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You found the only Cage-Free Dog Boarding for Folsom CA with crazy-good doggy boot camp board training.

Folsom Dog BoardingThere are no steel and cement cages like Folsom Dog Resort, or the other ones using shock collars.

How is keeping dogs in cages not cruel and inhumane?

Our facility is a home-setting with a loving family, not a dog concentration camp like the others. Not everybody has a problem keeping dogs in cages and using shock collars on them. To us, it is mean, cruel and unnecessary. Don’t believe the lies people who just care about money tell.

We are here for people that would get physically ill if they had to send their dog to a kennel. Normal people are sickened by the thought of their dog being locked in a cage with minimum-wage kennel employees using a shock collars on it. There is an alternative for your dog where it is like Heaven there and they love your dog even more than you do.

Off-Leash Training and Dog Boarding Folsom, CA

Folsom Dog Boarding, Doggy Boot CampWe offer an alternative to what the other dog boarding in Folsom are offering. Superdog also teaches Off-Leash Dog Training Without Shock Collars.”

Sometimes you get lucky in life and the deal you find turns out better than anything you could have ever imagined, and the price you pay is small compared to the alternatives.

Dog Boarding Folsom CA

Folsom Dog Boarding for aggressive dogsWhat you want is dog boarding where they can train your dog at a cage-free dog board and training facility.

People ask what our facility looks like!!!

Folsom’s #1 Dog Boarding

Folsom Dog BoardingSee exactly how we board and train dogs with Off-Leash obedience, puppy training, and training aggressive and behaviorally-challenged dogs at our 13-acre Doggy Boot Camp dog boarding and training facility.

You and your dog get the most-qualified trainers and best boarding facility at an affordable price point. We can definitely help you if you need Dog Board and Train.


Folsom Puppy BoardingSuperdog is Folsom’s #1 dog boarding place and able to help you control your dog’s behavior so your dog wants to listen to you off-leash.

Behavior Trainers are usually only thought of to help with pushy, whiny, controlling, jealous, dominant and aggressive dogs that jump on people, sliding glass doors and cars, bark incessantly and need potty training, but if you want your dog to listen off-leash, call us.

Puppy Boarding Folsom


Folsom Puppy Boarding PlaceWe offer Puppy Training Lessons or bring your 8 to 9 week old puppy to DogAnswers Ranch for boarding and we will give you back a 4-month-old better-behaved than most peoples’ adult dogs.


Folsom Dog Boarding FacilityWe love the dogs we board at our home. There is a lot of petting, massaging, affection, friendship and hanging out together.


Folsom Dog Boarding placeWhy not choose Love, Affection, Friendship, Respect and Trust instead of people who keep dogs in cages and are just in it for the money.

We don’t believe in add-on charges where you pick up your dog and it ends up being a lot more money than you expected.







David Baron,s dog boarding in Folsom CA
Welcome to Superdog Boarding!

“Folsom’s First Behavioral Dog Boarding Place”

I am David Baron the Dog Trainer. I learned to train dogs from my father. This is my destiny. No one loves dogs more. I care and want to help.

The Superdog method is based on The Canine Spatial Relationship,
the first comprehensive Behavioral and Off-Leash boarding place in Folsom, CA.

Folsom Dog Boarding RanchCOGNITIVE-BEHAVIORAL DOG TRAINERS instead of “rewards,” corrections, rewards, punishments, domination and force.

Dog Boarding Folsom California


99% of the websites do not show dogs that are off-leash obedient. Superdog shows you almost 1,000 dogs!!!

Like most dog owners in Folsom and Northern California you are in search of dog boarding where they can help you with puppy training or specialized training to help solve problems with dog obedience, dog aggression, dog behaviour, dog command recognition, dog ownership training, and training for a dominant dog.

Superdog’s Folsom Dog Boarding has the most effective training and safest, cleanest dog boarding in Folsom.

Folsom Dog boarding with trainingWe can also help with Emotional Support Dogs, Therapy Dogs, and Service Animals or Assistance Dogs in Folsom.

Folsom CA dog boarding

You don’t need a German Shepherd! We get the same off-leash results with small dogs and difficult to train breeds.

Folsom Dog boardingDefinitely call us if other Folsom dog trainers, behaviorists or veterinarians tell you that your dog is too aggressive, too dominant or too stubborn, can’t be trained and should be euthanized or re-homed.

Folsom dog boarding is highly-acclaimed and award-winning.

Folsom Dog Boarding RanchWith over five decades of proven experience, David Baron and his protege John Vinton are able to help with achieving your desired goals with your dog.

And no one loves small dogs more.

Training boarding dogs for people with medical and psychiatric disabilities in California since 1998 at our dog boarding in Folsom.

