Are Your Dogs Fighting?


If a friend came to you and told you that or teach their child violin had cancer. . . you would not tell them,

“Cancer treatments are likely a waste of money because the kid probably is not going to make it anyway.”

You would tell your friend that most people do recover and that the right thing to do is everything possible toward effecting a recovery.

This page deals with the difficult topic of what to do if your dogs are fighting and when the prognosis for them to stop fighting does not look good.

Like cancer, fighting between dogs can come and go. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a death sentence.

Like many things in life, doing the right thing can be a little scary at first.

We take solace in knowing that regardless of how things ultimately turn out that we did the right thing.

Good people try do the right things and live according to principle.

Occasionally, when things don’t go the way we would have liked them to, we question whether we would have been better off to not have even have tried in the first place.

But we quickly remember that we might not have been able to live with ourselves knowing something could have been done, and that we failed to even try.

For most people, if the water heater broke at their house, they would not take cold showers because new water heaters are expensive.

For about the same money as a new water heater, a competent behavioral trainer may be able to control even the worst aggression.

Sometimes the fighting is more about the owners being weak and lacking the requisite resolve and conviction to take a stand.

The Superdog program teaches dog owners how to have the proper attitude so someone doesn’t have to live elsewhere.

Does Superdog’s program work for every dog, and every owner in every situation when the dogs are fighting?

We would be lying if we said, “Yes.”

At least someone can say that they tried everything and hired the most qualified individuals to help them, just like with the analogy to having cancer.

Sometimes one of the dogs has to go live elsewhere, but both the dogs get trained and are much more adoptable should re-homing become necessary.

Trained dogs are much more re-homeable. Not that many people want un-trained dogs.

Some dog trainers and behaviorists will tell you that your dogs probably will never stop fighting.

Our experience is that many dogs do stop fighting with professional assistance, and that whatever the owner spent on dog training was well worth the expense.

We totally understand if you do not think you have it in you to make your dogs stop fighting.

Almost every dog on this website is or was aggressive.

We strongly believe that Superdog is the most qualified behavioral trainers for multiple-dog households.

Check out the new Superdog Puppy Page.

Everything in life worth having has a price.

Sometimes you get lucky though and things turn out better than you ever could have imagined, and ultimately the the price you pay is small compared to the alternatives.


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