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Looking for Service Dog Training in Sacramento or California?

Service Dog Sacramento LogoSERVICE DOG SCHOOL of America®Service Dogs California

Service Dog School of America located in the Sacramento Region is for Service Dogs, Emotional Support Dogs, a Trainer for Service Dogs and Emotional Support Dogs.  Service Dogs Sacramento was created to provide well-trained Assistance Dogs at a lower cost, and without clients having to wait 2 to 5 years to get their service animal.


service dog trainers sacramento SERVICE & EMOTIONAL SUPPORT DOGS.
Service Dog Sacramento Logo NOT a 501(c)
Service Dog Sacramento Logo NO WAITING 2 TO 5 YEARS FOR YOUR DOG.
Service Dog Sacramento Logo OFF-LEASH OBEDIENCE. COMPARE!!!!
Service Dog Sacramento Logo WE TRAIN ALL BREEDS, Get the dog you want!!!
Service Dog Sacramento Logo TRAIN YOUR DOG, RESCUE or SERVICE PUPPY.

Service Dog Sacramento Logo INSTANT ENROLLMENT PROCESS No Waiting!!!

Service Dog Sacramento Logo Service Dog School Sacramento Service Dog Trainers

service dog sacramento NO BREED RESTRICTIONS. We can train a puppy or dog bred for service we obtain, or a rescue dog, or a dog you already own.

Service Dogs for people with disabilities
TRAINING TO MEET YOUR NEEDS.  Have a well-trained Service Dog without paying a premium for unnecessary tasks.

Why spend $30,000 on a dog to turn off lights or to remind you to take your medication when cellphone apps are a few dollars or free?

Emotional support dog trainers

sacramento service dogBEHAVIORAL TRAINERS.  Service Dogs trained to be pleasant, calm, friendly, loyal and loving.  SDSS training focuses on temperament and quality of interactions.

LOVE  AFFECTION  RESPECT  TRUST  FRIENDSHIPService, Therapy, Emotional Support Animals

service dog sacramentoSACRAMENTO’S #1 ON & OFF-LEASH SERVICE DOG TRAINER.  There won’t be any Service Dog or Emotional Support if your dog runs down the street, or sees a dog and takes off.  

Notice how almost all Service Dog websites only show dogs on leashes.  If the dogs are really trained, why are all of them on leashes?  We are renowned for getting all breeds of dogs Off-Leash Obedient without using shock collars.  No one has more off-leash obedient dogs they trained to show you.  

Everyone has a camera on their cellphone.  We are BEHAVIORAL TRAINERS specializing in Off-Leash Obedience.  What you see in our photos is what you get.  Tell us we are wrong, but 99% of Service Dog trainers, agencies, organizations, schools, and charities do not have ANY photos of dogs they trained to be off-leash obedient on their websites.  Many Service Dog websites even show dogs they say are “trained” wearing prong collars and head halter restraints.

BE CAREFUL not to buy thin air.  Being a 501(c) charity or pontificating at length and pointing to authorities and State and Federal laws is different than showing dozens of dogs you trained to substantiate the efficacy of your Service Dog training.  Well-meaning is different than well-qualified.  In the dog training profession, like many professions, 5% of the dog trainers are getting 95% of the results.  If someone was proud of their dog training, they would show dozens of dogs they trained.  Either someone has photos of dogs they trained or they do not, there is no in-between.

Service Dog Training in Sacramento

service dog sacramento classesSKIP THE BUREAUCRATIC RUNAROUND.  Deal directly with the trainer for better service and lower cost.  No waiting 2 to 5 years to get a dog from an agency that was “trained” by well-meaning amateur volunteers.

The Best Service Dog Trainer

service dog training sacramentoEMOTIONAL SUPPORT DOG TRAINERS.  Have a dog that makes you feel better that you can take anywhere pet dogs are normally allowed.

Best Emotional Support Dog Trainer Sacramento Service Dog Is For You!

Service Dog Sacramento Logo Service Animals in Sacramento
Service animals are sometimes referred to as assistance animals, assist animals, support animals, or helper animals.

For a person to legally qualify to have a service dog, he/she must have a disability that substantially limits his/her ability to perform at least one major life task without assistance.

