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Boshay PoPo Tibetan Mastiff

The Superdog program is mostly about teaching dog owners how to train and rehabilitate their own dogs.

Beautiful Tibetan Mastiff image

Private lessons work great 99.9% of the time even with difficult and troubled dogs.


Sometimes the level of training a dog needs surpasses what the owner is capable of achieving and “Board Training” is a more appropriate option.


This is “Boshay Popo ” the Tibetan Mastiff show dog. He does a great behavioral “Heel” following Dave the Dog Trainer and is a really good boy.


Boshay is a really good dog, but was very fearful of certain things like people grabbing him.


Boshay likes DaveTheDogTrainer and other men, but seems more comfortable with women.


Boshay is learning to trust and forgetting about whatever happened to him before. Boshay can’t say what happened, but he doesn’t need to.

David Baron

Boshay does all the commands and hangs out in the house with us a lot. He is very gentle with the kitties and small dogs too.


Boshay has made a lot of progress since he came to stay with us.


You are definitely in the right place if you are looking for doggie boot camp, dog training boot camp, doggy boot camp, bootcamp dog training, board and train dog training, boot camp training for dogs, send away dog training, drop off dog training, puppy boot camp or dog boarding and training in Sacramento.


The best doggy boot camp located near Sacramento, California.


We have the finest dog board and train facility.


We offer send away dog training, drop off dog training, puppy boot camp and dog boarding and training.


As we demand more from him, Boshay Popo learns to trust that being obedient is a much better way of living.


Boshay’s littermate “Kali” also went down the not listening road.


Both dogs really took to the training and are no longer so defiant.


It takes a loving and firm hand to get dogs like this to respect others.



It is important that everyone knows their place in the constellation.


Real dog training always starts with respect and courtesy.


Quite a bit of hair comes off with the right comb.


Boshay Popo and Kali really enjoyed getting groomed and massaged.


Who you are to your dog is everything.


If there is anything that we wish to change in the child, we should first examine it and see whether it is not something that could better be changed in ourselves.” Carl Jung


We ought to fly away from earth to heaven as quickly as we can; and to fly away is to become like God, as far as this is possible; and to become like him is to become holy, just, and wise.” Plato




Call on the telephone and talk to us about doggie boot camp, dog training boot camp, doggy boot camp, bootcamp dog training, board and train dog training, boot camp training for dogs, send away dog training, drop off dog training, puppy boot camp or dog boarding and training.



DAVID BARON’S SUPERDOG America’s #1 Dog Trainer


Choosing a Dog Trainer




How can you tell if a dog trainer you are considering hiring is competent and reliable?


These are typical results you can expect to achieve with your dog if you hire Superdog.

You should be able to go to Starbuck’s or a crowded hotel lobby and have your dog behave.


Regardless of what they tell you, Food-Bribery training never works to solve behavioral problems.

If their training worked, Petco would have hundreds of photos of dogs trained off-leash like Superdog. So would our other competitors.


Most dog trainers and behaviorists have virtually no photos of trained dogs to substantiate their competence.

Superdog has 1000′s of pictures with hundreds of trained dogs we trained.


Being a nice person, loving dogs and having people say nice things about you is different from having thousands of photos of hundreds of dogs you trained to substantiate your competency as a dog trainer.


Most people hire Superdog, not because they are lonely and looking for something to do on a Saturday.

People hire Superdog because they are busy and need their dog(s) trained. They are not going to waste their time on trainers with NO END RESULTS to show.


It is inexcusable that a dog trainer should offer references from friends as a substitute for photography to prove their training actually works.


There are no excuses. Everyone has a camera and/or a cellphone with a camera nowadays.


“I personally guarantee that you if you follow my instructions and practice just a few every day that you too will have photos like these with you and your dog(s).” David Baron


I personally trained most of the dogs on this website myself, but my trainers in the other cities are getting the same results as I do in Sacramento.

dogs on heel image

You don’t need to own a German Shepherd or a Golden Retriever if you want a well-trained dog.


