Service Dog Training: What Do The Puppies Learn?

Service Dog Training: What Do The Candidates Learn?

It’s estimated that there are 500,000 service dogs used in the US, right now. Showing just how necessary these specially trained dogs are to society.

There are all kinds of types of service dogs being used. All go through service dog training to handle the different jobs that they have with their owner.

But what kinds of training do these dogs go through before you get them? This may be something that you are interested in when it comes to your service dog.

These dogs are required to go through certain kinds of training to become real service dogs. Keep reading to find out more about service dog training and what to expect.

Types of Service Dogs

Many different types of service dogs are being used. These dogs are specially trained to help their owner with different issues they may face.

This is important as people will have different needs that their service dog will be responsible for. So you will want to choose the right kind of dog for you.

These are the basic kinds of service dogs that you will find being carefully trained.

Psychiatric Service Dogs

Psychiatric dogs or therapy dogs are very common and can help with PTSD, anxiety, and depression. These mental health disorders can benefit from the companionship of one of these dogs.

They can provide comfort and even detect triggers, anxiety attacks, and other mental health problems. Many people could benefit from a therapy dog if they have any of these conditions.

Allergy Detection Dogs

Allergy dogs are trained to detect certain allergens before their owner comes into contact with them. Something that can be life-saving for certain people.

Someone with a life-threatening peanut allergy could use one of these assistance dogs. They can detect allergens before you become exposed to them.

These dogs are often paired with children who may not be as aware of allergens. Though adults with severe allergies could also benefit from one of these dogs.

Guide Dogs

Guide dogs are another type of service dog that is for many things. They can help the visually impaired navigate safely when out in public.

Guide dogs can help those with issues getting around, such as people with disabilities. Those who have suffered an accident could also use guide dogs to help them get around.

These dogs are trained to help you navigate, do things, and get around in general. They can often have many different skills that help their owner in their day-to-day life.

Alert Dogs

Alert service dogs are very common and can help with many different jobs. People with diabetes can use an alert dog as they help to detect blood sugar highs and lows.

Some alert dogs can also detect seizures before they happen. Alerting their owner so that they can prepare themselves before the seizure happens.

Many other health conditions could benefit from the use of an alert dog. These dogs are often trained to detect all kinds of signs before their owner sees them coming.

Hearing Dogs

Hearing dogs are trained to help those who are deaf or hearing impaired. They can detect noises and alert their owner to what is going on.

These dogs can give people more independence while keeping them safer. Allowing those with hearing issues to navigate through their day-to-day life with the help they need.

Autism Assistance Dogs

Autism assistance dogs are like therapy dogs in how they are trained. They can help those with autism to feel comfortable and confident out in public.

Many of these dogs have been trained to find their owner if they run away or alert others if they need help. They are often used for children with autism specifically.

What Kind of Service Dog Training Is There?

Service dogs go through a significant amount of service dog training. Doing this before ever reaching the owner who they will pair with.

This training is vital in helping them to know what their job is. This is why every type of service dog will go through different training procedures. 

Service dogs start training as puppies and must pass several tests to become certified. They will need to learn quickly and have the right temperament of a service dog.

They go through extensive manners training as well as basic training. Helping them to behave well, listen to commands, and stay calm in all situations.

All service dogs go through task training depending on the kind of dog that they are. This could include detecting scents, noises, or obstacles in a person’s path.

Dogs will go through different degrees of training depending on what they need to detect or do. Many also go through training for when they are out in public. 

Such as staying out of the way, not greeting strangers, and not reacting to their environment. It all depends on the kind of service dog they are going to be.

Different dogs will go through training according to the skills they need to have. Alert dogs, for instance, go through more extensive training to gain the skills that they need.

Training Service Dogs Have to Go Through

Service dogs have to go through extensive service dog training before ever going to their owners. This is vital in making sure that they are equipped to do their job.

Because of this, you should make sure you get the right kind of service dog for what you are needing.

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