There are a lot of seriously depressed and anxious disabled people who need a psychiatric service dog in Massachusetts. Maybe you are one of them? If so, this page was written for you.

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Psychiatric Service Dogs For Sale in Massachusetts

Many people with anxiety disorders and depression in Massachusetts are just like you—really really miserable.

Most work, own a business, go to school, but they all have one thing in common—they feel horrible a lot of the time because of feelings, thoughts and memories that will not turn off.

Some of us are miserable all the time, while others are just miserable some of the time.

Even if you live in Boston, Worcester, Cambridge, Springfield, Lowell, Brockton, Lynn or New Bedford, if you or your child have an anxiety disorder, depression or PTSD, your choices for treatment are limited to psych meds, marijuana, cocaine, ecstacy, LSD, opioids, booze or talk therapy

Talk therapy could take 20 years or more to work is why a lot of people start taking dope or drinking everyday. 

service dogs MassachusettsMaybe you should get a Service Dog For Anxiety instead?  You will love it and take it places and have everyone smile at you and use it as an excuse to talk to you and you never have to be alone again.

service dogs for sale Massachusetts

If you live in Massachusetts, click here to Buy A Service Dog. With a service dog you do not have to worry about about going to jail, getting put in a mental hospital, or overdosing and dying because your dealer sold you some bad shit.  

A lot of disabled people do the smart thing and get a service dog instead of being dope fiends, drinking themselves to death, or committing suicide. 

Anxiety service dogs for depression cost a lot less than dope and a funeral.

What if it worked and your deprression was 95% better after you got a service dog? 

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We have seen many depressed people in Massachusetts just like you get a service dog for anxiety and saw the person’s life get 95% better.  They went back to school, got a job, got in a relationship, suddenly had money, a family.  Everything got better for them.

Conclusion.  Some with anxiety disorders use medications, while others turn to talk therapy. Many smart people are covering their bets though, and utilizing an anxiety service dog instead.

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Interested in learning more about a service dog? 

READ ON, and we will walk you through everything you need to know about anxiety service dogs in Massachusetts and how to buy one.

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Step One to get a service dog for anxiety–

Disabled people looking for a Psychiatric Service Dog, Emotional Support or Therapy Dogs for sale in Massachusetts need to know the questions to ask, especially if they have anxiety and depression.

To help you make the right decisions when buying a psychiatric service dog trained for anxiety and depression, we created a list of questions you can use to expose The Top 10 Psychiatric Service Dog Myths.  Arm yourself with these questions when shopping for a psychiatric service dog or service dog training in Massachusetts. This is what need to know about how to buy a service dog for anxiety.

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Don’t forget to ask the service dog schools, agencies and trainers in Massachusetts these questions before you hand over your money, or put yourself or your child on a 2 to 10-year waiting list. 

Whatever your service dog costs, you need to know what the you are getting. More important is for you to see and know what you are not getting with 99% of service dog trainers for anxiety, depression, PTSD, dissociation, bi-polar, schizoaffective disorder, nightmares and many more. 

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1. 99% of psychiatric service dog training in Massachusetts does not include Off-Leash Dog Training.

Imagine your expensive psychiatric service dog running out in the street and getting its head run over by a car.  Unless the trainer can show you dogs they trained that are off-leash obedient, they are setting you up to get a dog that could die tragically the one time you drop the leash or leave the front door open.

Psychiatric Service Dog Training is a zero-sum game for most service dog trainers in Massachusetts.  Most are all about about creating desire, scarcity and constantly referencing authorities to distract you from looking at glaring defiencies— like the dogs they sell are not actually trained.

Peoples’ dogs die everyday in front of the owner.  Some of these disabled people call us and relive the tragedy over and over again. This is pathetic, sad and unnecessary is why we warn you what to look out for in the strongest possible terms.


How can someone in Massachusetts say any dog, much less a service dog, is trained if it has not had Off-Leash Dog Training?  How is a dog trained for Public Access according to the American’s with Disabilities Act if the dog is not actually trained?

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a. Are the service dogs you sell or train generally off-leash obedient?

b. I don’t want my service dog running away.  Are you an off-leash trainer?

c. How come your website doesn’t show service dogs off-leash?

d. How can you train for ADA compliance if you are not an Off-Leash Trainer?

e. How come your website has no photos of trained service dogs off-leash?

f.  How come David Baron’s Superdog website has 1000’s of photos of dogs trained off-leash, but you do not? 

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2.  A 2 to 10-year Massachusetts service dog waiting list is a polite way of blowing off people who don’t have money.

