Becoming A Dog Trainer

How To Become A Dog Trainer

How you become a dog trainer is you seek out the most talented, professional and accomplished dog trainer with the right kind of education, expertise and experience to teach you everything you need to know about how to be a dog trainer. The goal is to make money and stay in business for decades.

To be a dog trainer you will need to be able to show a history of excellence in business, and in your professional or personal life to be qualified. A lot of people are qualified, but they just don’t have it when it comes to actually working with dogs.

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Is it really worth losing a hand, testicle or breast, or even dying? How to become a dog trainer

The Superdog Mission Statement: Superdog provides training for people, their pets and service dogs, we sell trained dogs, and we contribute by teaching others how to become dog trainers at our Service Dog School of America academy.

The Superdog Vision: Superdog’s vision is almost every dog trainer in America using the Superdog Method and techniques to train dogs, with 10,000 trained dogs sold every year by graduate/affiliates from our Service Dog School of America training academy.

How to become a dog trainer

What do you think? Can anyone become a dog trainer or learn to be a dog trainer?

WHAT DO YOU BELIEVE about how to become a dog trainer?

This is What We Believe. . . .

  • We Believe a college degree is essential for anyone considering a dog training career and looking to become a dog trainer.
  • We Believe 99% of those who choose dog training as a career never make enough money to live on comfortably and do not find it rewarding at all.
  • We Know For A Fact not everybody can learn how to become a dog trainer, make money, or succeed in business or life.
  • We Believe 99.9% of the dog trainers are not getting much in the way of results, much less qualified to teach anyone else how to be a dog trainer.
  • We Believe volunteering at an animal shelter or humane society is a noble thing to do, but a waste of time if your goal is to become a dog trainer.
  • We Believe that while we may be able to teach how to be a dog trainer, you will never be very good or make much money until you have trained at least 1,000 dogs.
  • We Believe you are wasting your time reading books on how to become a dog trainer because all are invariably written by authors with at best mediocre dog training skills.
  • We Believe most “professional dog training” is no more than cute pet tricks and does not work off-leash or with real-life distractions present.
  • We Believe most dog training apprentices are being fed a line of garbage and will never make make any money, much less ever be able to effectively help people and dogs, and start or stay in business.
  • We Believe networking, going to meet-ups, seminars and conventions is a waste of time. You will never learn how to be a dog trainer from people who are rigid thinkers with an agenda.
  • We Believe studying the history of dog training is like learning Medicine by reading about what doctors at German concentration camps did in World War II.
  • We Believe the BF Skinner theory unworkable and most people are never going to be able to remember all that, much less put it into practice fixing behavioral problems or for getting dogs to obey off-leash.
  • We Believe almost all dog training certificates issued by dog training schools are virtually worthless if your goal is to help others, train dogs, become a dog trainer and make money.
  • We Believe that you need no experience with dogs or owning dogs to become a dog trainer. Going out and buying a dog and working with it will not help you if your goal is to become a dog trainer.
  • We Believe most “Positive Reinforcement Trainers” are lying to themselves and everyone else about whether the dog training they sell and teach actually works in most real-life situations–like off-leash and at a distance with distractions present.
  • We Believe the overwhelming majority of dog trainers and dog training schools provide little or no value to their customers and students. The “dog training” is little more than cute pet tricks or brutalizing and intimidating the dogs into submission.
  • We Believe that if you live in a rural area that the likelihood of you being able to support yourself training dogs is slim to none.
  • We Believe the overwhelming majority of students who enroll in dog training schools are never competent and unable to become a dog trainer or pursue a career training dogs.

You should really watch all the videos on this page!!!

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Superdog’s Service Dog School is for anyone who is crazy enough to be a dog trainer. You need to read the article below because you would be a lot better off doing something else. You are living in a fantasy dream world and most likely will never be a dog trainer or make any money. That is what they told David Baron when he announced to the world that he was going to be a dog trainer.

If you are serious about becoming a dog trainer, read the article below, and then click here to APPLY FOR ADMISSION to the Superdog Dog Trainer Academy.

Becoming a dog trainer

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1) Forget about learning how to be a dog trainer without a college degree.

Being a professional dog trainer and making money in the dog training industry is very challenging. Having completed college, if nothing else, demonstrates that you are able to endure and follow through even under the most difficult of circumstances and conditions. Going to college teaches you to interact with and lead others. Even in the Military a college degree is required to be an officer. People who graduate college are much better able to evaluate a deal and make a better decision than those who never underwent the scrutiny of their thinking and ideas like what happens in college classes.

It is unlikely somebody unable to complete college could ever be a competent dog training business owner or proficient dog trainer. Without knowing basic fundamental concepts of Business, Law, Ethics, Management and Psychology taught in college, someone would flail as a dog trainer and not be able to go very far making money. We only mention making money because making money is a good barometer of whether someone training dogs is creating value in the marketplace or not. We are not embarassed about making money. It is a measure of what we bring, joy, security and happiness to dogs and people.

What you can take to the bank is that somebody that says you do not need a college degree to be a dog trainer is also the person who does not make much money. There are no excuses. If someone became a dog trainer and they don’t make a lot of money it is because they do not create much value. Show us a dog trainer not making a lot of money, and we’ll show you somebody that is taking money from dog owners and providing little value in return.

2) Most people who try to become a dog trainer fail and make no money.

Most people are not David Baron or Cesar Millan and not able to start a business and get 100 or more new clients every month to practice on and perfect technique, and try different things.

Most dog trainers got good at training dogs by training 1,000’s of dogs. Someone with no college degree, no previous dog training and sales excellence, not the drive and commitment to serve and help others would not be able to make any money, much less pay for your apartment or car.

