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What is the best Dog Training Method?

Best approach based on respect and trust…

Dog Training Method

What you see on this page is the kinder, gentler, easier way to train your dog. This page has everything you need to know to get the same results.

checkmark2 Jealously Guarded Dog Training Secrets Finally Revealed!!!

Love, Affection, Friendship, Respect, Trust

dogs training in sacramento area

Acquiring the good things in life often requires effort, resolve and character, not just effective techniques.

Look closely at the dogs’ eyes and faces.

Best method for dog training in sacramento

Who you are to your dog is everything!

People and dogs don’t run away when there is something better to do.

Boot camp in sacramento

It’s all about being part of something really great.

When the relationship is right, all things are possible.

Board and train

Look closely at the dogs’ faces.

If you want the same results as in these pictures, be fair and kind.

dog training in Sacramento

Integrity is what goes on when no one is looking.

Dog boarding training sacramento

With every privilege there is a corresponding duty.

Dog boot camps sacramento

Sometimes doing the right thing is a little scary at first.

Doing the right thing is a reward in itself!

Best dog boot camp and method in california

Please also view “ALL ABOUT OFF-LEASH TRAINING” for our latest OFF LEASH OBEDIENCE methodology information.

Amazing sacramento dog training method

The idea is to get your dog to listen to you.

How well your dog responds to you is directly proportional to your ability to engage him or her. Mostly, you engage your dog with your attitude which is reflected in your voiceYour voice alone should be enough to engage your dog.

If your dog does not focus on you, then you will probably not be able to engage your dog and get him to be calm or obey commands.

Everyone says they are a dog trainer in Sacramento

Your ability to get your dog to respond to you is directly proportional to what your dog thinks of you as a person. Speaking with authority and conviction are imperative if you want dogs, or people, to respect and trust you.

You mostly want to focus on getting the dog to listen to your voice by practicing first with little things like stop sniffing, playing, whatever with nothing more than a, “Hey, Hey,” or clearing your throat. Some people have a special unique sound they use for each of their dogs. You start with little things, then work up to the big things. This is what we call Passive Obedience versus Active Obedience which is working on obedience commands.

Better to hire the best dog trainer the first time

You don’t need to train your dog to do everything but to simply just be obedient, the rest follows. Either dogs are obedient or they are not.

The words you use are not so important, but the tone, pitch, volume and intensity you use are. Dogs only have a few dog words, “Woof Woof, Bark Bark and Whine Whine.” We are not dogs and even we usually can tell what they are whining or barking about. Most people calling dog trainers are remarkably monotone.

Everything sounds the same. Some are baby-talkers while others are screamers. The answer is to make your voice match the intention and be rich in emotional content.

The more training a dog has, the more it will pick up on subtle nuances in your intention. The better a trainer is, the more their voice will be rich with emotional content. One little sound out of the trainer’s mouth can control six dogs or more. This is what we are doing here at DogAnswers Ranch and what our trainers teach people in their homes in seven states now.

Off leash dog training

What makes our program a lot different is that it is mostly about the people. Who you are to your dog is what matters most. Respect and trust are paramount.



potty training dogs in sacramento

Being together still and calm with people or other dogs teaches cohesiveness and about being a small part of something big.

The dogs focus on being together with the “On The Bed” command rather than just not moving as with “Stay.”

For Off-Leash obedience, many dogs need to be taught to stick close. It is hard to get Off-Leash compliance if the dog does not know how to relax and hang out indefinitely first.

Think of it this way: Off-leash obedience away from the house is “Stay” together with me indefinitely and do what I say.

What most people really want who call for dog training is to be able to hang out with their dog. “Down-Stay” while your on the computer or the kids are doing their homework is how you teach your dog to be mellow.

It is not that your dog knows something, but that you are working with him/her. It is not about the commands or even the quality of the interraction you have with your dog; it is WHO YOU ARE TO YOUR DOG, a real somebody your dog lives for at-your-service. How do you get that you ask? The only way we know is you getting out the leash, if necessary, and making your dog “Stay” for a couple hours a day while you watch TV, are on the computer, or talking with friends.