Most people own their dogs a decade or more.


Everything in life worth having has a price.

Sometimes you get lucky though and things turn out better than you ever could have imagined, and ultimately the price you pay is small compared to the alternatives. 


America’s #1 Dog Trainer


Rescue Dogs


A Great Dog With Just A Few Issues. . . .
This is “Buddy” the rescue dog. He is a Rottweiler-German Shepherd mix.

Buddy is about 13 to 17 years old and is a very soulful dog.
What he lacks in looks he makes up for in good fortune.
Not that many people want a dog that looks like Buddy.
Buddy is fascinated by the grave marker. He seems to know that when he goes there won’t be any monuments, but he will live on eternally in the hearts of everyone who sees this page.
Stanley Baron would have liked Buddy because he had character.
Buddy likes living here at DogAnswers Ranch.
Buddy is a senior citizen but the fossils are 350-500 million years old.
Buddy likes Steve the Groundskeeper.
Buddy and his crew hang out together.
Buddy has a nice run and would like to take you on the tour.
“This is my water bowl and my afternoon shade spot.”
“This is the view from my run looking out.”
“This is my own personal yard and lawn.”
“I watch the other dogs and the people a lot from here.”
“I like it here, but I need a permanent home with a person of my own to love though.”
No one ever wanted to adopt Buddy and we kept him until he passed away on April 7, 2014. Everyone has a beginning, a middle, and an end.   
Buddy 2014
This was the last picture I took of Buddy on March 28, 2014.   
This is Buddy in his house in December 2013. It was very warm in there with the 3-inch styrofoam walls and his blanket he loved. Buddy loved his house, his blanket and his yard.
Buddy was great with the other dogs and liked them coming into his yard a lot, except for he hated Mister Puppy the Tibetan Mastiff and his uncle Popo.  He liked “Mister Puppy” when he was a puppy, but as soon as he got into maturity, he tried to kill him.  Mister Puppy was with me in Buddy’s yard while I picked up poop one day and he locked onto Mister Puppy.  Kicking and the hose did nothing. After what seemed like an eternity, I said, “Mister Puppy Come!” and he walked out of the run with Buddy locked onto his back.  Buddy got tired and finally I got Mister Puppy away.   Buddy was like this with Popo too the first day Buddy came to stay here.  Dozens of other dogs no problem; the Tibetan Mastiffs he hated them.
We would walk Buddy for awhile, but he would run back in his yard, so we quit trying.
Buddy had cancer in his nose and mouth.  I tried keeping him going as long as I could.  He always ate really fast, and was full-weight and robust to the end, but the last two days he did not finish his food and I knew it was time.  I drove him to the vet’s office and she gave him the shots and he stopped breathing. 
A lot of dogs are not as fortunate and no is there who loves them or there when they go.  Buddy had as long a life as he could have had.  No one is dead as long as there is someone who remembers them.

American Bulldog


 American Bulldog in Sacramento-image.

The other dog “Zoey” the Jack Russell Terrier for laying on the couch all day and coming most of the time when called.

Pit Bull, Shiba Inu, Siberian Husky and Bulldog in Sacramento dog training-image.

Axl is a really good boy and loves visiting his friends at DogAnswers Ranch.

A lot of American Bulldogs and bully breeds are either skittish or a little aggressive. They are one of those breeds that seems to be on one end of the spectrum or on the other.

We are behavioral trainers and can help you so your dog is not aggressive or skittish.  We train for temperament and quality of interactions.

Dogs on a lawn-image.

Everyone listens and does everything the first time they are told in a perfect world.  Most of us do not live in a perfect world though is the problem.

If everyone did everything we say the first time they were asked, life would definitely be a lot better for everyone.

Man and woman with dogs in Sacramento park setting-image.

Axl is good and helps DaveTheDogTrainer with other clients and their dogs’ lessons.

Notice how none of our competitors have photos of dogs that are trained and obedient off-leash like I do.  