A “How To Become A Dog Trainer” graveyard littered with well-meaning victims.

The Dog Training business is brutal with a graveyard full of dog training companies, people who wanted to be a dog trainer and learn how to train dogs, and at one time were excited and looking forward being a dog trainer, but they ended up making no money ever, and were never able to make it in business.

How do you become a dog trainer and then go out of business?

Some dog training businesses make a few bucks for a few years, but ultimately they close down because no one can go without money forever. Some people who want to learn to be a dog trainer mortgage their home or borrow against their 401(k) retirement plan to finance learning to become a dog trainer. Living with such mental torture causes licentious eyes that wander. Ultimately, most dog trainers fail because any profession or job looks better than going on making no money.

Be a dog trainer. Do what ever you think is best and follow your passion, but do not pretend about ever being able to get your own apartment or own a car and pay for your own insurance living on what dog trainers make.

Less than 1/2 of 1 percent of dog trainers make over $100,000 a year. If you live in a rural area, you might as well forget ever making any money. Sure, you’ll train your friends and neighbors dogs, but that is not a career. A career is making enough money to own a home and be an adult and live like an adult.

What is the lowest paying profession I can get into, and be virtually guaranteed I will make no money?

Kids live in apartments. Kids cannot afford to buy homes like adults with real jobs can. Most dog trainers need about three roommates to live outside their parents’ home.

The best profession to become if you want your relatives and friends to say I TOLD YOU SO.

If you are looking for a profession where everyone in your family says, “I TOLD YOU SO,” you definitely want to become a dog trainer. While your friends got real jobs and were getting married and having a family, you wasted years, and chose the path of utter financial and spiritual failure.

No one enters a profession meaning to make no money, but anyone not particularly exceptional with animals is committing financial suicide pursuing a career training dogs.

You probably are thinking to yourself, ‘I don’t even have a college degree, I’ve never been good at or liked sales, I have no actual business experience, know nothing about Law, Ethics, making decisions based on data, Psychometric Instruments or A/B Testing,’ and there is no way I’ll ever make it in business unless someone were to hold my hand every step of the way because I am not confident with my ability to train dogs, much less people.’

3) Most people who think they are good with dogs, are terrible with animals and have no idea what they are doing.

Be honest. You do not have photographs and videos of 100’s of dogs you trained. Sure, maybe you can read a book and fake it, but you could not train a dog and sell it to someone looking to buy a trained dog. As a matter of fact, you know nothing about training dogs because you have never charged money to do so, and even if you have charged dog owners money, you do not know how to train dogs to behave and be reliable off-leash without shock collars.

Most dog trainers are not going to be able to train aggressive, dominant or obstinate dogs. Are you?

You become a dog trainer, but you get bit by a dog and it almost rips your breast off and you lose an eye, are you going to continue your dog training career? Good luck with that. Just be glad a German Sheperd doesn’t bite you in the groin and you lost a testicle.

Many are not able to become dog trainers because their family would not approve and think the person lost their mind. They actually probably did lose their mind. Why would anyone want to get a low-paying job or start a business in about the lowest-paying service sector and intentionally make no money?

Why are most people unable to ever become a dog trainer?

Most dog training is worthless and the dogs get little better from the lessons, classes or board and train. Why?

The reason is unless you have the right personality, experience, resources, training and natural talent, you stand little chance of ever succeeding at either becoming a dog trainer or in a career training dogs. Some people, a very few in this case, are ever going to be even adequate training dogs. Too many things in the universe have to come together at one time for there to be a great dog trainer. There are only a few great dog trainers for this reason. Just like everybody cannot be a politician, a lawyer, doctor, the president, the Queen, or an astronaut, not everyone can be a dog trainer. Others will argue that the great dog trainers are born great dog trainers, and that is their destiny.

4) That’s special you volunteered at an SPCA. What does that have to do with being able to train dogs?

We visited Mexico and there were a lot of stray dogs there and we had lunch and I taught one to sit. Maybe you did not go to Mexico, but work with stray dogs at an SPCA. How is teaching a stray sit not a thousand time better experience than you picking up poop and hosing the urine out of the steel and cement cages? At least we taught a dog something. You just dealt with feces and urine.

We applaud anyone who helps dogs, but we are not going to hire them to train our dog. Hosing piss and dog shit out of cages, and petting dogs and cats that were picked up or surrendered as strays is not the same thing as knowing how to safely and effectively train dogs reliably. Again, we apologize if honest, straight-forward talk about that volunteering at an animal hospital does not qualify in any way as an education, or help you in any way to learn to train dogs.

If you are looking for the conventional wisdom where no one makes any money, can’t train a dog for the life of them, and everyone lives at home with their parents, we recommend the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers website.

WHY IS IT that an less than 1/2 of 1% of all dog trainers show off-leash obedient dogs they trained?

It is 2020 and everyone has a still camera and a video camera on their cellphone. You would think if a dog trainer was actually getting results with dogs like in our photos and videos that they would show 1000’s of trained dogs off-leash, on command even with cats and horses present.

Do you want to make money training dogs and create tremendous value helping others?

Become A Dog Trainer: Superdog’s Service Dog School is for anyone who is crazy enough to be a dog trainer. You would be a lot better off doing something else and you are living in a fantasy dream world and will never make any money. That is what they told David Baron when he announced to the world that he was going to be a dog trainer.

If you are serious about becoming a dog trainer, read the article below, and then click here to APPLY FOR ADMISSION to the Superdog Dog Trainer Academy.

How To Be A Dog Trainer

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