David Baron The Dog Trainer

I am David Baron the dog trainer. The reason I exist is that I train dogs that help people be more productive and happy.

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I used to train pets and specialized in behaviorally-challeged pet dog training and aggressive dogs, but now I am old and just train dogs I own myself, and sell them as service dogs.

david baron service dog trainer sacramentoLooking for dog training that works?

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I show dog owners how to have a relationship with their dog(s) where there is a lot of petting, affection, friendship and hanging out together.

david baron assistance animalsPeople always tell me that I must like dogs a lot.  

I like trained dogs, not un-trained ones that don’t listen, jump all over people, run away, and do not come when called.

service animals sacramentoA well-trained dog brings many people much joy.  That is what this page is about.

dog obedience sacramentoGood dog training is the best investment you will ever make if you hire me.

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A lot of people think I am the best dog trainer.

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You can hire someone else, but you won’t get. . . . 

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Superdog provides On and Off-Leash Dog Training and behavioral services in the Sacramento Region, the San Francisco Bay Area and Northern California, but mostly we sell trained service dogs and therapy dogs now.