To qualify as a service dog, the dog must be individually trained to perform that major life task. All breeds and sizes of dogs can be trained as service animals.

Service Dog Sacramento Logo Emotional Support Animals in Sacramento
An emotional support animal (ESA) is a person’s pet that has been prescribed by a person’s licensed therapist, psychologist, or psychiatrist (any licensed mental health professional). The animal is part of the treatment program for this person and is designed to bring comfort and minimize the negative symptoms of the person’s emotional/psychological disability.

ESAs are also sometimes referred to as comfort animals, comfort pets, or companion animals. Dogs, cats, rabbits, birds, mini-pigs, hedgehogs, and many more species may qualify as an ESA. These animals do not require specific task-training because it is the very presence of the animal that mitigates the negative symptoms associated with a person’s disorder. An ESA can be any age.

Service Dog School california

What Animals Qualify To Be An ESA?

All domesticated animals may qualify as an ESA (cats, dog, mice, rabbits, birds, snakes, hedgehogs, rats, mini pigs, ferrets, etc.) and they can be any age (young puppies and kittens, too!). These animals do not need any specific task-training because their very presence mitigates the symptoms associated with a person’s psychological/emotional disability, unlike a working service dog. The only requirement is that the animal is manageable in public and does not create a nuisance in or around the home setting.

Service Dog Sacramento Logo Therapy Animals in Sacramento
Many people confuse Therapy Animals with Service Dogs. A therapy animal is normally a dog (but can be other species) that has been obedience trained and screened for its ability to interact favorably with humans and other animals. The primary purpose of a therapy dog is to provide affection and comfort to people in hospitals, retirement homes, nursing homes, schools, hospices, disaster areas, and to people with learning difficulties.

Therapy animals may be classified into three different types:

Service Dog Sacramento Logo Therapeutic Visitation
The first (and most common) are “Therapeutic Visitation” animals. These dogs are household pets whose owners take time to visit hospitals, nursing homes, detention facilities, and rehabilitation facilities. Visitation dogs help people who have to be away from home due to mental or physical illness or court order. These people often miss their own pets, and a visit from a visitation animal can brighten the day, lift spirits, and help motivate them in their therapy or treatment with the goal of going home to see their own pets.

Service Dog Sacramento Logo Animal Assisted Therapy Sacramento
The second type of therapy animal is called an “Animal Assisted Therapy” animal. These animals assist physical and occupational therapists in meeting goals important to a person’s recovery. Tasks that a dog can help achieve include gaining motion in limbs, fine motor control, or regaining pet care skills for caring for pets at home. Animal Assisted Therapy animal usually work in rehabilitation facilities.

Service Dog Sacramento Logo Facility Therapy Sacramento
The third type of therapy animal is called a “Facility Therapy Animal”. These dogs primarily work in nursing homes and are often trained to help keep patients with Alzheimer’s disease or other mental illness from getting into trouble. They are handled by a trained member of the staff and live at the facility.

Service Dog Expert Witness


Mena has been in service dog training to be good in public so she will even behave on airplane flight.

service dog training sacramento

Denio’s Auction is a famous flea market In Roseville, California.

service dog training sacramento

Mena sniffed all the bags for drugs and other contraband.

service dog training sacramento

She found this portrait of Elvis Presley and was fascinated.

service dog training sacramento

The flea market is a very colorful place to train dogs.

service dog training sacramento

Mena picked out this travel bag for Niki.

service dog trainers sacramento

Mena did perfect with people and was great off-leash.

service dog trainers sacramento

Everyone enjoyed the doggie clothing store.

service dog trainers sacramento

This was the most aggressive Chihuahua of them all.

service dog trainers sacramento

What is different about the Superdog program is clients get the same results from home lessons even with mixed and small breeds, and family pets.

beautiful german shepherd image

Mena looks like the German Shepherd that everyone wishes they had, but Superdog gets the same results with other breeds.

dog training sacramento

Mena and her friends watch the sunset and migrating birds.

sacramento dog trainers for assistance dogs

It was a nice fall evening after a pleasant day in the 70’s.

assistance dogs

Look at how good the Pit Bull “Rocco” and “Archie” the Border Collie are. They didn’t break “Down-Stay” like the German Shepherd.

