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This page is about how not to get ripped off when hiring a dog trainer or dog behaviorist.

Someone hiring a home improvement contractor would expect to see a portfolio of photographs, not just take the person’s word for it they are reliable or that their claims about being able to train a dog are valid.

Testimonials and reviews on the internet can be faked, and are typically not reliable and often fake.  

But, no one can fake thousands of photos and video of 100’s and 100’s of other peoples’ dogs they trained.

Dog Training Scams

There is a reason why 99% of dog trainers do not offer a money-back guarantee, much less teach Off-Leash Obedience w/o electronic training sacramento

How can anyone claim their dog is trained when it does not listen to them unless it is on a leash?    

There is almost 1,000 Off-Leash Obedient dogs we trained on our website.Dog training con artists

No one in their right mind would hire a contractor if there was any doubt about whether the person was competent and qualified,


Dog Board and Train

99% of dog trainers do not have photos that demonstrate their competency.  

On their websites there are no dogs off-leash they trained, not even their own dogs, much less dogs belonging to other people.

Compare that to almost 1,000 Off-Leash Obedient dogs we trained on this website!!! 

Dog Training at the California State Capitol in Sacramento

Does Your Dog Even Need an “Obedience Trainer?”

How is teaching a dog to “Sit” or other dog training commands going to make it obedient?  

If your dog is aggressive or defecates in your house, how is sitting relevant anyway, or going to make any difference whatsoever?  

No fake dog training here

CONTRAST BEHAVIORAL TRAINING primarily interested in making dogs cooperative, obedient and good citizens.

What you seen in our photos are TYPICAL RESULTS, 5 dogs on “Stand-Stay,” dogs off-leash at rock concerts, puppies off-leash obedient even with cats, etc.

dog training sacramento

It’s all about temperament and quality of interactions.

All the commands can be taught in an hour or two, but the dog will only do them if it is cooperative and obedient.  So, that is what we focus on.

Five dogs off-leash training

4 Dogs Off-Leash on “Stand-Stay”

Dog training with horses

We are not talking about anything fancy, just a dog that does a few basic commands really well, listen on or off-leash, and does not cause problems.

dog training sacramento
Let us show you why we are America’s #1 Dog Trainers, for behavioral training, and on and off-leash obedience.

dog training sacramento

Don’t be shy.  The training works like a peach.  The best money you will ever spend. dog trainers sacramento

America’s #1 Dog Trainers


Superdog provides On and Off-Leash Dog Training and behavioral services in the Sacramento Region, the San Francisco Bay Area and Northern California.