Dog Training Curriculum

THE SUPERDOG DIFFERENCE is what you see on the dogs’ faces and in their eyes.

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We want potential clients to know exactly what we do and what they can expect from our business and dog training program.

Look closely at the photos because that is what your dog will look like if you follow directions and practice just a few minutes everyday.

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This page has 43 different dogs and a cat we trained.

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THE FIRST LESSON (2 to 3 hours)

People often ask what exactly we do during home lessons. Hopefully, this page will help you to have a clear understanding of that.

Please Note: The Lessons Program consists of four lessons; however, we usually meet with most clients about six times.

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PROBLEM SOLVING – All non-obedience problems such as jumping up, digging, chewing, chasing cats, barking and house-training are addressed. Most non-obedience dog problems can be controlled in the first lesson.

We only have one program because either the dog is trained or it isn’t. There is no in-between. A dog can chew a little on cabinets and cause thousands in damage, or only be a little aggressive and bite a child in the face, and again it could just run away one time and get hit by a car.

We don’t know how to make clients a half or a third happy. We tried that before. Service Dog School of America now has one price and does not believe in sucking people in with a low entry price, then pressuring them to purchase LEVEL II and III.

Again, most behavior problems cannot be eliminated partially and are due to lack or overall obedience and/or distressed relationships with the owners.

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Generally, we get past most problems quickly and then it is on to the dog listening better and all around better obedience.

It doesn’t take weeks or months to control most behavior problems.

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Many people come to us with dog problems but leave with a great dog, one they might have only dreamed of owning a few months before.

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DOG PSYCHOLOGY – We explain not just that the dog’s owner needs to be the leader, but we explain exactly how to do that, and how to understand a dog’s behavior from a dog’s perspective. We get the people to change their behavior to influence their dog.

The whole point of the Service Dog School of America program is to get dogs to obey without leashes and not have to restrain them.

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Academics is important, but either you have your dog under control and it responds to you or it doesn’t.

Service Dog School of America only has one program because either the dog is obedient or it isn’t.

What you see in these photos really isn’t that big of deal and you should expect the same with your dog at your house.


COMMANDS – We generally teach the following commands during the first lesson. We make sure that the dog does the commands for the people, make sure the people know how to make the dog better, and practice while we are at the house. Then we come back in a few weeks and show you more new things to work on.

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Sit is excellent for picture day but not much else. It is like a sprinter position for dogs because dogs often “Sit” first before chasing squirrels because they can push off with their back legs. However sitting is critical because if the dog will not sit or goes limp and will not stay seated up it indicate a defiance problem which need to be addressed.

Generally, every dog learns “Sit” but some long back dogs like Greyhounds or dogs with arthritis in their backs find it painful–so we skip it. Also, many people who hunt their dogs don’t want their dog to sit, just “Stand” or “Down.”

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In any case, if your dog refuses to sit and he doesn’t have a bad back, there is a problem with the dog/owner relationship–like somebody is really stubborn and/or defiant.


“Down” is the doggie tranquilizer. It is the command that gets dogs to be calm and under control and allows for long “Stays.” If your dog will not go down for you, it is not submitting to you.

Well-adjusted, happy and content to obey.

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Blackie the Cat and her 7 dogs on “Down-Stay.”

everyone is a dog trainer nowadays


“Heel” is when you walk and the dog’s front paws are behind your feet. Heel is for walking from Point A to Point B. There is no marking, sniffing or checking things out on Heel. When you get to where you want your dog to sniff then you would switch to “loose-leash walking” where the dog is in front of you but not pulling on the leash. Most dog trainers pass off “loose-leash walking” as “Heel.” If the dog won’t walk with its feet behind yours, it is not going subordinate.

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If you want your dog to follow you off-leash, then you must get the dog on “Heel.”

“Heel” is a subordinate state of mind while walking or greeting people or animals. If your dog is in front of you and won’t get back behind you are not your dog’s leader. We will show you how to stay in front even if people come to your door or you run into loose dogs on a walk.

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The dogs everyone dreams of owning.

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Henry and Leo the Bernese Mountain Dogs heeling off-leash for Carla.

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Perimeter training is where you teach the dog not to cross a line unless you release the dog to do so. Perimeter training is not “Stay.” It is ‘do-not-cross the-line-ever-unless-I-say-so.’ It is the same if you do not want your dog to run out the front door, side gate, jump in the car, jump out of the car, or cross your property line. Once your dog knows this command, you could take him camping and make a circle with a rope and have an instant yard where the dog will not cross the line unless released.

THE 2nd LESSON (About 2 hours)

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We almost always get dogs to “Stay”” 45 minutes to an hour the same day as the second lesson for the owners–even with people throwing tennis balls, ringing the door bell and with kids screaming and running back and forth.

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What you get when you hire a dog trainer is someone to teach you techniques and to teach YOU to be a dog trainer. What we teach is effective, gets results right away, and works in real-life. These are all actual pictures of clients and dogs taken during their second lesson with us.

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Whether you are doing Sit, Down, Stay or Come on a rope, it is a mind game and the dog forgets that the rope is on and they just learn that even if the people are far away the dog must obey commands the owner gives.

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best dog training in sacramentobest training

With most dog trainers all bets are off if the dog is not on a leash. How can you say that the dog is trained or that you are a dog trainer if the dog will not listen or “Come” if there is no leash?

There is no time to run back in the house and get the treats before your dog’s head gets run over by a car.

Your dog needs to come to you because you say so–this is what we teach and what makes us different than most other dog trainers. Our primary training method is Dog Psychology™.

THE 3rd LESSON (1 to 3 hours)

By the third lesson most dogs are walking Off-Leash and will “Stay” from far away and run back to the owners when released.

We have these things called “Jealously Guarded Secrets” which we sell and that we don’t want our competitors to know about so we cannot show you everything we do on this web page.

These pictures are of typical third lesson dogs and owners.

best service dog trainingSadie the Rottweiler “Heeling” without a leash on the third lesson.

top service dog trainerSadie on “Stay” at 100 yards during her third lesson.


“Stand-Stay” is what you want if you want to totally impress your friends and family members. Most dog trainers have no idea how to teach this and can’t even get their own dogs to do this command. We usually teach this command during the third lesson.

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THE 4th LESSON (1 to 3 hours)

PLEASE NOTE:  Our program is a 4-lesson program, but often the lessons take more than one visit with the trainer for the owner to learn and master.

Usually on the fourth lesson we talk about how bad the dog was and how good he or she is now. Often we do intensive distraction proofing and or discuss what it will take to follow through.

If handling the dog with other dogs present is still a challenge, we deal with real-life distraction proofing. We get awesome results with even the most stubborn, aggressive and dominant dogs.

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We are proud of what we do and the results we get with clients.

We are confident that when you consider our program and meet us that you won’t want other dog trainers.

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Amazing behavioral results regardless of size and age. You probably don’t need to spend thousands on dog training. Call us and be much, much happier.

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