ada service dog sacramento

You have to admit Mena is a good-looking German Shepherd though.

ada service dog training sacramento

Mena’s new owners already have a German Shepherd male and are excited to replace the female dog they recently lost.

sacramento boot camp

Mena has a great personality and is very obedient off-leash.

sacramento dog

We had a great time delivering Mena to her new home in Colorado after she completed her service dog training with Superdog.

dog board and train

Sometimes things work out better than one could ever imagine. Mena did stellar in the Sacramento and Denver airports and in the cabin of the airplane. The two dogs got along fabulously and were in no time a bonded pair.

dog board training

Off-Leash obedience is critical when you live at 11,000 feet. You can’t have your dogs run after deer, much less predators. A buck like this one could seriously injure or kill a dog.

service animal training

Anyone can train a German Shepherd, but not everyone can get a doe and buck on “Stand-Stay.”

service dog

It was hard to give up a dog we spent so long training. Mena’s new mate “Ryny” will look out for her now and continue her training.

service dog sacramento

Integrity is what goes on when no one is looking.

service dog in sacramento

Doing the right thing is a reward in itself.

service dog school sacramento

Justice is about everyone getting what they deserve.

service dog trainers sacramento

The best anyone can hope for in this life is an opportunity to love another with all their heart. Mena found her “Notebook Love” and will live happily ever after as someone’s companion and service dog.

best service dog training sacramento

The point of this website is that you don’t need a German Shepherd. This website has hundreds of photos of small dogs and other breeds equally as trained.

best dog trainer

The Superdog program is based on having a relationship with your dog, not on rewards or punishments.

highest rated dog trainer

It is always good to cover your bases.

Service Dog Training Sacramento

dog trainer with most award

Amazing behavioral results regardless of size and age. Most any dog can complete Service Dog Training Sacramento with the right professional. 

David Baron the Service Dog Trainer in Sacramento

Service Dog Training Sacramento

nationally recognized expert in sacramento on dogs

America’s #1 Dog Trainers


California Dog Law Maintaining A Public Nuisance

California Dog Law Maintaining A Public Nuisance

What is the California Dog Law Regarding Having An Aggressive Dog, Maintaining A Public Nuisance?

dog training sacramento
One can be charged with a crime for allowing their dog to become a Public Nuisance under California Penal Codes sections 370 to 373a.

370. Anything which is injurious to health, or is indecent, or offensive to the senses, or an obstruction to the free use of property, so as to interfere with the comfortable enjoyment of life or property by an entire community or neighborhood, or by any considerable number of persons, or unlawfully obstructs the free passage or use, in the customary manner, of any navigable lake, or river, bay, stream, canal, or basin, or any public park, square, street, or highway, is a public nuisance.

371. An act which affects an entire community or neighborhood, or any considerable number of persons, as specified in the last section, is not less a nuisance because the extent of the annoyance or damage inflicted upon individuals is unequal.

372. Every person who maintains or commits any public nuisance, the punishment for which is not otherwise prescribed, or who willfully omits to perform any legal duty relating to the removal of a public nuisance, is guilty of a misdemeanor.

373a. Every person who maintains, permits, or allows a public nuisance to exist upon his or her property or premises, and every person occupying or leasing the property or premises of another who maintains, permits or allows a public nuisance to exist thereon, after reasonable notice in writing from a health officer or district attorney or city attorney or prosecuting attorney to remove, discontinue or abate the same has been served upon such person, is guilty of a misdemeanor, and shall be punished accordingly; and the existence of such nuisance for each and every day after the service of such notice shall be deemed a separate and distinct offense, and it is hereby made the duty of the district attorney, or the city attorney of any city the charter of which imposes the duty upon the city attorney to prosecute state misdemeanors, to prosecute all persons guilty of violating this section by continuous prosecutions until the nuisance is abated and removed.




DAVID BARON the #1 Behavioral Dog Trainer in the United States can train your dog and get it under control no matter how dominant, stubborn or aggressive.


DAVID BARON can show you how you can keep your dog alive and get it under control.


America’s #1 Dog Trainer

dog trained

A MORAL IMPERATIVE. You don’t kill “your best friend” when the dog can be trained.

