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Emotional Support Dog Results definitely exist for those who need them.

Emotional Support Dog

A lot of people either don’t know about, or never even met, an Emotional Support Dog (ESA). They are not sure what they do, and get them confused with other kinds of assistance animals.

This article explains in detail what an emotional support dog is, what rights you have under the state and federal law, and how you get an emotional support dog.

emotional support dog

Relax. It’s an Emotional Support Dog, not Algebra or Calculus.

An Emotional Support Dog is an animal that provides you with comfort, aid, support for someone suffering from any kind of emotional trauma or emotional history. It could be a mental disorder or PTSD from an emotional event. An ESA does not require additional training for tasks specific to a disability. This is the big difference between an ESA and a service dog. An ESA requires no additional training which means that you can just make your pet an emotional support animal. You don’t need to go find a special highly trained animal. You probably already have an emotional support animal you just need to make your pet an ESA. It costs nothing and all you have to do is get a letter from a licensed mental health professional, ie, psychiatrist, psychologist, licensed clinical social worker. You don’t need to register it. You don’t need to do anything other than have a letter.

Emotional Support Dog

The Emotional Support Dog Dance with Legal Compliance

Sometimes counselors or a patient’s psychiatrist or psychologist writes the required letter. There are services that will for a fee connect you to a mental health professional. You are essentially paying to have your letter, but if you’re already seeing a doctor, you don’t need to pay extra to have an ESA, you just need a letter written.

Emotional Support Dog

You Are Protected with Your Emotional Support Dog

With an emotional support dog, you qualify for two main protections and covered under the Americans with Disabilities Act. The first is that you can fly with your social support animal and they cannot charge you an excess fee. The airlines cannot deny you entry because of your pet. You have to be allowed to take your pet on the plane and fly with your emotional support dog. Most airlines will ask for your letter and ask upfront when you purchase your tickets, but again they can’t tell you no, they can’t deny you that right as long as you have your ESA letter. The second main protection is that you cannot be denied housing because of your emotional support dog. Your lease or rental home application cannot be rejected because you have an emotional support dog. These two protections that are covered under the Americans with Disabilities Act and you cannot be denied as long as you have you ESA letter.

The only two protections you are not guaranteed. The right to take your ESA into any public place. Most businesses will let you do it as long as your pet is well behaved and on a leash. and All they can do is ask you to leave. They can ask you not to bring your pet and that is within their rights. You do not need to register your emotional support animal as long as you have your ESA letter. You do not need to register it, you do not need to get an ID card.

Emotional Support Dog

Blend In with Emotional Support Dog Vests and ID Cards

Having the best emotional support dog ID card makes things much easier because if you are in a crowded Airport, or a crowded place with your emotional support dog, people are going to leave it alone if it is wearing a service dog vest. To avoid questions, wearing a vest is the preferred modus operandi. You definitely want to pick up a vest for your emotional support dog. You can check out service dog ID cards and vests. but you are not required to have them. You do not need to register your emotional support dog.

Is it worth it to have an emotional support animal? Not if your dog is a spaz and about as trained as most peoples’ pets.

Emotional Support Dog

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