I don’t have anything bad to say about anyone, just pointing out the obvious that this website has 1000′s of photos and videos of trained dogs and my competitors’ do not.

Dogs in a vineyard playing-image.

They can’t tell you what a good time is, but they know it when they are having one.

Imagine if your dog was good with other dogs and you could let it run around off-leash and it would come if you called it.

Asian dogs with Bulldog-image.

The dogs want to cooperate and like being obedient and paying attention.

Dogs are genetically programmed to follow a leader.  Dogs do not run away from a dog pack.  They run after the little animals the leader says and hunt in a pack.  That is the dog training method we use to get dogs to listen and be obedient.

Reward obedience training in Sacramento area orchard-image.

These puppies don’t think about running away and are tightly bonded to their humans.

Bully breeds making friends with Pit Bulls-image.

Some of Axl’s best friends now are other bully breeds like Rocco.

Jack Russell with Bullies-image.

Axl always has a good time hanging out with his friends.

Albino Bulldog-image.

Axl has a chance to be a dog and gets some needed exercise.

Black and white Bulldog photograph-image.

Axl likes Niki more than DaveTheDogTrainer because she smells better.

The dogs think Niki is the queen.

Loving dogs at feeig time-image.

The food always seems to taste better at DogAnswers Ranch.

Jack Russell and ameican Bulldog by pool-image.

Zoey and Axl work on their suntans out by the pool.

Dog participating in cooperative obedience-image.

PRIVATE LESSONS work great and are effective 99% of the time.  Sometimes the level of training a dog needs surpasses what the owner is capable of achieving on their own and Board Training is a more appropriate option.

Off-Leash Dog Obedience




Kyla’s owners could not take their Egyptian Ibizan to the beach without her stealing flip-flops from peoples’ towels on the sand and running around with them and not listening.


Most people reading this would never even dream of taking their dog to the beach and letting it off the leash because it would run away.


Just means that your dog does not run off and comes when called.

I tell people that the typical level of obedience they can hope to expect to achieve with my Superdog program would be them able to wash their car with their dog off-leash, or able to have their dog on a “Down-Stay” for an hour or longer when friends visit their house or in a crowded hotel lobby.

If someone has children, they should be able to have the kids and dog play in the front yard without fear that the dog will run down the street.


People call and say they want just “Basic Obedience,” but when I ask them if they want their dog to come to them even if it is not on a leash, the answer is always, “Yes.” Either a dog is trained, is obedient and listens—or it is not. There is not a whole lot of in-between.

The Superdog program does not have Level I, II and III’s because I do not know how to half-train a dog.

Egyptian Ibizan


I have a relationship with my dogs based on respect and trust where the dog does things for the right reasons. My dogs love me and know I will take care of them. If I say, “No,” they listen. Who I am to my dog is everything.

Before I can tell you how to be who I am to dogs we need to discuss what “Attitude’ means. When you have the right attitude you think, act, move the way you should, and your posture, timing, body language and voice will all be in accordance. If you have the wrong attitude, who you are to your dog will not seem believable or worthy of respect.

The dog training system I use and teach is all about the right attitude. Although there are a few techniques, none matter if the person or dog has the wrong attitude. There are only a few commands or techniques: the dogs just do not run away, come when called, listen and do a few basic commands like “Come” and “Stay.”

I get off-leash obedience out of my dogs because we have a relationship where everyone has the right attitude. Like anything in life, one cannot affect much change without having the right attitude first.



I probably have the right attitude when everything is easy and there are no problems and life is carefree and rewarding. When I have the right attitude I have a bright future and everything under the stars and heavens to look forward to—and the dogs do everything just the way they should.

And If I could just be honest enough while training and practicing with my dogs then I could know everything there is to know about dog training. It is like being almost blind and then putting on glasses and seeing everything perfectly clear when I am totally honest my dog. When I am honest with myself I have all the right information.