David Baron has an awesome dog boarding ranch. When we came to see him, we were so desperate we drove our dog to see Dave in my husband’s McClaren P1 all the way from Texas. Our dog Rudy was out of control, both people and dog aggressive. We had seen multiple dog trainers, behaviorists and even a specialist at Cornell University. Everyone told us to put the dog down. We were heartbroken and turned to Dave as a last resort. When we brought Rudy to see Dave, he was highly aggressive and anxious. After working with Dave, Rudy was a sweet, well behaved and no longer dog or people aggressive. I am so grateful to Dave for his help in saving our dog, Rudy.” Shari Cuban.

“He was very professional and effective. We looked at every dog boarding place in Folsom and Northern California and Dave stood out by far. The other ones looked hecka cheesy and we were against them using shock collars on our dog. Dave was easy to understand, concise and made the training fun for us. We really felt empowered that we were taught the skills necessary to feel confident enough to have our dog under control in any situation, even if he was not on a leash. Dave was a little more money, but well worth it.” Brad Pourarian
Superdog in Folsom offers a certified Service Dog Boot Camp with service dog training and registration available for qualified persons with medical or psychiatric disabilities.AMAZINGLY EFFECTIVE dog boarding in Folsom for the Greater Sacramento Area, and Northern California.

Folsom Dog BoardingWhether you have a puppy and need boarding for a service dog or service animal, emotional support dog, therapy dog, or an older dog with undesirable behavior, Superdog provides great value and excellent service.

No dog boarding in Folsom or Northern California is getting anywhere near the results we get with stubborn, dominant and aggressive dogs. We won’t waste your time. Ours works, the other ones don’t or they would have the same similar photos of trained dogs too.

Folsom’s #1 Dog Boardingabsolutely amazing dog boot boarding in Folsom ca

SmartPet® SmartDogOwners

Sometimesthe training a dog needssurpasses what the owner is capable of achieving on their own, or someone has money and wants us to train their dog for them, then Dog Boot Camp also known as Dog Board and Train is a more appropriate option.

Amazing Dog Boarding in Folsom, California

The Area’s #1 Dog Dog Boarding

Superdog is well-known for our 5-star rated dog boarding programs, dog training school programs, and Dog Boot Camps which are all offered year-round here in Folsom at our 13-acre facility.

If you are looking for a Crazy Good Boarding for your dog to provide your dog with the type of care your dog will love you for, reach out to us!

Need Help? No Problem.</strong

Our Happiness Engineers are here to answer your dog training questions.

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We board dogs in the City of Folsom, California and offer this service for clients in the surrounding Service Areas.

Zip Code: 95630 ,95671 ,95683 ,95742 ,95762 ,95763


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David Baron is considered to be the top dog trainer in the United States.No one is better for training small dogs or loves them more.Whether you have a large or small breed, we can train your puppy and offer puppy training.No one is better at training small dogs or loves them more.If you need dog boot camp, board and train, or boarding training.We can train your Pit Bull too.Service Dog Training is available in Folsom, California.How you can tell if a dog trainer is competent and reliable, or not.HOW TO GET YOUR DOG OFF-LEASH by David BaronDogs have a Spatial Relationship with others. The first thing you need to understand about this is: 1. The proximity of one dog to another, 2. who is higher or lower, 3. who is in front or in back, often determines who is the more “Dominant” dog.If you have a multiple-dog household, hiring a Superdog trainer might be the best money you will ever spend.Bulldogs can be trained just like other dogs.THE ZEN of DOG TRAININGDealing with Dog Aggression can best be solved by contacting a Professional dog trainer.Is your dog aggressive at the dog park and fight with dogs?The page tells about what to do if your dogs are fighting and covers your prospects for success hiring a dog trainer for aggression and fighting.Sometimes people bring dogs to their home and forget to tell their dog that he or she is not the pack leader. Living with dominant dogs can be a real challenge, especially if your dog starts treating you like a dog. Many people are surprised when their dog starts treating their other dog like a dog too.What you see on this page is the kinder, gentler, easier way to train your dog.Either the dogs stick around and listen or they do not. Off-Leash just means your dog does not run away from you and comes when called. There is no “Off-Leash Command.”DOG BOARDING FOLSOM CATHE SUPERDOG DIFFERENCE is what you see on the dogs’ faces and in their eyes. Compare our curriculum.When The People Change, Dog Problems EndI was born to be a dog behavioral trainer and train dogs. I love what I do helping dogs and their owners.If you have children and dogs good dog training might be the best money you will ever spend.Even if you live in an apartment and have one dog, we teach you how to get the same results as us.Goldendoodles are great dogs for service animals.You probably have a lot of questions about training a rescue dog.Even the most successful, cultured, sophisticated and educated dog owners often ask what is the right attitude for dog training. Image Map

Superdog provides Dog Boarding Folsom for clients in the Greater Sacramento CA Area.