The disabled who have money, or able to raise money on social media, for their psychiatric service dog move to the front of the line.  Some of our competitors tell you their dogs are free, but you still have to raise $9800.  Since when is $10,000 free?  The reality is they are disrepecting the disabled by not providing fairness-in-dealing by giving poor people that are suffering false hope about getting a Psychiatric Service Dog if they don’t have the money, friends or family to pay, or the energy to raise 40 grand.

How is this different than the College Cheating Scandal?  Schools taking money from the rich and telling the poor that it is a level playing field.  BS that money does not matter and that they are helping the disabled get psychiatric service dogs for anxiety out of the goodness of their hearts. 

Superdog’s Service Dog School of America™ is an example of private enterprise creating a better product that costs less money.

Superdog is America’s #1 Service Dog Brand, the only psychiatric service dog trainer offering Off-Leash Obedience trained psychiatric service dogs for anxiety, PTSD, depression, dissociation, paranoia, schizoaffective disorder, autism, bi-polar, many other mental conditions, and people just plain miserable looking to get the most incredible pet ever to make them feel better.


a.  If someone that says something is FREE, but you must pay $9800 to $45,000 for it, are they honest?

b. Why would I wait years for something I can buy and have in my possession within a few months? 

c.  Why would I consider doing business with someone who disrespects disabled people without means, and gives them false hope?

d.  How does lying to people with psychiatric and medical conditions improve their lives or help them?

With Superdog’s Service Dog School of America you will never have to wait over a year to get your Psychiatric Service Dog.

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3.  Mostly volunteers train Massachusetts service dogs, not professional service dog trainers.

That’s right.  Someone is living the dream, getting rich back at the office while amateur dog trainers train the service dogs.  There is a reason none of our Service Dog Trainer competitors in Massachusetts have photos on their websites like we do.  Superdog was America’s #1 Behavioral Trainer for decades before we started training service dogs.  We train dogs for behavior so they are cooperative and obedient, on the leash and off. 

Superdog is the only service dog trainer in Massachusetts that offers off-leash obedient trained psychiatric service dogs for sale.


a.  Do only professional service dog trainers interact with and train the dogs?

b. Are the trainers all full-time professionals with college degrees, or do you have volunteers training the dogs?

c. Do you actually train all the service dogs yourself and have a college degree, or do you just work in the office?  

Do yourself and your service dog a favor and hire a Service Dog Trainer, not an agency that will have amateur volunteers train your dog.  

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4.  Most Massachusetts Psychiatric Service Dogs are no better trained than most pet dogs, and the disabled pay $9,000 to $65,000 for them.

Have you noticed that Superdog’s website is the only service dog trainer in Massachusetts with 1000’s of photos of trained dogs?  You are setting yourself up for major disappointment if you think that just because someone is in business and seems legitimate that you are going to get a well-trained service dog.  

BELIEVE IT OR NOT.  What you see in the photos of a dog trainer website is their best foot forward.  A client giving a testimonial tells you nothing; people lie.  A dog in a service dog vest standing next to a disabled person in a wheelchair tells you nothing either.  You need to see many trained dogs in all different situations to actually tell if the dogs are trained or not. 


a.  It is a Psychiatric Service Dog for Anxiety, why do I have to pay $40,000 or more like it is a Seeing Eye Dog for the Blind?

b.  How come the dogs on appear better trained and Superdog is $so much less?

c.   How can can service dog trainers that do not offer off-leash obedience charge more than N. America’s only service dog trainer that teaches Off-Leash Obedience? 

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5. Just because it is a “Non-Profit” does not mean somebody is not making bank and getting rich.   

Most Massachusetts non-profits are mom and pop operators paying themselves generous salaries and getting most of their expenses paid for.   

The worst part is most of these 501 (c)’s not only victimize their disabled clients, but also well-meaning volunteers who think they are helping.  They are helping—the owner get rich by selling service dogs and service dog training, value that was created for little or no cost by volunteers. 

We hate to judge, but it sounds really dishonest to us selling somebody a service dog trained by unpaid volunteers.  Superdog only has full-time trainers that have trained literally thousands of dogs over decades time.


FACT: When you hire a service dog agency, there are administrators. You pay for all that. 

a.  Wouldn’t you be better off, get more value, and a better trained dog by cutting out all the middlemen and expensive employees and dealing directly with the best dog trainer? 

b.  Massachusetts Non-Profits don’t have Off-Leash trained dogs or pictures of dogs with cats, do they?

c.  You are buying dog training, why not hire a trainer who can deliver the results you are looking for, save you money, and give you a much better trained dog?

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6. Pit Bulls and German Shepherd mixes are not good Psychiatric Service Animals.

You can have any kind of dog you want as a Psychiatric Service Dog for Anxiety, but there is a reason a number of breeds are commonly mentioned, recommended or required.  

