David Baron the Dog Trainer

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I was born to be a dog behavioral trainer and train dogs.  I love what I do helping dogs and their owners.

I have never been very religious, but I judge a tree by its fruit.

I always figured others judged things the same way too so I took pictures of all the ‘dog training fruit’ so I could show people and say ‘This is what you get if you hire me, a dog as good or better than any on my website or my Facebook page.’

Just like Santa Claus lives at the North Pole and has reindeer and elves, I too cheerfully accept my fate training dogs in Roseville, California.

Dave the Dog Trainer

I am able to get most any dog to listen to its owner off-leash, and am able to help the most difficult and/or aggressive dogs.

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Other people train dogs too, but my clients are getting the same results as I do.

I used to not know anything about dogs, but had the fortune to learn from the greatest dog trainer and behavioral expert ever.

The person was there for me when I needed him the most. Now, I am here for others.

I get the same Off-Leash results with small dogsPit BullsHuskies and even sighthounds not just German Shepherds and Rottweilers.

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Like any endeavor in life, with the right attitude you always have the right voice, body language, posture and timing.

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I am not a “Dog Whisperer.” That implies one has an innate and extraordinary ability with dogs. Some peoples’ dogs respect, trust and respond to them because the person has been taught certain things.

What I teach is mostly about a method with a curriculum.

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Personally, I am very pragmatic and get bored easily when things don’t work. I’m from the school of either it works or it doesn’t.

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Dogs seem much happier with a strong, confident owner that looks and acts like a leader to them.

dave training dogs in sacramento

I am not the kind of dog trainer who will tell you that our way is the only way, and that everyone else is wrong. I will tell you everything everybody else is doing too if you want; however, I will recommend what works and gets results.

This video has 500+ photos of dogs I trained.

dave training dogs

I like my Superdog program because it works and we love the dogs and there is a lot of petting and friendship.

Dave the Dog Trainer

I personally guarantee the results you see in these pictures with your dog too if you do what we say and practice a few minutes every day.

dog training sacramento

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  • Hi! My name is Liliana.. We have a 1 year old pit bull. Honestly we are desperate. We love our dog but he just won’t listen to us. He is extremely playful..we have a 5 year old girl who is terrified every time he is off the leash.. We have been thinking in giving him away but it’s really a hard decision since we consider him part of the family. Please I need some advice!!! We live in Fairfield California. Thank you very much for taking the time to read my comment.

  • I’m interested in your services , I also would like to know if you sell your dogs that are already trained ? And can you use a Husky or a boxer for a service dog ?

    • Perfect! Thank you for asking. I love Huskies and Boxers. Yes, any dog could work, but those are good choices. Call me Dena and we’ll see what we can do. David Baron (916) 773-4017

  • We are in need of your services. We have a 10 month male husky mix that we need of some help with behavior problems can you please contact me. We would love to discuss starting ASAP!

  • Hello,
    Thank you for the information on your training for service dogs. I am a 100% disabled OEF/OIF warrior and I have been matched with a pup that I hope will become my service dog. The pup that I will be getting has been matched to me. What I need is not emotional or support. What I have been told is that I need to train my dog as a full service dog. Needing her to watch my back, notice if I am starting to have a PTSD or TBI seizure and provide stability. The type of dog that I was matched with was a Blue Healer due to being aware of their surroundings and able to pick up on human reactions, also for there ability to herd a human if something is not right. Their size is also a factor being that they are a medium size dog that will travel well and take up minimal space.
    Hope this helps for narrowing down trainers. Thank you again for your help.


    Carson City, NV

  • Interested in making my labs the best they can be and myself a better owner. Do I ship them to you or fly down with them to you or do you have video training techniques you sell as well?

  • My dogs name is kota. He is 3, I adopted him at 13 months. He has had anxiety but it’s only getting worse when I leave for work, dinner, etc. He is chewing up couchs, shoes, backpacks, etc. he now stays in a crate when we’re gone. He has tons of babies/toys… But won’t chew those up. I was curious how much classes would cost for training for behavior classes. I need help please! We live santa cruz. Thank you!

  • We are interested in obedience classes for our 6 month old GSP. She’s a great dog and learns quickly but needs some help with jumping and basic manners! Let me know your schedule I couldn’t find it on the website.

    Thank you

  • Bricia Jarubi Riofrio Chavez

    My dog Nala is a 2 year pit bull. Always have problems walking her got bit one time because she gets aggressive when ever she see other dogs. She is a sweet heart and I enjoy my jogging but I’m afraid to walk her around my siblings without thinking they can get bit please help. Need more info about prices and locations.
    Bricia , Ontario CA

  • Hi, I saw you offer services in merced, but I didn’t see that location on your second page.
    Do you do lessons for behavior in merced?
    I have a frenchie a little over a year who failed his first behavioral class and would love to get him to behave better.
    Thank you

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