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Dog Aggression sacramentoDOG AGGRESSION TRAINERS

This Pit Bull was shot by a police officer after escaping from the yard.

God bless anyone who would spend over $30,000 to keep their dog alive.

It takes exceptional character and resolve to stand up to friends and family who say that your dog needs to die, much less an enraged community and the authorities.

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The first thing you need to do, whether your dog is aggressive or not, is to get your dog under control.

This means that if your dog is not under voice control, you need to have your dog on a leash or locked up in an appropriate and secure enclosure.

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Dealing with Dog Aggression can best be solved by contacting a Professional dog trainer. Dog Trainers are a bargain compared to plastic surgeons and horrible psychological trauma.

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The second thing you need to do if you own a dog, whether it is aggressive or not, is to manage the dog correctly so you don’t have problems in the first place.

Management means you train your dog regardless of what breed it is before it becomes aggressive.

Management also means being honest about the outlook and odds of the potential consequences of allowing certain dogs to interract with children.

Some people think the odds with Russian Roulette are good because the gun only has one bullet in it.

On the contrary, a professionally trained dog is like a police officer with a loaded gun protecting the children.

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People who do the right things in life will always be able to look their children in the eye.

The safety of the dog, neighbors, children and other animals are important considerations. Not training a dog is often a death sentence, especially if it is a bully breed or if there are children involved.

The authorities, veterinarians, and most dog trainers and behaviorists will tell you your dog needs to die if there is any aggression. They will use the rhetorical argument against you, “What if it was a child, or what if it rips the little girl’s face off next time?”

Superdog has chosen to err on the side of life. We believe 99.9% of dogs that have shown aggression can be trained and/or re-homed, and don’t need to die to protect society.

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Almost every dog on this website was aggressive. Don’t listen to people who tell you to kill your family dog.

Call Superdog when veterinarians, and other dog trainers and behaviorists tell you that your dog can’t be trained.

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If you have a multiple-dog household, you especially need to manage your dogs correctly to prevent fighting. We recommend that you feed your dogs in the order of their dominance in the pack.

However, if a dog is pathologically dominant, we often feed that dog last during the initial training period.aggressive pit bulls

Home lessons work great 99% of the time and are very affordable.

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Some people think they can innoculate themselves against dog aggression by owning a small dog.

Everyone knows small dogs are never aggressive and are always good with seniors and children.

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Superdog’s program is not nebulous and has objective training benchmarks :

1) The dog will go 6 to 10 feet away and disengage contact,

2) The dog will hold a “Down-Stay” for 30 minutes to an hour, and

3) The dog will “Heel” with the nose behind your leg and will even walk 3 to 6 feet back if asked.

There is not going to be significant Obedience or behavior problem solving if your dog won’t do these three things. There is no in-between, either the dog does these or not.

If you can’t put your dog on “Stay” and watch television for an hour, and get your dog to walk behind you–you can forget about controlling aggression or off-leash obedience.

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Superdog’s behavioral training program is not as much about commands as it is Behavior Modification.

Superdog focuses more on things like where the dogs sleep, where they eat, what they eat, the order they eat in, how much they are inside and out, how they are introduced to people, how much they are petted, how they are petted, how they play, when they play, being able to stop unwanted playing or barking, teaching dogs to focus and be calm.

The Superdog program is primarily about improving the quality of interractions and temperament.

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Either the dog training works or it doesn’t.

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Someone has many photos of dogs they trained–or they don’t.

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Maybe another dog trainer has more experience and success training aggressive dogs–and even charges less?

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Superdog’s Philosophical Axiom is that all good dog trainers and behaviorists should have many photos of aggressive dogs that they successfully trained.

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Superdog’s method is geared toward getting your dog to do things for the right reasons and is not based on rewards or punishments, but instead on you having a relationship with your dog that is loving, kind and fair.

Violence, aggression, shock collars and dog training with food often makes dogs even more aggressive, dangerous and unpredictable.

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If you call most dog trainers and behaviorists with an aggressive dog, like how most of the ones on this web site were, they will tell you your dog can’t be trained and needs to be destroyed—after taking hundreds of dollars for an “evaluation.”


Superdog will do everything we can to keep your dog alive if you are on-board for saving your dog’s life.

We will come to your house and show you how to keep your dog alive, or we can take your dog to our ranch and he can live out his life here, or we will re-home the dog for you, if you really cannot keep him anymore. We will love him and care for him until he is trained or until someone comes along who wants him.

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The best training method is the one that actually works.

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The dogs’ eyes and faces tell the Superdog story.


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Amazing behavioral results regardless of size and age.

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  • I have an olde English bulldogge that I need help with but have a limited income. He is aggressive towards other dogs and uncontrollable at times. If I can not get him under control I will need to find him a home.

    Please help!

  • Help
    I found a pitbull pup in the desert 2 weeks ago. Ver says he’s healthy.
    He is very strong and last got away from me and attached the small next door. The dog was not injured.
    He’s fine with my other dog, tries to play with the cat and he’s good with a couple of friend’s dogs.

    Please, I need help
    714 329 8284

  • Hi, I have a rat terrier that half listens and food driven. My daughter has a lab pit mix rescue from pound we think less then year. She is very good but has run of the house so she lacks discipline. The issue is that my daughter bought a dogo argentino 10 mos. That has been rehomed twice the last home being 6 mos. Male dogo is in his adolescents stage and had been with us for a week rough start. There is way more to story. Please contact me with possible fees

  • I have a mastiff/American Bull dog mix. He is very aggressive towards other big breed dogs. Last year my dog was off the leash after a long hike and there was another owners pit bull who was also didn’t have a leash on, & they both charged at each other and started fighting. I knew not to get involved but the pit bull turned around and attacked me. Ever sense then my dog aggression towards other bigger breed dogs is pretty high and uncontrollable at times. I need help! I love this dog to piece’s and I don’t want to give up on him. Please email me thank you!!

  • I’m desperate… my lab/pit was attacked by another dog and now is so aggressive towards other dogs she can’t be near one, even a submissive one, without attacking it. It will have done absolutely nothing and she will still attack it. She’s attacked two dogs in the past few months and prior to that has attacked two others over toys. She’s a good girl… but because of everything and I’m having a baby in 2 weeks.. I either have to take her to be put down or try to rehome her… I prefer the latter… she’s only 3… she deserves to live a long life. She is an emotional support animal and does her job.. it’s just dogs she has a severe issue with… around toys her food etc.. please help.

  • I have a Maltese poodle mix. His aggression towards other dogs is escalating i don’t know what to do. I can’t afford training because it is too expensive, I would love some tips to help lower down the aggression a bit on what I should do. I love my dog, but his aggression is really worrying me. I don’t want to put him down he is only 2 years old. He’s attacked some dogs while other times he’s great and will play friendly. Some days are good others are bad. I really need some help, thank you

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