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arrow icon Giving an aggressive or dominant dog food to train it is extremely dangerous

If your dog has dominance issues, you definitely need professional help. Don’t be fooled by amateur and hobbyist dog trainers into believing group obedience classes or Food-Bribery dog training will help. They almost always make it worse.


  Daddy, why does the veterinarian need to kill Goldie?
GoldieThe Food-Bribery dog trainers at the park said Goldie can’t be trained and should be destroyed. We tried the obedience classes and it only made Goldie worse.
Daddy, hire a professional dog trainer who knows how to work with dominant dogs rather than killing Goldie.

arrow icon What Does “Dominance” Mean?

Dogs are social animals whose evolution makes them willing and able to live in groups. Group living enabled wolves to work together to obtain food, raise their young and defend their territory. It would be counterproductive for members of a group to fight with each other and risk injury. That would prevent them from working with the group. Therefore, dogs have a social structure in which each dog is either dominant (leader) or subordinate in its relationship with each other pack member. This is a “dominance hierarchy”. The leader or “alpha” dog is the one that has first access to all the “critical” resources. These resources include food, resting places, mates, territory and favored possessions. Assertion of dominance by the alpha is generally communicated through facial expressions, body postures and actions. Fighting is rare, since as soon as the subordinate submits or defers to the alpha animal and the alpha gets its way, he or she gives up the challenge.

Mommy's furry human baby growls at kids.

Humans need to assume the highest positions in the dominance hierarchy at your house. Most dogs remain neutral or submissive towards people, however some dogs insist on being dominant over people because of genetic tendencies or inadequate socialization. Dominant dogs will stare, bark growl, nip or bite people. Such confrontations can occur:

If you give the dog a command

If you pet the dog and he or she didn’t initiate it

If you stop petting the dog

If you groom the dog

If you hug the dog

If you get out of bed in the middle of the night to use the bathroom and it disturbs the dog

If you bother or annoy the dog in any way

Usually, dominant dogs are very loving and affectionate toward people–until you do something they don’t like.

How would I know if my dog has dominant tendencies?

Does your dog do this? Is he or she pushy, defiant or controlling and refuse to do “Down” and “Heel?”

Chihuahua dog training-Marin.

You May Have A Dominance Issue With Your Dog If:
  • Defies and refuses to perform commands he knows well.
  • Crowds you, blocks you and won’t move out of your way.
  • Makes you try to obey him or her.
  • Defends the food bowl, toys or other objects from you.
  • Growls or shows teeth at you, under any circumstances.
  • Gets on furniture without permission and won’t get down.
  • Snaps at you.
  • Barks at you.
What To Do If You Suspect Your Dog Is Dominant. . . .

Some dogs can be real creepy.

If you get in a fight with a dominant dog, you had better be able to win. If you don’t win the dog learns that aggression works. Unless you know what you are doing confronting a dominant dog can be very dangerous.

If you think that you dog is dominant or showing dominance-aggression the last thing you want to do is enroll in a group dog training class or contact a behaviorist who advocates using food for training or behavior modification. Usually these people are the first to tell you that you need to destroy your dog and that it can’t be trained. They will take your money and tell you that there is hope and then when the Food-Bribery does not work they will tell you to kill you dog.

  • Don’t listen to “Positive Reinforcement” trainers who tell you have to put your dog down.
  • Don’t listen to amateur and hobbyist dog trainers teaching dogs in parks. . .Bribing dogs with food makes many dogs even more dominant and aggressive.
  • Find a professional in-home dog trainer.
  • Avoid situations that start the aggressive behavior.
  • Supervise, confine and/or restrict your dog’s activities as necessary, especially when children or other pets are present.
  • Don’t listen to anyone who trains dogs with food or who advocate group classes for the treatment of canine dominace. Don’t listen to these people anyway because their method usually won’t work on even the most submissive compliant dogs.
  • In our opinion, usually the biggest ‘dog killers’ are at university veterinary teaching hospitals or claim to be “Animal Protector Societies, Leagues or Associations.” These people are more concerned about losing their insurance coverage and potential liability than saving your dog.
  • Most veterinarians, behaviorists and dog trainers will tell you to kill your dog if it becomes dominant. Most will smile and take your money first before they tell you to kill your dog.
  • We have never had to tell anyone to kill their dog because the dog was dominant.  We are Dog Dominance Behavioral Trainers.
  • WE WILL GIVE YOU ALL YOUR MONEY BACK if your dog’s dominance-aggression can’t be controlled using our program. You may be required to videotape the training to prove that you did what we told you and you will need to surrender the dog to us before we will give you your money back.


Children and Dogs

If you let your kids poke at the dog, tease it and pull its tail, we can’t help you. We will teach you how to manage both your children and dog(s) so having problems will be less likely.


Why Behavior Helplines Can’t Help

While it’s sometimes possible to successfully resolve aggressive behavior problems related to dominance, this is not a process that can be done by behavior helplines. Very detailed questioning in order to obtain a complete behavioral history, plus direct observation of your pet is necessary before recommendations to resolve the problem can be made.

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