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2014 February – What is “Professional Dog Training?”

David Baron Superdog Office

Someone hiring a home improvement contractor would want to see a portfolio of photographs, not just take the person’s word for it.


No one in their right mind would hire a contractor if there was any doubt about whether the person was competent and qualified.

This page is about how not to get ripped off when hiring a dog trainer or dog behaviorist.

David Baron with small dog clients in Roseville, California facility99% of dog trainers do not have photos that demonstrate their competency.  This is because 99% of dog trainers are passing off cute pet tricks as Obedience and their training does little, if any good, in real life.

Border Collie and Pit Bull experts at dealing with aggressive dogs

Think about it.  How is teaching a dog how to “Sit” going to make it obedient.  If your dog is aggressive or defecates in your house, how is sitting relevant, or make any difference whatsoever?  It will not.

Success leaves clues.  Don't get ripped off by amateur dog trainers.
I am a BEHAVIORAL TRAINER and primarily interested in making dogs cooperative, obedient and good citizens.

It’s all about temperament and quality of interactions. All the commands can be taught in an hour or two, but the dog will only do them if it is cooperative and obedient.  So, that is what I focus on.

David Baron is a professional dog trainer in Sacramento, California.

We are not talking about anything fancy, just a dog that does a few basic commands really well, listen on or off-leash, and does not cause problems.

Let me show you why we are America’s #1 Dog Trainers, for behavioral training, and on and off-leash obedience.