Doing the right thing is a reward in itself. Sometimes doing the right thing is a little scary at first, but people who do the right thing are usually always rewarded with a positive outcome.

service animals in sacramentoKILLING YOUR DOG is a huge mistake you may regret the rest of your life if you have a conscience.

Call DAVID BARON when other dog trainers, canine behaviorists and veterinarians say your dog cannot be trained and you should kill it.psychiatric service dogs sacramento

Killing anything is wrong and you may be asked to account for putting down a dog that loved you and counted on you, when you can keep your dog alive.

psychiatric assistance dogs

People who do the right thing will always be able to look their children in the eye.

dog trainer sacramento


dog trainer sacramento


Everyone has a camera on their cellphone. Either a dog trainer has 1000’s of photos and videos to substantiate the dog training actually works, or they do not.

There is no in-between. The dog training works or it doesn’t.


If 99% of dog training did work all the other dog trainers would have 100’s of dogs off-leash obedient they trained to show you too.

There are no other dog trainers we can find in North America with as much to show dog owners thinking of hiring a dog trainer.

dog training sacramento

We don’t have anything bad to say about anyone.

Ask other dog trainers why DAVID BARON is the only dog trainer in North America with 1000’s of photos and videos of dogs BIG and small off-leash.

dog trainers in sacramentoDAVID BARON is the only dog trainer in North America with 1000’s of photos of dogs BIG and small off-leash.

David Baron Sacramento CA.

Why not hire an awesome dog trainer the first time?

No other dog trainers have are as successful with small dogs and toy breeds.

dog training sacramento

Again, we do not have anything bad to say about anyone.

service dog sacramento


We are just wondering why DAVID BARON is the only dog trainer in North America with 1000’s of photos of 100’s of dogs big and small off-leash.

emotional support dog

The point of these photos is to show you DAVID BARON can train dogs and is getting much better results than 99% of other dog trainers.

sacramento service dog

DAVID BARON can train your dog no matter how bad the do might seem to you.

No one has more experience with aggressive dogs and gets better results training aggressive dogs than DAVID BARON.

dog training sacramento

A lot of our clients live on ranches and their dogs getting along with farm animals is a concern.

DAVID BARON can definitely help you with that and has a lot of direct experience because he lives on a ranch too.

dog training sacramentoThere is a reason other dog trainers do not have pictures of dogs with farm animals.

The dog training has to work is a big reason.

dog obedience sacramento

America’s #1 Dog Trainers


Dog Aggression Training


Woman with dog bite in Sacramento.


Dog trainers Sacramento, California
Happy, Pedro, Max, Kix, Mika and Archie

Pack of aggressive dogs.

“Better not touch the ball,” says Archie.

Aggressive Border Collie. Mr. Snap Snappy will bite you.

Border Collie dominant and aggressive.

He is loving and good and would like to sleep on the bed.

Archie’s first owner was told by behaviorists-veterinarians to keep a leash on so she would have control of him. Archie was smarter than the people with the lab coats though. He then bit anyone who even attempted to grab the leash.

Terrified dogs in Sacramento. Archie is the classic dominant dog and can be very intimidating.

Snarling aggressive dog. It’s all a show and about not trusting very well.

Like many Border Collies, Archie puts on a show if you piss him off. His snarling is how he talks back. DaveTheDogTrainer was really intimidated by Archie for close to a year. Archie really had Dave fooled and only really started behaving when Archie was able to trust Dave and know Dave would not hurt him. Now he is the best dog in the world. Archie has a great personality and is a lot of fun to own.

Most dogs like Archie can be trained if someone loves the dog enough. Many of the dogs you see in the pictures were animals other dog trainers, behaviorists and veterinarians gave up on.

Happy dog training Sacramento.

Many consider David Baron the #1 dog aggression experts in America.

Dog rehabilitation Sacramento

Food-Bribery and compulsion trainers and behaviorists probably are going to make your dog a lot worse, do nothing to control the dog, take your money, then tell you that your dog can’t be trained and should be destroyed.

Most Dog Trainers Are Totally Unprepared To Encounter A Truly Vicious Dog

Dog Bite Sacramento Experts.

Stray dogs prefer to bite extremities, especially fingers. Owned dogs tend to bite heads and faces.

