Dog Behavior Problem Solving

Dog Behavior Problem Solving

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Dogs in the wild are pack animals and live in well-organized hunting groups called packs.

Sometimes people bring dogs to their home and forget to tell their dog that he or she is not the pack leader though.

Living with dominant dogs can be a real challenge, especially if your dog starts treating you like a dog.  Many people are surprised when their dog starts treating their other dog like a dog too.

The camera used to shoot these photographs can shoot 6.5 frames per second. Dog trainers need cameras that are fast because Jack Russell Terriers don’t waste any time when there is a diver down.

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Finn goes under water for about 20 seconds.

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The Jack Russell “Henry” is very concerned about “Finn” the Labrador being under water.

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“Archie” the Border Collie just cares about the ball.

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Henry the Jack Russell lifeguard to the rescue. He’s a legend in his own mind, a true action hero.


Henry dives in to rescue the big dog.

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“Hold on Finn, I’ll save you,” exclaims Henry.

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“Come to the shore now, friend!”

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“I said, get out of the spa now buddy!”

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“You need to start listening Finn.”

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“I’m not going to tell you a million times.”

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“The lady and the kids also need to do what I insist.”

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“I’m such a studmuffin.”

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Actually Henry cares for the other dogs and feels he needs to keep them safe. He threw the ball in the spa to make the other dogs fetch it.

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Finn the Lab is the new guy here at DogAnswers Ranch and Henry has taken it upon himself to mentor and look after Finn.

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Finn and Henry hang out most of the day and go everywhere in the yard together.

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Both dogs are getting what they need and are happy to have a friend.

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Finn the Lab is a great dog too. He understands that Henry is concerned and likes having a strong leader like the Jack Russell looking out for him.

All the dogs know what their role is and what the others expect of them.

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And this is what you can expect at your house with your dog(s).

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