Any breed can be good as a psychiatric service dog because it is more about the individual dog’s temperament, however, if you have anxiety or depression, you do not want a crackhead dog that drives you crazy with its hyper-vigilence, whining, and over-protectiveness.  service dogs Massachusetts

7. It doesn’t take 18 months to 2 years to train a service or therapy dog for anxiety, PTSD, or depression.

What they are talking about is you cannot expect the dog to be “fully-trained,” whatever that means, at least until the dog’s brain fully develops.

Also, for a Mobility Service Dog tasks such as leaning on the dog to brace yourself cannot be done before 18 months because the dog is not developed and cannot handle the weight yet because the dog is still too young.

Massachusetts Service dog agencies will tell you it takes a long time to justify often outrageous, exhorbitant, excessive prices. 

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8. Just because a dog is trained to perform service dog tasks means it is trained and can be an ADA Psychiatric Service Dog.

If your dog is bad or you do not answer the two questions correctly, they can forbid you entrance, or ask you to leave an establishment. No one cares about what tasks your service dog can perform if it creates a nuisance, disturbance or threat.

The only dogs that can be Service Dogs are Assistance Animals trained for Public Access.  If the dog is not trained for Public Access, it is a pet, not a Service Dog or an Assistance Animal.  

They people in Massachusetts who buy certifications online and try to game the system to get a Psychiatric Service Dog for anxiety are missing the point.  They need to leave their dog at home or in the car because it has not been trained for Public Access so it cannot be a Service Dog according to the Americans With Disabilities Act or Massachusetts law.

Wouldn’t it be great to have a professionally-trained Psychiatric Service Dog and never have to worry because it is trained crazy-good, and it is a lot of fun, and you can be proud of it?

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9. Your service dog, or a therapy dog, can fly with you on an airplane or go anyplace you go?

Pretty much. 

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10. If you pay $40,000 or $50,000+ for a service dog or therapy dog, your dog won’t be as trained as if you paid Superdog about $25,000.

Definitely let us know if someone is getting better results with Psychiatric Service Dogs in Massachusetts and we will dump what we are doing, and go work for, and learn from them.

Superdog is the #1 Massachusetts Service Dog brand.

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Superdog provides well-trained Assistance Dogs at a lower cost, and without clients having to wait 2 to 5 years to get their Service Animal.

Superdog is the only Massachusetts service dog trainer offering Off-Leash Obedience trained Autism Service Dogs and Psychiatric service dogs for anxiety, PTSD, depression, dissociation, paranoia, schizoaffective disorder, autism, bi-polar, many other mental conditions, and people just plain miserable looking to get the most incredible pet ever to make them feel better.

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service dogs Massachusetts How is a dog trained if it only listens on a leash?   

Superdog’s service dog training program is the only Massachusetts service dog training school with photos and videos of 1000’s of dogs that are well-behaved on and off-leash.  Imagine buying a service dog that is not Off-Leash obedient.

How is a dog trained for Public Access according to the American’s with Disabilities Act if the dog is not actually trained?


a. Are the service dogs you sell or train generally off-leash obedient?

b. I don’t want my service dog running away.  Are you an off-leash trainer?

c. How come your website doesn’t show service dogs off-leash?

d. How can you train for ADA compliance if you are not an Off-Leash Trainer?

e. How come your website has no photos of trained service dogs off-leash?

f.  How come David Baron’s Superdog website has 1000’s of photos of dogs trained off-leash, but you do not?

90% of service dogs for sale in Massachusetts are poorly trained and do not meet professional standards for excellence.service dogs Massachusetts

service dogs MassachusettsHow can I tell if the Service Dog Training is good? 

They will have the same kinds of photos and videos like we show you with dogs obedient off-leash.

trained service dogs MassachusettsDo I need a Massachusetts Service Dog Program that teaches Off-Leash Dog Training? 

You will not have a service dog if your dog runs down the street and gets its head run over by a car.

Most service dog programs in Massachusetts are shams and the service dogs for sale are really expensive and often not actually very trained at all.  

PEOPLE LIE. It is a lot harder to show people 1000’s of dogs you trained that behave off-leash.

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service dogs Massachusetts PTSD Service Dogs Massachusetts.  Psychiatric Service Dogs trained to be pleasant, calm, friendly, loyal and loving.  Our training focuses on temperament and quality of interactions instead.


depression service dogs Massachusetts AMERICA’S #1 PSYCHIATRIC SERVICE DOG SCHOOL. There won’t be any Service Dog or Emotional Support in Massachusetts if your dog runs down the street, or sees a dog and takes off.


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