How To Train Dogs Using Hypnosis?


Dog Training in Sacramento with hypnosis

Imagine if you could freeze time and even if your dog was mid-air you could get him to decide to obey what you say instantly as if everyone’s lives counted on it.

how to train a dog using hypnosis

I do this by INDUCING A HYPNOTIC STATE with a dog training method from Europe that uses hypnosis and somnambulism.  The method I use to train dogs has been passed down from generation to generation.

All the photos and videos on my website are to show the public THE MOST AMAZING DOG TRAINING METHOD ever developed.

amazing service dogs sacramento

I can’t give away everything because you want to give me money, but read what I say about how my dog training method using hypnosis works.

hypnosis dogs

My dog training method using hypnosis utilizes HYPNOTIC INDUCTION

stage hypnosis dogs

I use a number of techniques to induce dogs into the hypnotic state, but the main one I use involves first getting the dog to stop small muscle movements.

elman dave hypnosis dog training

I get the dogs to stop and their eyes to quit looking around.  The dog doesn’t need to stare at me, but instead needs to pay attention to me.  I call it “Neutral.”

There is no “Neutral” command and this is all done non-verbally. 

dave elman hypnosis dog

Even if your dog was in mid-air or 100 feet away it will do everything you say.

sacramento dog training

Before I tell you the SECOND PART of the INDUCTION. . .

Notice how if you look at every other dog trainer website in North America only a couple other dog trainers have anything remotely close to what you see in my photos and videos.

If there were something better that what I am doing I would drop what I am doing and do what they are doing instead. I only mention it because I have never seen anyone get better results overall with dogs than me.

David Baron the Dog Trainer 2012-image.

The second part of the induction is I get LARGE MUSCLES to let go and relax.

Once I go through the induction and deepening process with the dog I can relax and activate dogs’ small and large muscle groups at will, both audibly and visually.

Not only can I relax the dogs’ muscles and activate them, I can slow and accelerate muscle groups using this dog training method.

dog training sacramento

So how I get large muscle relaxation is using the “Down” or “Stand-Stay” commands.

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Don’t be fooled.  “Sit-Stay” is an inadequate substitute for “Down.”  “Sit” is a sprinter position where the dog can run and chase prey.  

sacramento dog boot camp

If the dog will only “Sit” and not do “Down” means the dog is not ‘submissive’ to you, period.  You haven’t convinced your dog of anything if you can’t get it to lay down and stay for a significant period of time.

“Significant period of time” means an hour since all my clients can get their dog to stay for an hour on the second visit to my dog training facility in Roseville, California.

trainers using hypnosis

Either the dog can stay still for an hour or it can’t. Again, all my clients can make their dogs stay for an hour after the second lesson.

dogs and hypnosis

The DEEPENER I use is to simply to make the dogs do down.  They go deeper and deeper into a trance, becoming more and more compliant and focused on doing what I say, waiting patiently for ‘that instant in time’ where Dave gives THE COMMAND.

hypnosis and dog trainers

The fossil is 350-500 million years old, but most dog training methods take almost as long to work.  If you and your dog live to 100 years, that is not enough time to get your dog trained.  I’m not making this up.  Really.

Most of my clients are like you though and you want to pay me to show you something where your dog is totally compliant like mine in a few lessons.

dog training sacramento

Mister Puppy moults and his hair comes out in chunks.

dog boot camp for service dogs

The big puppy gets pretty skanky-looking in early summer.

service dog training

A lot of hair comes off when Misty Puppy is combed.

service animals sacramento

Imagine your dog looking like Mister Puppy in just a few lessons.  My website has lots of other dogs on “Stand-Stay” in the pool too. 


This is after just a couple lessons of training.  Really.  I have Chihuahuas and other little dogs doing the same thing.

You don’t have to own a Pit Bull or German Shepherd if you want a well-trained dog.

training service dogs

I don’t mean to brag, but this is the kind of dog training where the people are standing around with their mouths open dumbfounded because they never saw anything like it before and are astounded.

doggie camp hypnosis

My clients are blown away in the first lesson.  

With my method, you pay me money cheerfully and right away you get your money’s worth, what the whole program costs, in the first lesson.

dog training in sacramento with hypnosis

You do what I say and you will get the same results as I do with dogs.  I told you everything you need to know on this page to have a perfectly trained dog.  You have to be able to implement what I told you though.

Most people can’t stop anything on their dog and need help to get it trained.

Call me or one of my trainers and we will show you something you will be very happy with and it will be a big relief finally having what you want.

sacramento dog hypnosis center

Mister Puppy cools off in the pool on a hot afternoon.

dog hypnosis center in sacramento

Everyone wishes they were here, but the road is narrow and everyone has to make their own choices about who they are going to listen to.

Occasionally, you run across something unbelievably wonderful and things turn out better than you could have ever imagined, and the price you pay is small compared to the alternatives.

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