For this to be effective though you will need to follow through with the “Stay” command 100% of the time no matter what. No matter what you cannot let the dog break the command or you must take the dog back immediately and back the dog down so it stays and does not move even if you walk away. Forget leash corrections, penny cans and spray bottles, you need to be able to literally look your dog in the eye and have him know that you are not taking NO for an answer and aspire to back up everything you say, especially “Down-Stay.”

Dog Method for dogs in the greater sacramento area

In the spiritual realm your tools are love, praise, affection, fun and friendship. In the physical world you have your voice, attitude, posture, body language and hand signals to get your dog to do things for you.

training in california

Look closely at the dogs’ faces and eyes.

“Stay” is the one where you find out if your dog respects you or not.

It’s not just about another command, “Stay” creates a lot of tension and makes dogs want to be with you and come when you call. “Stay” is the opposite of “Come” and many dogs have a hard time with “Come” unless they learn “Stay” first.


The Most Important Command

The most important and first skill that needs to be mastered is to get your dog to go away from you. Some people use “Out,” we use “Go On.” For many dogs, there will be no “Stay” or “Heel” or stopping jumping without the owner being able to get the dog to go away first.

The clients who call and say they are having problems with “Come” and “Stay” are usually the same people who forgot all about “Go On” and failed to notice that “Go On” is the #1 item at the top the homework sheet. If the dog breaks “Stay” or “Heel,” you need to be able to challenge your dog back to the spot or to get behind you.

Think of it as a triad: Go Away-Stay-Come What you are doing is controlling where the dog is. Dog owners that can’t get their dog to go away from them are like people with cars with no reverse gear.

If you are having problems with not getting your dog to retract away from from you when appropriate, it could because your dog is hard-headed, dominant, controlling, was taken out of the litter prematurely and never, or inadequately, learned inhibition during the early development.

People often say their dog does all the command perfectly, but also say they have no control over their dog when it matters or when it gets aggressive. The problem is they ineffectively challenge their dog and have an animal that knows it can hold its ground and blow off the owner. “GO On” teaches dogs that they need to take you seriously or there will be immediate consequences and you will take action unless they do what you say immediately.

“Go On” is primal and essential if you want a dog that respects your personal space, is not pushy and controlling, listens off-leash, and listens off-leash with distractions.

The dogs with Separation Anxiety are in distress or worried, but inappropriately make it your problem. If your dog has this, you need to tell him or her, “”Go On” and get a life and get used to not being with Mommy constantly.”

The dog doesn’t need therapy or Prozac, it needs to “Go On” and get a life and do what you say. Why? Because you say so. Remember, this is obedience, “You need to look, think and feel what I tell you because I say so. I know what is best for you and you need to trust me. I insist.”

Just as your dog is born knowing only life, you must teach him that you are not the only thing in the universe that matters. It is kind of hard to teach a dog autonomy when you can’t tell him to “Go On” and keep away from you.

Boot camp for doggies

The best dog training method is the one that actually works.

We teach techniques and make the dog owner the dog trainer. We teach clients proper posture, timing, body language, voice tonation, inflection and attitude. We make sure the dog does everything for the client. It doesn’t matter if we can train your dog. What matters is your dog responding for you.

Dog training method

It is important to calm your dogs’ mind so you and your dog(s) can hang out together without all the yelling and constant correcting bad behavior.

northern california dog trainers

dog training sacramento What we do is more about who you are to your dog versus how much time you spend on training and conditioning.

checkmark2 95% of the problems people have with their dogs are about relationship out of whack and inconsistent leadership in the household

checkmark2 Leadership is also the key to dog owners controlling their animal’s instinct and genetics. You are not a leader, and only deluding yourself if you think you are, if your dog will not lie “Down” from 20 feet and “Stay” for 20 minutes (submissive) and “Heel” with the front paws at least 12 inches behind your feet (subordinate)

checkmark2 We are primarily behavior trainers. What that means is that there is not going to be any real obedience unless your dog stops jumping on people, whining, and not being really, really pushy and demanding.

Method or pit bulls

The original Better Dog Training Demo Team.

Most dog trainers are no better at training dogs than you are. . .

