How To Get A Low-Cost Or Free Service Dog

“How To Get A Low-Cost Or Free Service Dog?”

How to get a low-cost or free service dog.

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INTRODUCTION.  How to get a free or low-cost service dog when you cannot afford to pay a service dog trainer to individually train a service dog per the ADA reqirement.


FIRST OF ALL, Who has almost $50,000 to buy a service dog?

Service Dog School of America sets the standard for Medical and Psychiatric Therapy Dogs and information about how to get a low-cost or free service dog.

88% of millionaires have a college degree, 52% have a master’s or doctoral degree.

—There are 22.7 million millionaires in the United States.

—60 million+ Americans have a net worth of at least $500,000.

—About 2,132,856 households in America have a net worth of $10 million or more.


THE TWO MAIN REASONS people buy a service dog are:

1) To make them or their child more productive,

2) To relieve their, or their child’s, suffering.  

No one has more well-trained Medical and Psychiatric therapy dogs for sale, or cares enough to make sure everyone who needs a low-cost or free service dog can get one.




1) IF YOU CAN’T AFFORD TO BUY A SERVICE DOG, you need to Google “service dog charities” and submit applications. DO NOT PAY under any circumstance to submit an application. If they ask you for money, it is A SCAM. Registering a service dog, or online service dog certification, is also A SCAM.


2) ADULTS AND CHILDREN SUFFERING often receive tremendous relief by just adopting THE RIGHT PET DOG or cat. We recommend they Google “Dog Rescue Organizations” in their city, region or state, and ask, “Me or my child have a disability, but we don’t have the $50,000 it costs to buy a service dog, but might you have a dog available that might work?”

Rescue dogs are generally fostered by families, so the organizations have a good sense of whether a particular dog would be a good fit or not for you or your family. There are many good dogs available. Oftentimes, someone has spent the money or time to train a pet, but then they die, get divorced, lose their job, etc. . . . and the dog ends up in rescue. Many of these dogs are WELL-QUALIFIED TO STOP A SUICIDE, relieve someone’s suffering and give the person’s life meaning or reason to stay alive.


3) WINNERS FIND SOLUTIONS AND REACH OUT TO OTHERS FOR HELP, such as doctors, social workers, teachers, psychologists, government agencies, clergy, lawyers, experts, accountants, people more educated, God, and even service dog trainers.

Low-cost and free service dogs for the disabled.

If you have a problem so bad that only God can fix it, good luck on your own, you’ll need it.


4) THE SQEAKY WHEEL GETS OILED. God helps those who help themselves or their child. What this means is someone needs to decide they are not going to just take the suffering, and refuse to just watch themself or somebody they love suffer, die, or go down the road of a lifetime of depression, alcoholism, drug addiction and misery.

Those who suffer extreme trauma or neglect as a child, almost invariably face a lifetime of debilitating depression and anxiety. 

DO YOU OR YOUR CHILD HAVE AUTISM? Suicide is the leading cause of death for adults with Autism. They die on average at the age of 39.5 years, 30 years sooner than the general population.

THE EASIER, SOFTER WAY is to pray for God’s will in your life, or for His intervention in your child or loved one’s life.

YOU NEED TO PRAY. If you do not believe in God, you need to pretend you do, and then maybe get on the telephone and let God find you, or your loved one, THE RIGHT DOG.

I KNOW MAYBE YOU DON’T BELIEVE IN GOD, the tooth fairy or Santa Claus, or maybe even quit believing in God, or that God gave up on you. That’s okay. You just need to PRETEND YOU BELIEVE in Him. 

therapy dog trainerTHE ONLY SOLUTION if you have a problem that only God can fix is to ask God for His help.

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