Who is The Greatest Dog Trainer in the World?

The Greatest Dog Trainer in the World by David Baron
David Baron the Greatest Dog Trainer in the WorldWhat A Lot of New Dog Trainers Do

When I started out in business, I did what a lot of new dog trainers do.  I went around and introduced myself to the established dog trainers, only to receive a cold shoulder.

I felt like the kid who moved to a new town and no one would talk to them or be their friend at their new school.

The young David Baron the dog trainer in Sacramento.

I was more capable of training dogs than the other dog trainers who would not be friends with me anyway. 

I learned dog training from my father and uncle who were some of the greatest dog trainers ever with dog behavioral problems and getting dogs to listen off-leash.  I had learned from the best dog trainers in Europe and was young and confident.

David Baron Dog Trainer sacramento The reason I decided to go into business is that I saw a void in the market because I did not see anyone else offering OFF-LEASH OBEDIENCE without shock collars.

Evidence of the Greatest Dog Trainer In the World


Most people at the time, especially the dog training ‘establishment’ thought that it was impossible to get dogs to listen off-leash with distractions, with the exception of police dogs meaning German Shepherds, Rottweilers and Malinois.

Superdog Roseville CaliforniaI was getting Chihuahuas and Maltese off-leash with distractions.  I would see clients at the beach, at the mall, or at the dog park with their dogs amazingly trained off-leash.  Other people we knew, who lived on farms and ranches, had their dogs off-leash.

Off-Leash Dog Training in Sacramento

I could not understand how virtually every other dog trainer in the country needed 6 to 12 weeks of classes to train dogs and still none of the dogs trained could do what my clients could with their dogs by the second or third lesson with what I was teaching.

Amazing exhibition by the Greatest Dog Trainer in the World

I felt like the kid pointing out that the emperor had no clothes.

The logical question to me was, “How can you call yourself a professional dog trainer if you can’t get dogs to listen both on and off-leash?” What?  

sacramento dog training

I asked, “Are you supposed to keep your dog on a leash all the time or is it supposed to wear a shock collar 24/7 for life?” 

dog training sacramentoA number of dog trainers did not like my question and sent me hate mail UNTIL I pointed out that I had 100’s of dogs I could show trained in photos and videos and they had maybe their own dog, if that, to demonstrate their competence.

Four dogs and a cat on "Sit-Stay."I believe I was born to be a behaviorist and dog trainer.   

dog kennel

My primary interest has always been to be a dog trainer.Amazing dog traininggrat small dog trainers

I like the dog training I teach.  Many people they can’t believe how good the dog training is, and it gets better from there.  I get second-to-none results with the dogs listening off-leash and not having any behavior problems.

David Baron Roseville, California

The point of this article is you judge a tree by its fruit. 

You need to ask yourself who you are going to listen to and believe when it comes to dog training.

David Baron Dog Training Sacramento | Dog Trainer

Dog training is like most other professions.  The top 1% are getting 99% of the results.  Someone who is really good at what they do is often likely to over-perform and give you many times more value for your money.

Don’t worry about spending a little more for a great dog trainer because whatever it is you pay more you will receive back many times your investment.

David Baron Dog Trainer Sacramento

I hope you enjoyed my article titled, “The Greatest Dog Trainer in the World.”

dog training sacramento

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