California Emotional Support Animal

California Emotional Support Animal Pros and Cons

California Emotional Support Animal

Pets can help owners reduce stress and anxiety. Around 74 percent of pet owners surveyed said that owning a pet has improved their mental health. If you suffer from mental issues like anxiety and stress, you may want to consider an emotional support animal to help you focus and ease your anxiety.

Should you get a California emotional support animal (ESA)? Weigh the pros with the cons and decide whether a support animal would be the right option for you.

California Emotional Support Animal

Pro: Provide Emotional Support

Animals can help give a sense of good health and help people feel serene. The general health of pet owners is higher than those who do not own pets. Animals can also reduce stress and lower blood pressure.

You do not have to own a dog or cat for emotional support. Some registered emotional support animals include rabbits, pigs, and snakes. It’s all up to your preference!

California Emotional Support Animal

Pro: Animals Need Care

Animals need care every day. They can give you a sense of purpose because they need you to eat, play, or even go outside to potty. You always have a job to do when you own a pet.

California Emotional Support Animal

Pro: Get You to Exercise

Your pet can be a great motivator to get you moving. Walking or running with your pet is great for both of you. Walking your pet gives you an underrated exercise that can help your heart and boost your mood.

California Emotional Support Animal

Pro: Help You Keep a Schedule

Animals help you keep a regular schedule because they want to eat at a certain time or be taken outdoors to go potty. Animals are very regimented creatures that have internal clocks to help you keep a consistent schedule.

California Emotional Support Animal

Pro: Healthy Alternative to Medicine

A big benefit of emotional support animals is not having to take medication to help relieve stress. Medications can cause side effects like weight gain, nausea, and insomnia. 

Having an emotional support animal is a natural way to treat your condition. Medications can also be addicting. Xanax is a popularly prescribed medication to relieve anxiety, and it is one of the more addicting drugs in its class.

California Emotional Support Animal

Pro: Travel Benefits

Emotional support animals can join owners on a plane. Owners just need an ESA letter. You should give the airline a notice of 48 hours.

Some employment laws also allow you to take your emotional support animal to work under certain restrictions.

Certain living accommodations do not allow pets. If you have an ESA letter from a health professional, you may be permitted to keep your emotional support animal without any extra costs.

California Emotional Support Animal

Con: Cost of Owning an Animal

Owning a pet and an ESA pet can be expensive. You have to pay for:

  • Vet care
  • Food 
  • Equipment (leash, collar, toys, crate, etc.)
  • Grooming
  • Preventative medications like flea, tick, or heartworm

You will have to clean more if you own an animal—this includes accidents and pet hair. If you are going to be gone and won’t take your ESA with you, you will also need to find care for your ESA. 

The average cost of owning an animal is more than $1,000 for the first year. Average food expense is around $120 a year. Routine vet visits range from $100-$200 depending on the type of animal.

California Emotional Support Animal

Con: Limited Laws for ESAs

In California, the ESA laws do not protect your pet in public areas like restaurants, government buildings, and hotels. Only service animals with specific physical tasks like helping and leading the deaf or blind.

Your pet won’t be able to go in these places for your anxiety unless the establishment has a pet-friendly atmosphere. Some restaurants allow pet owners to dine outside with their pets, including ESAs.

California Emotional Support Animal

Con: Obtaining an ESA Letter

Getting an ESA letter from your health care professional could be a lengthy process. You also have to get them officially classified. Your health care professional needs to agree that your ESA is vital to treating your anxiety or depression.

You have to have this ESA letter in order to have your pet travel and live with you in some areas.

California Emotional Support Animal

Con: Always Needs Care Even When You Are Sick

Taking care of a pet consistently can be a benefit and a con. Your ESA will need care no matter how sick you are. Your pet always needs:

  • Clean water
  • Regular mealtimes with appropriate food
  • Exercise 
  • Attention

If you are too sick to care for your ESA, you will need to make alternative arrangements.

California Emotional Support Animal

Con: Risk of the Unknown

Emotional support animals are not trained the same as a service animal. There’s always a risk that the animal can damage your home, bite someone, or even harm you. This is why it’s best to work with dogs or other animals that have been trained or have some background information.

You need to make sure you take time to meet with your animal. You may even want to meet the animal a few times before deciding to buy. Also, do your research on what type of animal is best for you and your living conditions—not all ESAs have to be dogs.

Looking for a California Emotional Support Animal?

California Emotional Support Animal

There are numerous advantages and a fair amount of disadvantages to having an emotional support animal. You can get some positive social interaction, lower depression, and provide a calming atmosphere. These animals can also be costly when you consider food, vet fees, and also your time.

Do you have an open mind and want to explore alternatives to medicine? Talk to your health care professional. He or she can give you advice on getting a California emotional support animal.

If you are okay with caring for an animal and the expense, this animal will give you support, help you keep a schedule, and give you reasons to get out of bed in the morning.

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