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dog training sacramento

service dog sacramentoON & OFF-LEASH OBEDIENCE without shock collars. 

service dog sacramentoBEHAVIORAL TRAINING focused on temperament and quality of interactions.

sacramento dog trainers#1 TRAINER FOR AGGRESSIVE DOGS and dogs with behavior problems without using harsh methods.

checkmark2LOVE, PETTING, AFFECTION & FRIENDSHIP not food-bribery, shock collars, choke chains, head halters or fake dog whisperers. 

There is a reason the other dog trainers don’t have many photos of trained dogs like we do.

checkmark220th YEAR IN BUSINESS  

David Baron Sacramento


checkmark2The finest TRAINING METHOD from Europe.  

dog training roseville ca100+ CLIENT TESTIMONIALS. 

David Baron the Dog Trainer in Roseville, California the best dog trainer.


therapy dogs sacramentoBOARD & TRAIN at DogAnswers Ranch
$4700 Family Dogs all-inclusive program, about 60 days.

sacramento service dogsSERVICE DOGS|Therapy|Emotional Support Animals
CALL for details and prices.

Your dog will live as a member of our family at a 13-acre working dog ranch with the trainers’ own trained dogs and cats.  The dogs learn to do things and cooperate for the right reasons is why our programs is 60 days.  We are a better value, more reliable and less money than our competitors. We don’t trust other dog trainers to give you good service or care for your dog the same as we will at DogAnswers Ranch.

The dogs we train know nothing but love and kindness. Less than a dozen trainers in North America and Europe teach off-leash obedience without shock collars.  If the dog was trained it wouldn’t need a shock collar is our philosophy. We love the dogs, they love us and do everything we say, then we show you how to get your dog to love you, and transfer that relationship to you. 

service dog trainers We can help you even if you have been to one trainer after another and still haven’t gotten results with your dog.  

 We train your dog first, then we train you and your dog together.  You get unlimited training and support once your dog goes home.  And, if it takes a little longer to get it right, we don’t ask for more money ever.  We are trying to be the best one where the training really works.  Your total satisfaction with your dog is why we are in business.

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emotional support expertsWhat you see in the eyes is typical results.

dog service sacramentoPeople & Dogs Treated Well and loving the training.

Training with David Baron
dog training classes sacramentoLOVE  AFFECTION  FRIENDSHIP  RESPECT  TRUST

–OPTION #2  

training aggressive dogs sacramentoPRIVATE LESSONS TRAINING PROGRAM* $1450
   –SF BAY AREA rates may vary depending on time of day. See below.

sacramento service dogsSERVICE DOG TRAINING PROGRAMS* $1750 to $2450

We can get your dog to listen to you off-leash and on, and can resolve all behavior issues.  Definitely for your puppy or dog you want to have an AMAZING TEMPERAMENT and be fabulously obedient to you.

dog training folsom*No Additional Charge for your 2nd or 3rd dog.

dog training elk grove*Flat-Rate means you get as much as you want or need until your dog is trained.

dog training auburn caAll-Inclusive Program, No LEVEL II and III’s, up-selling, and asking you for more money.

dog training lodiFree Lifetime Follow-up after the training.

checkmark2Best Trainer for Aggressive, Dominant or Stubborn dogs.

dog training napa*SmartPet Promise Guarantee



David Baron Dog Training Sacramento | Dog Trainer

phone(916) 773-4017 or emailEMAIL ME NOW 

 Board and Train Program at DogAnswers Ranch, $4700.
 At-Home Lessons Program in the Sacramento Region, $1450.
 Service Dog Training Program Therapy and Emotional Support Animals.



JOHN VINTON - Call for Lesson Programs, Classes and Prices.
—’Call my protege John Vinton for his local programs, rates and availability.’

bullet_dogSan Francisco-Marin County-Oakland-Berkeley  (415) 235-5647 email

bullet_dogNapa-Vacaville-Fairfield-Sonoma-Santa Rosa (707) 418-5533 email

bullet_dogWalnut Creek-Danville-Pleasanton (925) 948-8422 email

bullet_dogSan Jose-Palo Alto (408) 645-7133 email


We don’t have, know or recommend trainers in Southern California.
BUT, call us for information about our Board & Train in Sacramento.  You probably would save money, get better value and much more reliable trainers.

carmel dog trainers

checkmark2SmartPet Promise* PRIVATE LESSON PROGRAM

– I am the only trainer you will find that guarantees you will be satisfied with the service I provide.

1. If you are not 100% satisfied with your results, we’ll keep working with you until you are – even if it means you retaking the program for free;

2. At my discretion, I will board and train your dog at my facility at no additional charge to you.

3. I will refund up to 100% of the money you paid me after you hire another trainer and complete their program, but it must be a substantially different training method, and the documented results the trainer gets with your dog must be consistent with Professional Standards for Excellence in Dog Training.

california dog trainer

checkmark2Most of our clients are MD’s, RN’s, teachers, business owners, police, fire and other professionals. We have many former clients who were 100% satisfied with our training and would be glad to talk to you on the telephone if you need references.

checkmark2What you see on our Website and Facebook Page are typical results you can expect when you spend money with me.  

checkmark2Do not listen to other dog trainers, behaviorists and veterinarians who tell you that your dog cannot be trained and needs to be destroyed, we can train your dog.

David Baron (916) 773-4017

dog training san jose ca

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If the dog training someone is trying to sell you worked, ALL the dog trainer websites NOT JUST OURS would have photos of dogs they trained with happy dogs off-leash without prong collars, shock collars, choke chains, food-bribery and clickers.  

There is something a million times better available to you.  That is what you get when you hire me and Niki.

Do You Know Other Dog Lovers? Share Our Site

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