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2014 May – Do not hire to other dog trainers. DANGER!!! DANGER!!!


This is the dog training where the trainer is totally laid back and easy-going. 

IMG_2837-001He lives in THE UNITED STATES of AMERICA.


He will show you something where there is a lot of petting, affection, friendship, hanging out together, and loving your dog.


You could hire another dog trainer or behaviorist, but with all the other ones you won’t be happy.

IMG_2730Do not hire to other trainers. DANGER!!! DANGER!!! DANGER!!!

You don’t want them jerking your dog with choke chains,  bribing with food, hitting, punching, whipping, kicking your dog, or using a shock collar.

Call David Baron and there won’t be any beatings like with the other dog trainers.


THIS IS WHAT YOU GET WITH DAVID BARON, dogs that listen even if they are on the other side of a fence or not on leashes, and David Baron as your trainer. 


BEHAVIORAL TRAINING for temperament and quality of interactions.

You get a dog that is cooperative, well-mannered, and polite, a GOOD CITIZEN and likes being good. 


DAVID BARON will show you how to get the same results with your dog and not spend a fortune.

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2014 March – Why David Baron the Dog Trainer?



IMG_1793-003Looking for dog training that works?

I show dog owners how to have a relationship with their dog(s) where there is a lot of petting, affection, friendship and hanging out together.

IMG_1881People always tell me that I must like dogs a lot.  

I like trained dogs, not un-trained ones that don’t listen, jump all over people, run away, and do not come when called.

IMG_1878A well-trained dog brings many people much joy.  That is what this page is about.

1-IMG_1904Good dog training is the best investment you will ever make if you hire me.


A lot of people think I am the best dog trainer.


You can hire someone else, but you won’t get. . . . 


IMG_1856 1-IMG_1894 1-IMG_1883 1-IMG_1876

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2014 February – What is “Professional Dog Training?”

David Baron Superdog Office

Someone hiring a home improvement contractor would want to see a portfolio of photographs, not just take the person’s word for it.


No one in their right mind would hire a contractor if there was any doubt about whether the person was competent and qualified.

This page is about how not to get ripped off when hiring a dog trainer or dog behaviorist.

David Baron with small dog clients in Roseville, California facility99% of dog trainers do not have photos that demonstrate their competency.  This is because 99% of dog trainers are passing off cute pet tricks as Obedience and their training does little, if any good, in real life.

Border Collie and Pit Bull experts at dealing with aggressive dogs

Think about it.  How is teaching a dog how to “Sit” going to make it obedient.  If your dog is aggressive or defecates in your house, how is sitting relevant, or make any difference whatsoever?  It will not.

Success leaves clues.  Don't get ripped off by amateur dog trainers.
I am a BEHAVIORAL TRAINER and primarily interested in making dogs cooperative, obedient and good citizens.

It’s all about temperament and quality of interactions. All the commands can be taught in an hour or two, but the dog will only do them if it is cooperative and obedient.  So, that is what I focus on.

David Baron is a professional dog trainer in Sacramento, California.

We are not talking about anything fancy, just a dog that does a few basic commands really well, listen on or off-leash, and does not cause problems.

Let me show you why we are America’s #1 Dog Trainers, for behavioral training, and on and off-leash obedience.


2014 January – Starting the dog training year right.

Start the dog training year right.

January was a slow month for me getting out and taking pictures because it was so cold and wet, but I got some great shots anyway. 

I take a lot of pictures because I want my prospective customers to see who we are, how the dogs look that we train, and what our 13-acre facility looks like.

Excellent Professional Behaviorists in SacramentoWe love the dogs and they have their own bedroom at DogAnswers Ranch.

David baron Superdog

Pretty much ZERO of the other dog trainers have eight dogs on “Down-Stay” to show you.

Dog trained with cats how to.

“Nelson” the Labradoodle’s owners hired me to get him to ignore their cats.  

How to train dog to leave cats alone.

Nelson demonstrates SELF-CONTROL while Mimi Huun and Kiki Puun test Nelson’s newly acquired virtue.

Off-leash dog obedience in Sacramento.

My PHILOSOPHY is I don’t see how you can say dogs are trained if you have to use leashes to get them to listen.

Trained dogs in Sacramento,California Area trained in a kitchen situation.

WE LIVE ON A RANCH.  I am lazy and we have too many dogs to keep on leashes all the time; I train mine.  All my dogs are great on or off-leash.

IF I LIVED IN THE CITY, I could wash my car without my dogs running away.  I could walk my dogs in the city and they would listen and not run away, OR someone could come to my house and they would hold a “Down-Stay” while the people walked into my living room after they rang the doorbell.

YOU GET THE SAME RESULTS, even if you live in an apartment and only have one dog if you hire me.