Some people it takes a little longer to get their dog trained because being honest is not just a character trait but also a skill that can only be cultivated through time and a lot of practice with their dog. I am talking about the skill of gaining clarity through being very honest about why the dog acts the way it does and what they need to do about it. Everyone has their own level of expertise in being honest with themselves in different areas. So the question of when will the dog get trained depends on when, and if, someone gets honest enough to be able to have the right kind of relationship with their dog. That there is a relationship implies a certain level of honesty exists.

If your dog is not as trained as you would like, you need the kind of clarity that can only be gained by self-reflection during interaction with your dog. This clarity can only be obtained by being very honest while practicing dog obedience and in everyday interaction.

My job is to lead dog owners in the right direction in that regard.

beautiful sight hound image


Training is a series of choices. You need to make the good ones wonderful and the bad ones not good or even lousy. The problem is that dog owners often make the good ones lousy and the bad ones rewarding. They do things like scream “Sit” at their dog or pet them when they jump on people. The message you give your dog needs to be the right one and you need to be sure your dog receives the message you intend.

Children do not listen either, but parents have consequences like time outs, taking away privileges, etc. Dogs quickly correct other dogs with their voice and act quickly to set other dogs straight if necessary. One dog attacks another dog for an instant and one minute later they are playing with the ball. Dogs do not punish each other, so we do not punish dogs either, we correct them. The correction I use is “No.”

The key to whether your dog will listen or not often depends on how motivating your “No” is. If your “No” is not believable, unconvincing and weak it is not motivating. Keeping this in mind, you don’t need to be as motivating or convincing if your dog is submissive and subordinate, and you have the dogs focus.



You can forget about being motivating if your dog does not even hear you. “Trained” means your dog focuses on you. Dogs in a pack do not run after all the animals, they go after the one the leader chooses.

Either your dog is focused on you or it is probably not focused on you. There are no doggie lifeguards because all the dogs would drown except one or two. As where people can keep track of a lot of things at one time, dogs cannot. If your dog is not focused on you, you can probably forget about much off-leash obedience.

I see a lot of people telling their dog “Sit” over and over and it is not even focused on them at all. They would not talk to a person that was blowing them off, but they do it with their dog. With a dog, it is no different from a parent turning off the TV before they tell the kids to do their homework and do chores. Do not give your dog commands if it is blowing you off. The first thing before you even give a command is everything need to come to a complete stop.

Waiting around for the dog to be good is NOT what I am talking about. Many people wait for their dog to be good. I make them stop and listen. I do that by either saying something like “Hey, Hey, Hey” or making the dog stop and look at me by demanding its attention by putting it on command.



If your dog does not obey you when it hears “No” it is more than likely because you are unable to back your dog down. If you told a child to put down a cookie jar and the child ignored you, you would need to back the kid down to get her to comply. With dog training it is no different.

Generally, when a dog tells another dog “No” it is accompanied by movement and the dog backs the other dog down. People often just stand there screaming “No” and it does not get an effect. For “No” to be effective it must be accompanied with movement, someone moving forward, someone moving back.

I teach the command “Go On” where the dog goes at least six to 10 feet away and disengages to condition the retraction response. This is the hardest thing for me I teach.

sacramento bridge image

Many people have been taught and/or conditioned to be non-confrontational and are loath to change. I do not ask my clients to change themselves. I say things like they need to move forward and back up their dog when they say “No.” In this case, that the person moves forward when they say “No” makes it confrontational. Another way to say it would be that the person becomes confrontational by virtue of moving forward while saying “No.”


It does not matter what your dog knows if you do not have the right kind of relationship based on certain objective benchmarks. Some people go to dog training for years and have little to show for it.

If you do not work with your dog, and if it will not walk and keep itself behind you subordinately, if it will not submissively hold “Down-Stay” for an hour, and if it will not go away ten feet and disengage when you tell it to—you can forget about off-leash dog obedience.