People call and write from all over the world asking, “We had two, three, even four and five trainers out, how come nothing is working?” Because the dogs doesn’t “Down-Stay” and/or “Heel” is why. That, and the dog does not like being told the “Go On” command.

checkmark2 The dog is not on “Heel” if you complain about dog or people-aggression while on leash. We never before saw a dog get aggressive behind the owner, aggressive dogs are always in front of the owner and the person can’t back the dog down. ALWAYS!

Forget about behavior problem solving if your dog will not “Down,” and “Stay” for 30 minutes to an hour and will not walk behind you or go away if you say “Go On”–basic fundamentals of dog training and obedience.

Most dog trainers euphemize their inability to get your dog on “Heel” and turn that into a positive selling point by calling it “Loose-Leash Walking,” the dog can walk in front as long as it is not pulling or they call “Loose-Leash Walking” “Heel” mistakenly. Pausing a minute or two with no distractions is passed off as “Stay.”

This is why most dog trainers don’t have hardly any pictures to show you of dogs off-leash and don’t have many successes you can see with your eyes. “Sounds good” is a lot different than “Wow! Look at these pictures of dogs.” The rubber hits the road in your checkbook when the training doesn’t work. Then you have to hire another trainer. Many sincere dog owners have paid three and four dog trainers and behaviorists and still are NOWHERE.

If your dog trainer can’t get dogs on “Heel,” “Down,” “Stay” and to do “Go On” they are not having any more success than most dog owners on their own—who usually don’t have many pictures of well-trained dogs to proudly display either.

Method for training dogs in Sacramento

It is very important to teach your dog to wait and be very calm.

Dogs in Sacramento

Our big secret is we get dogs to be good citizens and relax around their people first.

Dog Training sacramento ca

Certain things have to happen or you can forget about having an obedient dog.

Dog Resort

If the dog will not “Down” and “Stay” for 20 minutes or longer, it is not submissive. If it won’t walk unrestrained behind you, without you having to use prong collars, choke chains or head halters, it is not subordinate to you.

dog resort

Don’t forget to teach your dog that being obedient and performing commands is the most wonderful thing in the world or your dog will look like Archie the Border Collie Mix on the right. Archie mostly cares about the ball. Our program is dog psychology, following through, and getting dogs to want to be good.

checkmark2 PHILOSOPHY

You will never get Off-Leash Obedience or control with Food-Bribery You need to win psychologically, manage the dog correctly, follow through with commands every time and form a love bond with the dog. Compulsion and Food-Bribery are not enough. You need to get the dog to want to cooperate just because the dog loves you and trusts you.

A realistic and effective dog training program!

No other pet dog trainer in North America is going to have anything remotely close to what you see here. If you are going to spend money on dog training with someone else it doesn’t make sense because we have something that is a million times better that ALWAYS COSTS LESS because it actually works. Look at the pictures.

dog resort folsom

What you see in the dogs’ eyes is what makes the Superdog method different.

Dog Training Sacramento

Notice how relaxed and happy the dogs look.

dog resort folsom ca

What you see in these pictures are typical results. Anything you see on this website we can get your dog to do.  

dogs at dog resort

We want you to hire us and not other dog trainers or behaviorists.

We don’t want you to hire anyone else because the other dog trainers are not as good.

dog trainers in sacramento training

Amazing behavioral results regardless of size and age.

cats and dog training method

IMPORTANT! Please view “ALL ABOUT OFF-LEASH TRAINING” for our latest methodology information.

The most popular dog training method.

America’s #1 Dog Trainers

How To Train Dogs Using Hypnosis?


Dog Training in Sacramento with hypnosis

Imagine if you could freeze time and even if your dog was mid-air you could get him to decide to obey what you say instantly as if everyone’s lives counted on it.

how to train a dog using hypnosis

I do this by INDUCING A HYPNOTIC STATE with a dog training method from Europe that uses hypnosis and somnambulism.  The method I use to train dogs has been passed down from generation to generation.