Dog bites off finger of child.

With children, vicious stray dogs tend to bite hands because they are moving. Owned dogs more often aim for the face and particularly the mouth when they bite children.

  Butch Bites Treat Trainers

Common sense tells you that you food is not a good idea when dogs are a danger, but some people don’t have any.

English Mastiff trainers in the Sacramento area

Butch is a Mastiff/Rottweiler mix that weighs over 200 pounds. He viciously attacked a dog trainer when she threw treats at Butch to try and make friends. The trainer, an amateur hobbyist dog trainer, needed over 100 stitches and lost a finger.

Contrary to what most people think, nearly all aggressive dogs have been well socialized and very often have advanced obedience training. The reason why the dog starts disrespecting the owner and turned aggressive to humans is because the owner almost always does not know how to properly manage the dog and back up commands.
In our opinion, most behaviorists trained by university veterinary behavioral programs and teaching hospitals are a complete and utter fraud too. 

Sad are the stories about distraught dog owners having a behaviorist tell them that they should euthanize their dog “because it is AGGRESSIVE.” 

Many often many of these dogs are just puppy play-biting, teething or just doing what untrained dogs do. How can a 10-week-old puppy be aggressive and need to be destroyed? Obviously dog aggression is not that big of a problem for dog owners who get their dogs trained. Behaviorists do not train dogs and Food-Bribery is cute pet tricks not obedience.

The shocking part is that people pay ‘professionals’ who holds themselves out to the public as an animal expert/behaviorist and the person doesn’t even train dogs and tells people that their dogs can’t be trained and need to be destroyed. This is after they take your money. If they can’t train your dog then they should not take your money in the first place. Why would anyone need to pay someone to tell them that their dog can’t be trained and should be killed? If a plumber or an electrician can’t do a job, they don’t charge? The behaviorist or dog trainer gets money for doing nothing and telling you to kill your dog, as where the others that were hired to perform a task do not get paid unless they finish the job? What is the difference?

Just because someone wears a lab coat and has college degrees doesn’t make them effective, legitimate or ethical. People deserve more than blah, blah, blah and then get sent home with a Gentle Leader and told to give their dog treats for everything.

– Drugging dogs is not a solution and we have never seen it work except for anxiety. Most behavior veterinarians push drugs like they are candy for behaviors that should be dealt with by training the dog.

Behaviorists do not train dogs. Their job is not getting dogs to do things like dog trainers. If the person doesn’t train dogs you might as well just go buy Dog Training for Dummies. Why would you hire someone who doesn’t even train dogs? To learn interesting and fascinating things that don’t work in real-life?


Does this make sense to you?

How is giving treats for everything and taking an aggressive, stubborn, fearful or dominant dog to obedience classes at the park supposed to control a dog or remedy behavior problems in the home anyway? Treat training often destroys respect for the owner and makes the dog even more aggressive.

We don’t get it, do you? This just doesn’t make sense to us that Food-Bribery would work. We’ve never seen it work.All we usually hear is that the people were told their dog can’t be trained and should be destroyed by treat trainers and university behaviorists.

David Baron and Superdog errs on the side of life. If you want to keep your dog we can show you how to get it under control and manage it so it can live out its life and you and your family can love him and you don’t have to euthanize (kill) your family pet. 

We probably can’t make your dog like a happy-go-lucky Labrador puppy that loves everyone, but we can definitely show you how to get your dog under control and stop the barking, growling and lunging.We will show you how to get your dog under control on the first lesson. 

Who cares if they have a book deal and are certified behaviorists if they can’t train your dog?

We’ll give you a lot more than a hug and encouragement. We get your dog to “Down-Stay” for 30 minutes to an hour and walk behind you subordinately on “Heel.” Blah, blah, blah is going to get you absolutely nowhere if you can’t get your dog on “Heel” and “Down” and “Stay” in two or three lessons.

Better to get the good dog trainer the first time. The dog trainer needs to get the dog to lay down and walk behind you or you are just throwing away money on an amateur or a con artist. Call us first. We’ll get the job done.

We care and want to help. There is all the help in the world here if you don’t want to euthanize your dog.

dog training sacramentoservice dogs sacramento

America’s #1 Dog Trainers