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Border Collies and Huskies



Border collie image

“Buddy Wong” the three-legged Border Collie has a one-in-a-million personality and matching attitude.


We miss Buddy the Border Collie and think about him often even though it has been many years now since he visited.


Like amazing people, certain dogs make the world a better place. When they pass, the world will never be as good or seem the same again.


There was a place in time and it was so good that all we can hope for now is something better.


There never will be anything the same as that one perfect instant in time.









“Rudy” the old Border Collie on the far right was aggressive for many years. Cancerous tumors tumors the size of grapefruits were removed and he was no longer aggressive and lived out his 14-year life. Rudy passed away on October 18, 2010.


“Mister Wilson” the Dalmation/Mastiff on the far right was a regular at DogAnswers for years. All the veterinarians, dog trainers and behaviorists said he could not be trained. He was totally aggressive and dangerous even wearing a muzzle because he was so powerful and determined.

After the second lesson Mister Wilson had a total conversion and was not aggressive again until he died about six years later on June 7, 2011. We loved taking care of him when his owner went on long trips as he was never any problem. Surely, he is in Heaven with Jesus and his dogs now. We hope to join him one day a long time from now.

Beautiful Huskies image

May 23, 2012. ”Happy Puppy” the Siberian Husky died from cancer yesterday. He was the best dog anyone could ever hope to have. He brought me a lot of happiness and joy. I got him during an unhappy time in my life. Then it was ‘at least someone will be Happy.’ It was amazing how things went from totally hopeless to unbelievably wonderful in a short period of time though. I’ll miss Happy, but am so grateful to have been blessed by him.



Even if you live in an apartment and have one dog, we teach you how to get the same results as us.


Superdog Taiwan

Superdog Taiwan

July 1, 2012 – Roseville, California


Mary Choi is our newest Superdog trainer.

We were happy to have Mary and her son Wesley come visit us all the way from Taiwan. Mary is an animal rescuer who lives in the mountains near Taipei. She currently has 15 dogs. Mary graduated from Cornell University in New York.

Dog Rescue Taiwan

Dog Rescue Taiwan

Check out on Facebook photos of hundreds of dogs Mary has rescued. Help Dogs Get Adopted


L to R Cheyenne, Zoey, Purumi, Mary, Wesley, Mister Puppy, Niki, Archie


If it was the North Pole Niki would be Mrs. Claus.

Mary brought me Purumi the white dog and today another nice lady brought me Hei Pan the black dog who is also from Taiwan.

I have a nice family lined up who will be adopting Hei Pan, but Purumi will be at DogAnswers Ranch for awhile.


Purumi was tied to a tree his whole life until last month when Mary rescued him.

When people abandon their dogs in Taiwan the guards don’t know what to do with them so they tie them to trees and the rescuers come by and care for them.


Purumi learns the command “Down.”


Mister Puppy the Tibetan Mastiff and Purumi from Taiwan. Purumi was tied to a tree his whole life until last month when Mary rescued him.


I had to be very honest with Purumi. Everybody else’s dog does “Down” and he would need to do so as well.

The fossil is 350 to 500 million years old. Purumi is about four.

Doing the right thing is a little scary at first, but doing the right thing is a reward in itself.

Purumi’s favorite color is red.


Just as the moon speaks to the waves and the sea, so does the good news for those needing a change of seasons.

Hei Pan the black dog is a really good girl too.

Rescue Dogs from Taiwan

The Superdog Method is based on respect and trust. . .

Everything in life worth having has a price.

Sometimes you get lucky though and things turn out better than you ever could have imagined, and ultimately the the price you pay is small compared to the alternatives.