All the photos and videos on my website are to show the public THE MOST AMAZING DOG TRAINING METHOD ever developed.

amazing service dogs sacramento

I can’t give away everything because you want to give me money, but read what I say about how my dog training method using hypnosis works.

hypnosis dogs

My dog training method using hypnosis utilizes HYPNOTIC INDUCTION

stage hypnosis dogs

I use a number of techniques to induce dogs into the hypnotic state, but the main one I use involves first getting the dog to stop small muscle movements.

elman dave hypnosis dog training

I get the dogs to stop and their eyes to quit looking around.  The dog doesn’t need to stare at me, but instead needs to pay attention to me.  I call it “Neutral.”

There is no “Neutral” command and this is all done non-verbally. 

dave elman hypnosis dog

Even if your dog was in mid-air or 100 feet away it will do everything you say.

sacramento dog training

Before I tell you the SECOND PART of the INDUCTION. . .

Notice how if you look at every other dog trainer website in North America only a couple other dog trainers have anything remotely close to what you see in my photos and videos.

If there were something better that what I am doing I would drop what I am doing and do what they are doing instead. I only mention it because I have never seen anyone get better results overall with dogs than me.

David Baron the Dog Trainer 2012-image.

The second part of the induction is I get LARGE MUSCLES to let go and relax.

Once I go through the induction and deepening process with the dog I can relax and activate dogs’ small and large muscle groups at will, both audibly and visually.

Not only can I relax the dogs’ muscles and activate them, I can slow and accelerate muscle groups using this dog training method.

dog training sacramento

So how I get large muscle relaxation is using the “Down” or “Stand-Stay” commands.

sacramento board and train

Don’t be fooled.  “Sit-Stay” is an inadequate substitute for “Down.”  “Sit” is a sprinter position where the dog can run and chase prey.  

sacramento dog boot camp

If the dog will only “Sit” and not do “Down” means the dog is not ‘submissive’ to you, period.  You haven’t convinced your dog of anything if you can’t get it to lay down and stay for a significant period of time.

“Significant period of time” means an hour since all my clients can get their dog to stay for an hour on the second visit to my dog training facility in Roseville, California.

trainers using hypnosis

Either the dog can stay still for an hour or it can’t. Again, all my clients can make their dogs stay for an hour after the second lesson.

dogs and hypnosis

The DEEPENER I use is to simply to make the dogs do down.  They go deeper and deeper into a trance, becoming more and more compliant and focused on doing what I say, waiting patiently for ‘that instant in time’ where Dave gives THE COMMAND.

hypnosis and dog trainers

The fossil is 350-500 million years old, but most dog training methods take almost as long to work.  If you and your dog live to 100 years, that is not enough time to get your dog trained.  I’m not making this up.  Really.

Most of my clients are like you though and you want to pay me to show you something where your dog is totally compliant like mine in a few lessons.

dog training sacramento

Mister Puppy moults and his hair comes out in chunks.

dog boot camp for service dogs

The big puppy gets pretty skanky-looking in early summer.

service dog training

A lot of hair comes off when Misty Puppy is combed.

service animals sacramento

Imagine your dog looking like Mister Puppy in just a few lessons.  My website has lots of other dogs on “Stand-Stay” in the pool too. 


This is after just a couple lessons of training.  Really.  I have Chihuahuas and other little dogs doing the same thing.

You don’t have to own a Pit Bull or German Shepherd if you want a well-trained dog.

training service dogs

I don’t mean to brag, but this is the kind of dog training where the people are standing around with their mouths open dumbfounded because they never saw anything like it before and are astounded.

doggie camp hypnosis

My clients are blown away in the first lesson.  

With my method, you pay me money cheerfully and right away you get your money’s worth, what the whole program costs, in the first lesson.

dog training in sacramento with hypnosis

You do what I say and you will get the same results as I do with dogs.  I told you everything you need to know on this page to have a perfectly trained dog.  You have to be able to implement what I told you though.

Most people can’t stop anything on their dog and need help to get it trained.

Call me or one of my trainers and we will show you something you will be very happy with and it will be a big relief finally having what you want.

sacramento dog hypnosis center

Mister Puppy cools off in the pool on a hot afternoon.

dog hypnosis center in sacramento

Everyone wishes they were here, but the road is narrow and everyone has to make their own choices about who they are going to listen to.