Either your dog can do the things listed in the last paragraph or it cannot. Many people think that can make up for not demanding standards by loving their dog even more to make up for not really working with it. Trust me on this. No one loves their dogs more than me and how I love them is by doing the right things with them. Affection is only one of the ways I love my dogs.

Dave & Niki image


I cultivate a spatial relationship with my dogs. Where the dog is in proximity to me determines what kind of relationship I have with the dog. The dog needs to come when I call it, stay when I say, hold its distance behind me when we walk, not crowd, block or lean on me, and go away quickly and disengage when I say to.

Niki Taylor image


Dog owners say that their dog runs away from them and does not listen. Some dogs like how Kyla was will steal things from people and run loose and make you catch them. Then they almost always say that they want to get their dog back under control when the dog goes off, gets an attitude, or gets loose and runs.

You probably cannot regain control of your dog if you never had it in the first place. Well, you might be able to, but it will be a lot harder than having your dog under control and maintaining control.




The Ibizan Hound is also called Podenco Ibicenco. The body is fine boned and slender. The head is long and narrow with a long muzzle that tapers to a point, giving the appearance of a cone. It has a very small stop. The nose is a rosy flesh color. The teeth meet in a scissors bite. The small eyes are a clear amber to caramel in color. The erect ears are large and pointed. The neck is long, slender and slightly arched. The back is level and straight. The chest is long and deep. The front legs are straight.


The Ibizan Hounds, sometimes called “Beezers” by their fanciers, are quiet, clean, playful and polite. Good with children, gentle, sensible and sensitive. Protective and somewhat independent. They will hold back watchfully with strangers. Once they decide the stranger means no harm, they will relax very quickly.


This breed is said to have been used to hunt by the pharaohs of Egypt. Sculptures and paintings from ancient Egyptian tombs around 3000 B.C. depict a dog bearing a striking resemblance to the Ibizan hound. This was discovered in 1922, when the tomb of Tutankhamon was excavated. In the eighth century B.C., Phoenician and Libyan merchants took this Egyptian dog on a ship to present Spanish Balearic Islands, where it was named after the island of Ibiza. The islanders kept these dogs away from the other breeds and bred them for hunting hare.



PRIVATE LESSONS work great and are effective 99% of the time, but you are definitely in the right place if you are looking for doggie boot camp, dog training boot camp, doggy boot camp, bootcamp dog training, board and train dog training, boot camp training for dogs, send away dog training, drop off dog training, puppy boot camp or dog boarding and training.







PRIVATE LESSONS work great and are effective 99% of the time, but you are definitely in the right place if you are looking for doggie boot camp, dog training boot camp, doggy boot camp, bootcamp dog training, board and train dog training, boot camp training for dogs, send away dog training, drop off dog training, puppy boot camp or dog boarding and training.


Dog Park Aggression





Lilly the Pit Bull was a really good girl except for viciously attacking other dogs.


Lilly was confused about who was supposed to protect her, and the owner Monica, around dogs.


Like many dogs, Lilly became aggressive after other dogs traumatized her.


An un-trained dog like Lilly did not have a lot to focus on other than her fears and suspicions.


Cats play by doing things like working together to catch a rubberband. Often when dogs get together it is all about submission and dominance.


People often introduce their dog to other dogs and hope for the best, oblivious to the fact that the other dog is causing their pooch severe angst.


About half of our Superdog clients come to us because they are no longer able to walk their dog or take it places out of fear that they will encounter other dogs—even if the other dogs are friendly.


Monica chose Superdog because it was the only dog trainers with photos of hundreds of dogs they trained. She was put off by the other dog trainers’ websites because they were “pretty much all talk and no pictures to substantiate their competence with behavioral problems.”


Monica lives in Sacramento and hired the owner of the Superdog franchise David Baron. These photos were taken during Lilly’s fourth lesson.

Pits playing image

The Superdog philosophy is that there needs to be consistent leadership and good, strong obedience basics so the dog will not act-out erratically.

Behavioral training like you see on this page starts when the dog will do an hour on “Stay” and “Heel” subordinately behind the owner.


