22 years Superdog has been giving dog owners what they really want. . . .

CRAZY GOOD DOG TRAINING not offered by other dog trainers.



anxiety service dog costMost of our clients are MD’s, RN’s, teachers, business owners, police, fire and other professionals. We have many former clients who were 100% satisfied with our training and would be glad to talk to you if you need references.

emotional support service dog cost