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Almost always the level of training a dog needs surpasses what the owner is capable of achieving.

Having a dog trainer train your dog for youmakes more sense because an expert will do a better job than you ever could because an expert has trained 1000’s of dogs.Sacramento Dog Board and Train

If you want a great dog you need to do everything right, especially the first few months of your dog’s life if you have a puppy.

Most people are not dog trainers and have a hard time getting their dog trained even if they take lessons or classes.

Sometimes it is better to pay somebody else to train your dog for you because your dog will get more trained.trainUnder the best of circumstances, you might do an okay job training your dog, but an expert can do a fantastic job everytime, no matter how old your dog is.

Let us train your dog for you first, and then we will train you how to handle your dog—the easier, softer way.

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If you are afraid of missing your dog too much during the Board and Train, you will have 10 to 15 years to get over it if you bring us your10 to 12 week old puppy. dogThis website mostly consists of photos and videos of other peoples’ dogs. The photos were taken for the owners so they could see how their dogs were doing at DogAnswers Ranch while they were getting trained. dog boarding and training

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“Boshay Popo” the Tibetan Mastiff


Boshay is a really good dog, but was very fearful of certain things like people grabbing him.

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Boshay likes DaveTheDogTrainer and other men, but seems more comfortable with women.

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Boshay is learning to trust and forgetting about whatever happened to him before. Boshay can’t say what happened, but he doesn’t need to.

David Baron

Boshay does all the commands and hangs out in the house with us a lot. He is very gentle with the kitties and small dogs too.

sacramento dog board and train

Boshay has made a lot of progress since he came to stay with us.

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You are definitely in the right place if you are looking for dog Board and Train or dog boarding and training in Sacramento.

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Maybe someone is getting better results training dogs (we have not found anyone who is), but no one loves dogs more.

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The other Board and Train facilities are a nightmare is why none of them talk about how much they love dogs, or how trained your dog will be.

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We want you to send your dog to us, not to someone who keeps dogs caged 23 hours per day and uses shock collars.

How can anyone claim your dog is trained if it has to wear a shock collar anyway?

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As we demand more from him, Boshay Popo learns to trust that being obedient is a much better way of living.


Boshay’s littermate “Kali,” Mister Puppy’s mother, also went down the not listening road, but then settled down and had puppies.

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It is important that everyone knows their place in the constellation.

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Real dog training always starts with respect and courtesy.

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Quite a bit of hair comes off with the right comb.

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Boshay Popo and Kali really enjoyed getting groomed and massaged.

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Who you are to your dog is everything.

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If there is anything that we wish to change in the child, we should first examine it and see whether it is not something that could better be changed in ourselves.” Carl Jung

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Call on the telephone and talk to us about dog board and train dog training or dog boarding and training.

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David Baron is considered to be the top dog trainer in the United States.No one is better for training small dogs or loves them more.Whether you have a large or small breed, we can train your puppy and offer puppy training.No one is better at training small dogs or loves them more.If you need dog boot camp, board and train, or boarding training.We can train your Pit Bull too.Service Dog Training is available Woodside, California.How you can tell if a dog trainer is competent and reliable, or not.HOW TO GET YOUR DOG OFF-LEASH by David BaronDogs have a Spatial Relationship with others. The first thing you need to understand about this is: 1. The proximity of one dog to another, 2. who is higher or lower, 3. who is in front or in back, often determines who is the more “Dominant” dog.If you have a multiple-dog household, hiring a Superdog trainer might be the best money you will ever spend.Bulldogs can be trained just like other dogs.THE ZEN of DOG TRAININGDealing with Dog Aggression can best be solved by contacting a Professional dog trainer.Is your dog aggressive at the dog park and fight with dogs?The page tells about what to do if your dogs are fighting and covers your prospects for success hiring a dog trainer for aggression and fighting.Sometimes people bring dogs to their home and forget to tell their dog that he or she is not the pack leader. Living with dominant dogs can be a real challenge, especially if your dog starts treating you like a dog. Many people are surprised when their dog starts treating their other dog like a dog too.What you see on this page is the kinder, gentler, easier way to train your dog.Either the dogs stick around and listen or they do not. Off-Leash just means your dog does not run away from you and comes when called. There is no “Off-Leash Command.”SACRAMENTO DOG BOARD AND TRAINTHE SUPERDOG DIFFERENCE is what you see on the dogs’ faces and in their eyes. Compare our curriculum.When The People Change, Dog Problems EndI was born to be a dog behavioral trainer and train dogs. I love what I do helping dogs and their owners.If you have children and dogs good dog training might be the best money you will ever spend.Even if you live in an apartment and have one dog, we teach you how to get the same results as us.Goldendoodles are great dogs for service animals.You probably have a lot of questions about training a rescue dog.Even the most successful, cultured, sophisticated and educated dog owners often ask what is the right attitude for dog training. Image Map

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