The whole point of the training is to have the dog focus on the owner no matter how severe the distractions. Lilly now knows that if there are ‘problems’ that her owner will protect her.


With only three lessons under her collar, Lilly will do an hour “Stay,” “Heel,” and a great “Come” when called. The dog is now focused on the owner Monica and being obedient instead of the fear and suspicion.


One of the biggest mistakes dog owners make is taking off the leash too soon. Even if the owner does not need to touch the leash, it makes the dog feel like it is connected and accountable to the owner.


This was only Lilly’s second time going to the dog park. She made a new friend “Blue” the Pit Bull-Labrador mix.


Blue knew that Lilly was afraid and seemed to do all the right things to build her confidence.


Amazing behavioral results regardless of breed, size and age.

Lilly is pretty much a totally different dog now and is a lot calmer and out-going, not so edgy. After working with David Baron and Superdog, Lilly is not so afraid of men anymore and even has warmed-up to Monica’s boyfriend.







Dog Aggression



This Pit Bull was shot by a police officer after escaping from the yard.

God bless anyone who would spend over $30,000 to keep their dog alive.

It takes exceptional character and resolve to stand up to friends and family who say that your dog needs to die, much less an enraged community and the authorities.


The first thing you need to do, whether your dog is aggressive or not, is to get your dog under control.

This means that if your dog is not under voice control, you need to have your dog on a leash or locked up in an appropriate and secure enclosure.

child with pit bull image

Dealing with Dog Aggression can best be solved by contacting a Professional dog trainer. Dog Trainers are a bargain compared to plastic surgeons and horrible psychological trauma.


The second thing you need to do if you own a dog, whether it is aggressive or not, is to manage the dog correctly so you don’t have problems in the first place.

Management means you train your dog regardless of what breed it is before it becomes aggressive.

Management also means being honest about the outlook and odds of the potential consequences of allowing certain dogs to interract with children.

Some people think the odds with Russian Roulette are good because the gun only has one bullet in it.

On the contrary, a professionally trained dog is like a police officer with a loaded gun protecting the children.


People who do the right things in life will always be able to look their children in the eye.

The safety of the dog, neighbors, children and other animals are important considerations. Not training a dog is often a death sentence, especially if it is a bully breed or if there are children involved.

The authorities, veterinarians, and most dog trainers and behaviorists will tell you your dog needs to die if there is any aggression. They will use the rhetorical argument against you, “What if it was a child, or what if it rips the little girl’s face off next time?”

Superdog has chosen to err on the side of life. We believe 99.9% of dogs that have shown aggression can be trained and/or re-homed, and don’t need to die to protect society.


Almost every dog on this website was aggressive. Don’t listen to people who tell you to kill your family dog.

Call Superdog when veterinarians, and other dog trainers and behaviorists tell you that your dog can’t be trained.


If you have a multiple-dog household, you especially need to manage your dogs correctly to prevent fighting. We recommend that you feed your dogs in the order of their dominance in the pack.

However, if a dog is pathologically dominant, we often feed that dog last during the initial training periodAG13

Home lessons work great 99% of the time and are very affordable.

dog bite image

Some people think they can innoculate themselves against dog aggression by owning a small dog.

Everyone knows small dogs are never aggressive and are always good with seniors and children.


Superdog’s program is not nebulous and has objective training benchmarks :

1) The dog will go 6 to 10 feet away and disengage contact,

2) The dog will hold a “Down-Stay” for 30 minutes to an hour, and

3) The dog will “Heel” with the nose behind your leg and will even walk 3 to 6 feet back if asked.

There is not going to be significant Obedience or behavior problem solving if your dog won’t do these three things. There is no in-between, either the dog does these or not.

If you can’t put your dog on “Stay” and watch television for an hour, and get your dog to walk behind you–you can forget about controlling aggression or off-leash obedience.

a12 (2)

Superdog’s behavioral training program is not as much about commands as it is Behavior Modification.