Occasionally, you run across something unbelievably wonderful and things turn out better than you could have ever imagined, and the price you pay is small compared to the alternatives.

David Baron Dog Trainer sacramento, CA

America’s #1 Dog Trainers

How To Prospect Using Hypnotic Techniques?

How To Prospect Using Hypnotic Techniques by David Baron

Sometimes you get lucky in life and just happen to be in the right place at the right time because God has chosen you for something great.

These are some of my most jealously guarded PROSPECTING SECRETS.

Certain good things happen in life and then nothing is the same ever again.

One new person or opportunity can change everything forever and suddenly life is a million times better.


Why do you think these people were smiling?

I am here to tell you that it is because someone asked them to do something.

People are happy when you ask them to do things. People usually will want to try their best to please you.


What are these people thinking? More importantly, what is going on physiologically when they are asked to squat and then stand up. How does that change how they think, feel and act?

If you need someone to see things your way or needed them to do someting for you, should they be sitting, standing, squatting, kneeling?

What should you be doing? Mirroring, be higher than the person, lower than the person, leaning a little bit or standing up straight? How much distance should you keep between yourself and the other person? Is it better to have people sit for awhile before you ask them something?

If you do not know precisely the answer to any of these questions, you are at a distinct disadvantage if you deal with other people. Whether it is dealing with friends and family, or people in business, you need to undersand how people are going to think based on their physical actions and activities.

This article is to make you aware of the subject. Think about it. If you were a salesperson or a bachelor/bachelorette and you had to close a deal, would you do it on Facebook with them sitting down, on the telephone with them standing up, or on fly out to where they live and close them face-to-face in person over dinner and drinks? It could make a HUGE difference which modality you decide.

I have been studying psysiological aspects of interpersonal interaction since 1979. As a professional dog trainer, I have to get others to do the things they need to do to get their dog to listen to them. I cannot do this with people sitting when they should be standing and vice versa.

What do you think? Is it more important what you say, or what is going on biologically in the other person that most determines what others do and say?

Do you think she was thinking the same thing as I was?

First Rule of Prospecting is you want people to approach you and ask you, “Hey whats up? And them ask you what you are doing, not the other way around.

You want prospects to see you as the friends they wish they always had because you have something they want before you ever talk to them.

People who do the right thing and are honest always have a bright future and few worries. People will recognize it instantly when they meet you.

It is almost like others are magically drawn to you and want to hear what you have to say.

Again, it is not what you say particularly, but what’s going on inside of the other person that determines if the other person will talk to you and be receptive to what you have to offer.

What muscles the other person is using, what part of their body is stretching, how fast their heart is beating, how they are breathing, what their blood pressure is, ALL makes a difference.


Most of our smiles are frowns turned up-side down because we are destined for greatness, but are having trouble being great because no one has ever told us how to do that exactly.

Most people are very shy and unsure of themselves. You need to tell them what is happening and what the course of events is going to be.

You can’t expect someone to just say yes to you or give you their phone number.

You need to tell the other person what you are doing, tell them their role in that plan and the course of events, and get them to do things for you over and over.



Some of us are very successful and worth millions of dollars. Most don’t brag about it ever, don’t live in 25 million dollar homes, or drive half million dollar cars. You never know who you are talking to.

If you walk in a Porsche dealer, and even if you look like me, a dog trainer, they treat you really nice because “People walking onto car lots are looking to buy cars.” If ANYONE walks onto a car lot where they are selling $150,000 cars, the assumption is you must have the means to buy expensive German cars that go fast.

These picture were taken in the affluent area of our town where the median income is about $150,000 per year. My assumption is everyone has money and is well-qualified financially.

Remember though, you will be judged by how you treat the least important people. I have met people worth billions of dollars and they look like anyone else. Again, you never know who you are talking to.

Don’t be a jerk to people you think are unimportant, as they very well could turn out to be someone very important and be someone who could change your life dramatically for the better as your friend.

Mister Puppy is a chick magnet for sure. Few can resist his magnetic personality and charisma. He smells good too. Everyone loves Mister Puppy.