Superdog focuses more on things like where the dogs sleep, where they eat, what they eat, the order they eat in, how much they are inside and out, how they are introduced to people, how much they are petted, how they are petted, how they play, when they play, being able to stop unwanted playing or barking, teaching dogs to focus and be calm.

The Superdog program is primarily about improving the quality of interractions and temperament.


Either the dog training works or it doesn’t.

aggressive border collie image

Someone has many photos of dogs they trained–or they don’t.


Maybe another dog trainer has more experience and success training aggressive dogs–and even charges less?


Superdog’s Philosophical Axiom is that all good dog trainers and behaviorists should have many photos of aggressive dogs that they successfully trained.


Superdog’s method is geared toward getting your dog to do things for the right reasons and is not based on rewards or punishments, but instead on you having a relationship with your dog that is loving, kind and fair.

Violence, aggression, shock collars and dog training with food often makes dogs even more aggressive, dangerous and unpredictable.


If you call most dog trainers and behaviorists with an aggressive dog, like how most of the ones on this web site were, they will tell you your dog can’t be trained and needs to be destroyed—after taking hundreds of dollars for an “evaluation.”


Superdog will do everything we can to keep your dog alive if you are on-board for saving your dog’s life.

We will come to your house and show you how to keep your dog alive, or we can take your dog to our ranch and he can live out his life here, or we will re-home the dog for you, if you really cannot keep him anymore. We will love him and care for him until he is trained or until someone comes along who wants him.


The best training method is the one that actually works.


The dogs’ eyes and faces tell the Superdog story.


dog pack image

Amazing behavioral results regardless of size and age.

Zen of Dog Training by David Baron


David Baron Dog Trainer imageSometimes there are no words to describe something.


There is no way to explain, define or defend it.

J13You can talk about what you think it is.


But you can never say what it is because no one can.

J4Certain things either happen or they don’t though.


The dogs here at DogAnswers Ranch seem to get it.


Kind thoughts bring about positive outcomes.


An easy yoke and a light burden is the order of the day.


Zia the German Shepherd wishes you were here.

Female German Shepherd image

Everyone wishes they were here, but the road is narrow.

black and white german shepherd image

Everything in life worth having has a price.

Sometimes you get lucky though and things turn out better than you ever could have imagined, and ultimately the the price you pay is small compared to the alternatives.


Merry Christmas from Roseville-California


Rottweiler puppies image

Roxy and Rio the Rottweiler puppies are five months old.




Their owners hired the greatest dog trainers in the world.


The puppies are a lot better with just four days of training.


Purumi the white dog from Taiwan is very sociable now too.


Purumi demonstrates “Stand-Stay” and is quite the family pet these days.


D8Lady the Golden Retriever is a good girl and we love her too.

D9There isn’t anything not to love about Lady the Golden Retriever.

D14Noa the Pit Bull mix is one of the best dogs ever too.


Sometimes you get lucky in life and things turn out better than you ever could have imagined, and ultimately the the price you pay is small compared to the alternatives.





Dog Training in the Snow


December 7, 2009 – Roseville, CA

snow in sacramento imagesnow20



snow18snow19rose covered in snow imagesnow10snow12snow13snow23

snow25snow1snow24snow3snow5Just as the moon speaks to the waves and the sea, so does the good news for those needing a change of seasons.

snow36Sometimes you get lucky in life and things turn out better than you ever could have imagined, and ultimately the the price you pay is small compared to the alternatives.

snow34snow35Lhasa Apso image

Abbie loves “Dave the Dog Trainer”!

snow33snow27snow28snow26snow30Amazing behavioral results regardless of size and age.





Children and Dogs


If you have children and dogs good dog training might be the best money you will ever spend.

A trained dog is not just about eliminating exposure, but also about getting the most enjoyment from your pet and not having to worry.


It is an animal with a mind of its own.

The only way you will be able to control the ‘instinct and genetics’ is with the right kind of relationship.

children and dogs image

Look closely at these photos with “Archie” the Border Collie and the toddlers.


That someone had dogs when they were a kid, is the manager at Jiffy Lube, coaches softball, or graduated from college and has a BMW is often woefully inadequate to get a dog trained when they are not even home and at work all week.

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The family dog can be your best friend or make big trouble and cost you more than your worst enemy ever could.


Doing the right thing always costs less money in the long run.


Parents that do the right thing will always be able to look their children in the eye.


Millions of people have children and dogs successfully.


You want to hire the least expensive dog trainer where the training actually works.


Have you noticed yet that the other dog trainer websites generally do not have lots of photos of trained dogs like Superdog?


We encourage you to go with your gut instinct in regard to believing anyone who says they train dogs but does not have a lot of photos to show you.


No one hires the cheapest home improvement contractor with no photos of kitchens and bathrooms.


We like our Superdog program and there is a lot of petting, loving and affection and the dogs behave like in our 1000′s of photos.


We hang out with our dogs a lot and strive to have the right kind of relationship with them.


We live on a ranch with lots of dogs, but we teach you to get the same kind of results even if you only have one dog and live in an apartment.


Imagine hiring someone and years later realizing you got 1,000 times more than you ever could have imagined.


I personally guarantee that you will get the same results with your dog(s) as you see in this website if you do what my trainers and I tell you. David Baron.


Whether you have a cute little puppy and need basic obedience or an old aggressive dog, Superdog provides great value and excellent service.


Dog Behavior Problem Solving

Dog Behavior Problem Solving

Dogs in the wild are pack animals and live in well-organized hunting groups called packs.

Sometimes people bring dogs to their home and forget to tell their dog that he or she is not the pack leader.

Living with dominant dogs can be a real challenge, especially if your dog starts treating you like a dog.  Many people are surprised when their dog starts treating their other dog like a dog too.


The camera used to shoot these photographs can shoot 6.5 frames per second. Dog trainers need cameras that are fast because Jack Russell Terriers don’t waste any time when there is a diver down.


Finn goes under water for about 20 seconds.


The Jack Russell “Henry” is very concerned about “Finn” the Labrador being under water.


“Archie” the Border Collie just cares about the ball.


Henry the Jack Russell lifeguard to the rescue. He’s a legend in his own mind, a true action hero.


Henry dives in to rescue the big dog.


“Hold on Finn, I’ll save you,” exclaims Henry.


“Come to the shore now, friend!”


“I said, get out of the spa now buddy!”


“You need to start listening Finn.”


“I’m not going to tell you a million times.”


“The lady and the kids also need to do what I insist.”


“I’m such a studmuffin.”


Actually Henry cares for the other dogs and feels he needs to keep them safe. He threw the ball in the spa to make the other dogs fetch it.


Finn the Lab is the new guy here at DogAnswers Ranch and Henry has taken it upon himself to mentor and look after Finn.


Finn and Henry hang out most of the day and go everywhere in the yard together.


Both dogs are getting what they need and are happy to have a friend.


Finn the Lab is a great dog too. He understands that Henry is concerned and likes having a strong leader like the Jack Russell looking out for him.

All the dogs know what their role is and what the others expect of them.


And this is what you can expect at your house with your dog(s).


Amazing behavioral results regardless of size and age.


Multiple Dogs Household and Pack Dog Obedience

Multiple Dogs Household and Pack Dog Obedience

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If you have a multiple-dog household, hiring a Superdog trainer might be the best money you will ever spend.

Our trainer can tell you what you are doing right, point out things you might want to do differently, and give you ideas about things you would never think of on your own.

There are skills you knowledge that can make having more than one dog much easier.

A lot of people claim to be dog training experts and know everything.

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Probably they don’t have 1000′s of photos and videos of 100′s of dogs they trained though.


Everything in life worth having has a price. Sometimes you get lucky though and things turn out better than you ever could have imagined, and ultimately the price you pay is small compared to what you get.



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