Successful people look like successful people. You don’t have to overdress, but you must always play the part. If dressing like a surfer works for you, dress the part, but look like the leader of the surfers. People want to talk to someone they think is the leader or is very successful [same thing].

PEOPLE want to be friends with SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE. If you dress like a teenager even teenagers may not trust you. Everyone wants the people they are friends with, and the people they do business with, to be successsful besause it tells them you are STABLE and can be trusted.

If you were single and went to a bar to meet someone, you would dress up there too to show you are serious, same thing in business.

Everyone wants to talk to people who are successful and who are very ADULT. You always want to be the more adult than everyone else and have good taste. People want to take direction from someone who looks a certain way.

REMEMBER: It is not what you think, but what other people think about how you dress and look that matters.

People will get cold to you and turn you off as soon as they get any information that is inconsistent with you being the ideal person they IDEALIZE you to be.


1. You want prospects to think about enjoying the moment. Tell people what you want them to think about and do for you.

Don’t forget talking about making the wonderful moment last forever with them writing down their telephone number FOR YOU too.

2. GIVE ONE COMMAND. Ask them to write their phone number down for you.

Don’t say stupid things that are AMBIGUOUS. “Maybe we should get together?” is not a command. “Can I get your telephone number?” is not a command.

A command is we like each other AND would like to continue that later, SO WRITE DOWN YOUR TELEPHONE NUMBER [and I’ll be pleased].

3. When you first meet people you want to look them in the eye and think to yourself, “I love you, I really love you.”

Everyone really just wants to be loved by someone. You want to look like someone who will give them exactly what they want.

By thinking it out loud in your mind, they see it in your eyes and feel it just like if you said it out loud.

4. The #1 most important thing is you need to have RAPPORT with others and set their minds at ease.

5. People need to do what you say. You probably have heard about getting people to say YES over and over. That doesn’t work.

What you want to do is get PEOPLE DOING WHAT YOU SAY OVER AND OVER.

Getting the phone number starts with tell me about your day, you want your picture taken [statement], stand here and look at me, tell me more about you guys, tell me what time it is, think of a time, remember when?, etc.

6. You want people to DO WHAT YOU SAY, not think differently, or try to convince them of anything.

7. Use COMMANDS, not suggestions, hints, statements or requests SO you develop a pattern right away of them doing what you tell them.

8. If you could be honest enough, you would know everything there is to know.

If you could be totally honest, people will know it and they will be able to see it in your eyes and feel like they have known you for a long time.

9. Within you saying six words, I know everything about you. Really. A trained person would be able to tell you amazing things about yourself in just your first few words.

So you better think of how much you love the person when you say your first six words to them.

10. The one sales technique that works every time is to talk about what is most important to other people. Talk about much else and people will likely get bored and lose interest.

REMEMBER THIS: Only talk about what matters most to prospects, just that one thing. Talk about that one thing and they will find other reasons to choose you on their own.

11. Don’t spend time talking to people who have absolutely no social skills. You still have to love them and wish them well though.

Others may be watching to see how you treat that inept person and will judge you accordingly.

What me meeting you is about is me wanting to give you something valuable.

Something that will be worth a lot more in the future.

BEING ABLE to get your point across and getting people to see what you offer is important whether you are in sales, applying for a job, promotion or school, need someone to rent or sell to you, need to get elected, or for anything where OTHERS have a choice of people to choose from— and you need them to choose you.

Everything I have I got by teaching others to be successful.

Just as the moon speaks to the waves and the sea, so does the good news for those needing a change of seasons.

The best anyone can hope for is to love another with all their heart.

Sometimes life turns out better than you could have ever imagined and nothing is the same ever again.


PRIVATE LESSONS work great and are effective 99% of the time.  Sometimes the level of training a dog needs surpasses what the owner is capable of achieving on their own and Board Training is a more appropriate option. 

TRUST and CREDIBILITY are of PARAMOUNT IMPORTANCE. Most of our clients are MD’s, RN’s, teachers, business owners, police, fire and other professionals. Let us know if you need references or have other concerns.  We have an A+ rating with the BBB.


Professional Dog Training in Sacramento, surrounding cities, and Northern and Southern California.

How To Prospect Using Hypnotic Techniques